Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

February 25, 2012

David asks…

Self cured myopia?

Five months ago I’ve had such a bad myopia that I couldn’t see the TV. I did not go to an optologist though. After a month my vision became better I could see the TV clearly. Sometime after that everything in the living room got clear, I was very excited and happy but still when looking outside in the park the trees were blurry. About a month ago I started doing eye exercises and I focused a lot on the trees outside and other things in the park. After a week of doing the same routine I woke up and after not looking outside for an hour I thought about exercizing my eyes and like always took a look at the trees in the park and there was a big change! It was so much clearer, I could see the small branches and leaves. After three weeks my vision gets better and better everyday. On the other side of the park I stuck a yellow stick in the ground and focus on it, and I see changes in better vision. This is an amazing experience. The only problem is why does it worsen when it is darker outsid?
Then how do you explain this miracle that happened to me?!

admin answers:

Well that is pretty unusual, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to inprove your vision with eye exercises. However, sometimes, people’s vision just changes overtime. Your eyes could just be changing on their own.

William asks…

how can I see clearly without glasses?

I am 13 years old and I have been wearing glasses for quite some time, and my mum wont let me buy contacts (lol), and I’m obviously too young to do an operation…….so I was wondering if anyone could give my some tips on how to cure myopia either via: eye yoga, pills, eye exercises or…….anything, pls .

also, can anyone WHO HAS USED pinhole glasses, pls tell me if they work or not,

P.S. my glass lenses are +4.50 and +4.75 (just to let you know)

admin answers:

I am an ophthalmic technician and there really is not anything you can do to correct vision. Aides are aides for a reason. At the age of 13, your eye muscles are trained to act a certain way. Eye exercises and therapy really aren’t anything that can help, because the therapy and exercises correct the way an eye positions itself (ie, if it pulls to the right or left) but not the vision. Pinhole works, but it’s not practical because it eliminates your pheriphal (side vision) vision and considering that you are 13 and while you do have poor vision, there are many many cases that have worse vision than you at a younger age and there is not much you can do until you get old enough for contacts or laser correction. Your eyes can’t “get worse from sitting in front of a TV” or “reading in the dark” so they can’t get better by “training.” And by the way, you are not myopic if you have a + in front of your correction power. You are hyperopic, or farsighted. Myopic refers to nearsighted, or with a – in front of the correction power. Your eyes are part of the human body, so they react just like everything else, they act on their own, you just have to have the glasses/ surgery to correct the biological process.

Ruth asks…

The human eye and myopia?

The lens of the eye are connected to the ciliary body by connective tissue called the zonnules of zinn.
When the ciliary muscles contract then they curve the lens of the eye to focus on near objects where as when they expand or relax they flatten the lens to focus on far away objects.
I am 16 years old and wear spectacles of -4.00 diopters. I had myopia from grade 7 and didn’t get it checked out. At first it wasn’t major. I could see almost everything. I used to use the computer (I had a CRT monitor) and watched the T.V at close distances ( 10-15cm) for 6 to 7 hours. That’s where my eyes went bad. Now its only logical that by focusing at close distances for long hours the ciliary muscles in my eyes became too contracting. Now if I look at far away objects for long hours while occasionally looking at near objects, I will be exercising them to focus on far away objects. (I am willing to do this exercise for as long it takes to regain my eye sight back and I am also ready to maintain a good diet rich with vitamin and beta carotene etc. to improve my eyes because my ambition in life is to be a fighter I want nothing else. I am ready to give up anything for it. But I don’t want surgery because it is dangerous and has many side effects and I just can’t surmount enough money to go to a good doctor).
I really do think I might have Pseudo-Myopia

admin answers:

Yes.. That’s logical if your myopia is due to ‘cilliary body’ cramping/spasms… = PSEUDO MYOPIA.

However most myopia is NOT due to the cilliar body contracting.. But due the eye ball growing LONGER!!!… Or the CORNEA growing too curved.

You see.. In the case of the eyeball growing longer… The cilliary body doesn’t even contract at all, and the lens is as flat as it can be… Yet, its focus is still too short for the eye.. And so everything far away is blurry… Now the lens can’t get any flatter.. And the cilliary body can’t relax.. And so you get AXIAL MYOPIA.

Similary.. If the cornea’s (or lens) curvature is too steep.. Then, even with the lens and cilliary body relaxed.. The eye power is too high, and is focused up close… = REFRACTIVE MYOPIA.

Sorry.. But it’s most likely that your myopia is AXIAL.. And hence, only glasses/contacts/laser surgery (to flatten the cornea even more) is a corrective path for myopia.

Furthermore… Beta-carotene and vitamins help the retina convert light to electrical nerve impulses… And has nothing to do with the eyes focusing… So even if you inject carrot juice into your eye, you’ll still need glasses/CL’s or Laser surgery to treat myopia.

Lastly… All you want is to be a FIGHTER???.. As in a professional ‘sport’.. Like Boxing, Wrestling… Or that ‘rubbish’ that’s on TV now?… I wonder what ever have you been through to make you feel that all you want to do is dish out pain and suffering to a fellow human being… And ‘justifying’ it to yourself as a ‘sport’?

How about 1 month after 1 fight… You have a bleed in the brain and have a stroke… Become paralysed on your Right half of your body.. Can’t talk, can’t even swallow your own saliva, let alone any food… And seeing your crying parents, only when they’re sitting on your Left side (coz you’re completely R world blind)… As they spoon feed mush into your mouth?

Maybe you’ll be lucky, and you’ll become world champion… And after you collect your belt, you visit your oponent.. Who is in the exact condition that I described above.. Coz you’ve given him a brain injury that’s made him a paraplegic?

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