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May 27, 2012

John asks…

Why am I so ugly and fat and how can I get rid of this fast?

I am obese, with a BMI of 38.7, which is obese. By far obese…and I can’t seem to lose weight. I hate exercising, I’m lazy and I don’t have any influence to because it never works for me. I never see results and I’m sick of starving myself and going on diets that never work. I don’t know what to do. I’m only 15 nearly 16 and I want to lose weight. Anorexia or bulimia is the only way I can think of. I am so fat it isn’t funny. My gut is discusting and my legs are huge. My neck is full of fat and I’m so self-conscious. I hate being who I am to begin with. I’m ugly, period. Ugly blonde hair, ugly blue eyes, ugly body, ugly voice, ugly brain and mind, ugly heart, ugly everything. I’ve been depressed for 3 years and I swore to myself if I’m not skinnier by the end of 2011 I’m going to commit suicide. What do I do?

admin answers:

I struggle with weight loss myself.
I’ve done all the research and shit so im gonna say it straight.
Eat breakfast. Workout as much as you can. Count calories.
I bet you hear this all the time but its not what you dont eat, its about what you do eat.
You cant expect to loose weight w/o exercise. Start slow. Then progress.
Its okay. Be patient. Your beautiful.

Sharon asks…

Why am I not losing weight? Is it because I’m building muscle, so the scale shows same weight…?

I’m a 6’1″ female, 20 years old, university student (4th year). I look okay how I am now, but I want to be more fit.

No pre-existing med. conditions.

My basal metabolic rate is 1,800 (not counting exercise). I’m not a junk-foodie in the least. Never (even when not ‘dieting’, if you can call what im doing now a ‘diet’) went for things like soda, chocolate (hahaha, ALWAYS gave it away to others…I still have xmas chocolate I will NEVER ever eat), chips, fast food, candy, alcohol (yes, I consider it a junkfood, and yes, I AM legal age), etc. Just was never INTO it.

I’m a vegetarian. The lifestyle chose me, in a way, as since I was seven years old I haven’t liked meat, and I’ve never liked seafood. I always LOVED fruit & veggies as a kid (to me, fruit WAS chocolate—except better). My “junkfood of choice” was always tic tacs (yes, the breath mint), or spearmint gum. Haha! Weird, I know. My fiance is also vegetarian. We have our own house, and we make a lot of veggie-focused dishes.

I’m currently eating 1,100-1,200 calories a day. Which is pretty much what I normally ate. I didn’t want to decrease caloric intake because I heard it’s not healthy to go below 1,000. But 1,100 – 1,200 is just what I end up eating in a day. Blame it on the vegetarianism. Do it in a healthy way, and you can eat a lot with not a lot of sugar/fat/calories/cholesterol.

I do 1+ hour of cardio a day. Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Weekends its 30-40 mins walking (sometimes I get caught up in scenery) in morning + 30 mins on either (or combination) elliptical, treadmill (tho not often treadmill) or bicycle. Then on Tuesdays & Thursdays, I do the same thing, but also add 1 hour of zumba dance. =D The 1hr (guaranteed) burns 350 calories. Plus, whatever zumba does for me (not sure how much) on tuesdays & thursdays but im pretty hard core about it. I dance hard. I’m not lazy.

Idk what I’m doing wrong. I weight myself every day (yeah, bad, I know, can’t help myself, it’s my little thing I do). I track my weight (in a notebook). 1 day, I will lose 1 pound. Next day, that 1 pound will be back (yet I ate similarly and still got all the exercises I do). Next day it will be gone. Next day it will be back. So, when I calculate my weekly weight loss, I’m still the exact same!! It’s frustrating!

Am I building muscle (due to my workouts) and thus, because of the added weight gain of the muscle, I’m not seeing a difference on the weight scale in the morning? Or should I be changing something about my lifestyle?

I’m very hesitant to say this is a “diet.” 1,200 is what I’ll eat on a regular day. I NATURALLY avoid junkfood & naturally gravitate to healthy food. I love exercise, so I’ve always exercised 30mins per day at LEAST. So, this is not a ‘diet’ in my eyes. To me, a diet is something you give up on when your weight loss is done, and thus, is one of the reasons people gain the weight back. I consider this more my lifestyle. It’s something I already do naturally, and will definately continue to do after the weight is gone.

I’m 10lbs overweight. Been this way for years. Want to lose 20lbs, just to feel more confident. =)
Gained 10lbs when my mom died at 17. Went to my home city for funeral (where extended family is), and ended up eating out a lot not by choice, and was forced to eat less than healthy things. BAM, weight gain. If you’re wondering.

admin answers:

Not sure how long you have been doing this but everything sounds ok, i would say you are expending more calories than you are are in-taking per day which, in time certainly will lower your body fat %.

It will take at least 6-8 weeks for any noticeable body fat loss, which is the main factor here not the weight.

As you say, especially if you are fairly new to exercises then most people will lose body fat and gain lean tissue which will mean no weight loss, maybe even a weight increase, however your body shape and composition will be changing for the better no matter what the scales say.

Not many Gyms in Britain pay any attention to scales or weight most will use only body fat percentage to gage how their clients are progressing which is how you should judge it.

Susan asks…

What should i do? Choir or Swimming?

So for the past few years of my life i have always been a choir kid and i love choir sooooo much, im on varsity and all that good stuff. but recently i decided to try something new, swimming. So today i found out i really suck at swimming, i don’t know how to do the breathing and i felt like my legs where going to give up on me in the middle of the swim, and the fact that the pool was 13 Feet and im 5 Ft scared the crap out of me. The coaches would make us do drills back an forth and back and fourth for about 45 mins, and the pool is not a short distance to swim. So after all of that they finally made us get out of the pool to talk about practice and competition meets, during that time i was sitting and i started to feel dizzy, my stomach weak and i was panting for air, i couldn’t breath, i could feel my face flushing a pale white, so i stood up while the coaches where talking and walked really fast to the dressing room( almost stumbling from my weak legs). Once i got in there i rushed to the restroom toilet and fell, then yeah i threw up. is sat on the floor of the nasty restroom for about 30 minutes because i could not move my body and i could not breath right and it scared me so much i started to pray. Then after the 30 mins or so i tried force my body to get up but i couldn’t, i fell right back down and threw up again. so basically i was on the verge of fainting, because i could not see straight and my eyes where shutting down on me. Some one found me in the restroom and asked if i needed help and i was like heck yeah! so after nobody came for a while and i taken a 15 min nap/breather, i found the strength to stand up, and if it wasn’t for the wall i would have never been able to get up. I got out and a lady asked if i was ok cause i was swaying back and fourth ,like i drank a whole keg by myself, and my face was green. I told her no but all she said was “you just over did yourself”, haha you think. So what scares me even more is that no one came to help me after i asked, and what if next time, G_D forbid, i did faint and no one would come. So basically i have always known my family had a lazy bone in them but i didn’t think i would suck that bad until today. I usually go running every other day for about two miles and do exercises, ride bikes and have been waichin out for what i eat and how much,but even still I found out that maybe swimming just isn’t for me and i should stick to something that i love and I’m good at. I’m always trying to do something new but man…, that was really something. So my whole big question is should i just stick to choir or go swim? And im sorry to say but that was the worst experience of my whole entire life. i would rather run than swim next time some one ask me. but i like to try to stick things out.

admin answers:

Oh wow I hope you’re feeling better now hun <3
I think you should definitely give the swimming a miss and go with choir. It sounds like you really enjoy choir and you're good at it and have been doing it for a long time. I get that you want to try new things but I don't think swimming is it, especially since you went through that horrible experience! It sounds like you're getting lots of exercise anyway with the running and cycling and stuff. Maybe you could try getting involved in a team sport like soccer or basketball, or you could try dancing? They're always good ways to meet new people and have fun! :)

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