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April 27, 2012

James asks…

Is the Lazy eye curable?

Is it possible? I know for adults its harder. Theres eye exercises, how do they work? Is there another way to cure them?

admin answers:

Yes with either vision therapy, or muscle surgery’s, or with a reposition.
Lazy eye, also known as amblyopia, is seen to bud in early childhood. Eye exercises for amblyopia are known to improve the vision of the lazy eye and lead to better coordination. To know more about eye exercises for lazy eye, read on…
Lazy eye is not a disease and cannot be corrected by using glasses or lenses. The human brain, due to some reason, does not respond to any one of the eyes. This eye is said to be amblyopic or the lazy eye. The brain does not totally acknowledge the images that are seen by the lazy eye. Usually, lazy eye is observed in one eye. However, in some rare cases, amblyopia is observed in both the eyes. The symptoms of a lazy eye are that the eye wanders inward and outward, the lazy eye does not work along with the other normal eye and depth perception becomes poor. Before we get to know the eye exercises for lazy eye, let us get to know the causes of this eye problem known as lazy eye.

Causes of Lazy Eye
The major cause of lazy eye (Amblyopia) is strabismus. Now, what is strabismus? Strabimus is an imbalance in the muscles that are positioning the eye in the right position. Strabimus is responsible for the unusual inward and outward movement of eyes. This is the reason why the eye is not able to capture the images correctly and send them to the brain. This is one cause of lazy eye, the second being due to blockage in the eye due to trauma or a lid droop. A wandering eye is the primary sign of a lazy eye.

Eye Exercises for Lazy Eye
Eye exercises, besides being good for eye health, are also meant to improve vision. Eye exercises are important to develop and maintain normal vision and to increase depth perception of the eye. Here are some of the eye exercises for amblyopia that you can use to treat the lazy eye of your child. It is strongly recommended that you should consult a doctor before you use these eye exercises for lazy eye.

Eye Patching
Eye patching involves disabling the healthy eye with the help of an eye patch. In this exercise, the lazy eye is forced to work and helps to establish a communication between the brain and the eye. The time period for which this patch is to be worn by the child is decided by the doctor. It is advisable to ask the doctor when and for how much time the patch should be worn by your child.

Focusing Skills
Focusing is one of the eye exercises for lazy eye (amblyopia) which involves quick shifting focus when looking from near to far. Kids with a lazy eye face this problem in schools when they have to look at their boards after looking in their books placed on the desk. The eye exercise for lazy eye which involves focusing can be done at home. Take printouts of numbers from 1 to 30 on a sheet of paper and then ask your child to read these numbers and then read the numbers from the calendar which is hung on the wall. You can give your child any random number and ask him / her to find out the number on the calendar.

Rolling the eyes, so that the muscles of the lazy eye work. This is done by patching the stronger eye. The rolling direction and time must be confirmed with the doctor.

Another eye exercise for amblyopia is tracking. Tracking integrates the central and peripheral vision of the child. The central vision tells us about the object we are looking at. The peripheral vision helps us to locate the objects. A good integration of both these visions renders a good vision. The exercises that use tracking involves tracking the outline of a circle, clown or any other figure. Tracking these images must be done continuously without looking in any other direction

Paul asks…

possible to fix my lazy eye?

Right now I’m 14 and 2 months old, and I have the slightest lazy eye. As a kid (1st Grade) , yes they made me wear that patching thingy but I hated glasses and almost NEVER wore them (until 7th grade, but they removed the patch in 5th grade) I researched that apparently at a certain age, patches and exercises doesn’t help anymore?

Anyway my lazy eye only happens when I try to look at one thing where it requires both eyes to turn in/out the same way. For example, if I was told to look straight at a pencil in front of me, it would require alot of effort just to look at it together. I also observed this in the mirror, if I relax a little, my strong eye is on the pencil in front of me but then my right eye drifts a little to the right so that it’s “parallel” and when I look through my right eye, it’s not really on the pencil anymore but on the side. Of course this doesn’t happen with far away objects because they’re usually in the same direction

I was wondering if just closing my strong eye and doing exercises with the right eye will still help/work or is it too late? (closing my strong eye is always a hassle because unfortunatley, my strong eye is near sided while my weak eye is far sighted -.-) Also, if fixing it is impossible, is there any surgery to fix this? (and any more information on this would be appreciated)

(p.s. Although my lazy eye doesn’t seem that serious, I am very bothered with it, and I have no self confidence so I’m spending my first year in high school fixing everything about me I can. So, if you intend on telling me “your eye is fine../you don’t need to do this/why the heck are you talking about surgery?!?” it probably won’t persuade me.)
Went researching again. Apparently, since the brain can’t process two visions at once, it started a habit to ignore the weaker eue which made it lazy. So, some people say that if the vison becomes better in the weaker eye, (like if your lazy eye is far sighted and it becomes better so that it’s easier for you to see near sighted) the brain will eventually pay more attention to the weaker eye which will lessen the “lazy eye“.

Is this true, so does that mean I just need to wait it out or something? Not really sure what to make out of this, especially considering eyes cannot get better sight overnight…unless you get normal eye surgery. (also I saw that lazy eye surgery was very unreliable?)

admin answers:

I’m forced to have an eye specialist check up every year for my lazy eye, and if your lazy eye is really that minor, there’s probably no need to fix it. Sometimes my lazy eye is so weird that when I’m really tired, I see two different visions from two different eyes at overlapping each other. But even with that, my eye doctor hasn’t deemed my case so bad that it’d need intervention. You’re probably fine.

Yes, there is surgery, but you need to have it before you’re around 18 – 21. It’s also pretty bloody I’ve heard, and I’m not kidding.

John asks…

what exercises can i do daily for the eye, almost like therapy?

I want to know the step by step process of strengthening the the muscle of the eye, my eye is started to become lazy and I dont want to be cock eye so what can I do to make my left muscles strong

admin answers:

One way to help a lazy eye is to patch or cover your good eye, and use your lazy eye.

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