Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

January 22, 2012

Joseph asks…

Any Eye exercises for Focus/Accommodation?

I see double vision trying to focus on a small object about 4 metres away and onwards, and i believe its cause I use the computer so much, much eyes have gotten lazy and forgot how to accommodate properly.

Please can anyone help, it gets very annoying seeing double.

admin answers:

I saw a specialist for eye strain as a result of using a computer 10 hours a day at work and then another 4 at home. He had a unique recommendation that worked well for me. He had me take a ruler (regular 12″ wooden one) and tape pennies to it with about a 1/4 inch gap between then. He said to spend 10 minutes a day looking at the pennies and then focus at a distance looking between the pennies as I moved the ruler back and forth in front of my face about a foot away from my eyes, then look at the next penny then focus at a distance. This excercises your eyes and forces them to focus near, then far, then near, then far. It is supposed to aid in keeping some of the elasticity to the eye that you loose as you age past 30 years old. Not sure if it really works but it appears to have helped me. Try it, just do it in private or people will think you’re really wierd.

Ruth asks…

embarrassing problem, please help with a lazy eye?

i have a lazy eye and im sooo disgusted by it. i dont know what to do. its not that noticeable, but its noticeable. surgery isnt an option because its expensive, and my family doesnt really have the money. i know a lot of people say it cant be fixed after 6, but ive done some research and theres exercises. the problem is all the exercises are in some program you have to pay for. i really need to fix this, but im broke. please help me.

admin answers:

Well i have a lazy eye too, but my doctor told me that if i where glasses
it will correct it and its helped so far. I would reccomend it if you really need glasses though

Paul asks…

Do I have myopia one eye is near-sighted vision the ther is not?

One eye is near-sighted vision and the oher is not.That means one eye is for reading and the other is for distant objects .The one for distant objects has trouble raeding do to blurry vision and the one for reading has trouble for distant objects .

The eye doctor was saying I need eye glasses.After doing a search on the internet some say wear eye glasses to fix the problem and others say to cover up the good eye so you see out of the bad eye to fix the problem.They say you need to exercise your eye and make sure you do not have a lazy eye that where you look out of the good eye not the lazy eye .

They say people who read alot and in front of the computer or TV alot get this problem.

admin answers:

My right eye has normal vision and my left eye has moderate astigmatism. My left eye had between 20/50 and 20/60 visual acuity last time I was checked. I also have strabismus and was patched as a child. Patching can be successful until a person is about 8 years old. It would not do much good for you at this point. The vision in my left eye has been weaker than my right since I was a child.

It is really your choice if you want to wear eyeglasses or not. I was prescribed eyeglasses as a teen and did not start wearing them regularly until I was in my 30s when I started getting headaches while driving and during other activities that require good distance vision.

I usually wear eyeglasses when needed for activities such as driving and watching TV. I suggest that you get the eyeglasses and wear them when you need to.

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