Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

January 24, 2012

Daniel asks…

Exercises for short-sight (myopia)?

I heard that there are eye exercises to minimize short-sightness. Is this technique helpful? Or it is just a way to take your money?

Can you show me some websites or write down a few exercises for short-sightness ?

admin answers:

Myopia occurs when lens of eye isn’t flexing, but can try some exercises. Focus on fingertip of tip of pencil, slowly extend your arm further and further away, all the while keeping vision focused on object. Can use a piece of string to measure how far you are able to focus before it becomes blurry and to measure progress. Hold the string even with the pencil with the other end at your face allowing the string to slide between fingers at face. Mark the spot on the string (or measure it with a ruler).

Lasik surgery has proven successful in treating myopia.

Chris asks…

Again, how can I improve my vision naturally and free.?

List some websites that might help, list some eye exercises for myopia. I know that some exist because I found a website already.
Wad’ya mean by puttin a rose water
Guys, my eyes hurt, glasses would make them hurt even more, you say that looking at a computer screen changes the shape of my eye. You guys suck at these answers.

admin answers:

Myopia is caused by the shape of the front of your eye and/or how long your eye is. There aren’t any natural or free ways to change this. If there were, why would there be so many myopes out there wearing glasses and contacts and getting laser surgeries? Good luck to you, though.

George asks…

Plus lenses? Do they work?

I am nearsighted (-2.00 or something) and i’ve been using +1 reading glasses for all close work to avoid the near point stress. I’ve also been going around without my negative glasses 99% of the time (school hasn’t started). Can you give your opinion? I know this is scientifically proven but is there a better way to do this? I’m hoping to lessen my myopia. Eye exercises?

admin answers:

Probably does not work

the problem with what you’re doing is that you are, in fact recucing ACCOMMODATIVE nearpoint stress, but you are actually messing with your convergence, which causes other problems and is thought to also be a factor in some people’s myopia progression.

Doubtful that you are doing any good, and you may be making your myopia worse, depending on your ACA ratio (google it)

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