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April 22, 2012

Jenny asks…

So lazy…every little thing feels like so much effort…?

I’m 19, a full-time uni student (finance and accounting double-major), work 40 hours a week in addition, living on my own.

This is a normal, manageable life load, but lately I’ve been so exhausted, physically weak, and lazy.

I take Ritalin for my ADD, I eat healthy (2 bowls of granola cereal for breakfast, various candy bars or french fries as snacks, fast food lunch, and a bowl of salad for dinner). I get plenty of sleep, 4-7 hours every night, usually around 6 hours. I exercise daily and drink lots of water.

But I’m still so drained. I just flunked a finance test, I went over my credit card limit, and I have huge projects I’m worried about, and I’m freaking out about the viruses in my personal computer.

I cannot even read one sentence in a textbook. My eyes skim the words, but my brain is absorbing nothing. It’s like my brain is out of battery. I can’t even walk a few steps up the stairs without stopping for breath.

Has nothing to do with my “cycle”, had a clean bill of health at a recent checkup…

How can I get over this laziness? I’m completely disgusted with myself. Even caffeine doesn’t do the trick (for long, anyway). I’m not depressed. I’m not sad about anything, and I don’t cry.

admin answers:

You have a clean bill of health physically, per your last checkup, but they can’t always tell you about your mental state. You don’t eat as healthy as you think, it seems. From what you listed, you could knock out the candy bars and french fries and also the fast food (depending on what it is, some is actually fairly decent) and possibly gain more energy that way.

The big thing that I suggest that may help is mentioning to your primary doctor or your therapist/psychologist about the change in your behavior. It could be that you’ve adjusted to or are having an adverse reaction to the ritalin. It could even be depression or anxieties like it is with me.

Donna asks…

how can i fix a lazy eye.?

I dont technically have lazy eye, but not sure how else to describe it. I dont know if anyone can help me. Several years ago I lost vision in one of my eyes. The optic nerve is damaged with scar tissue. I basically cannot see anything out of that eye. It always seems to veer off. People say they can’t tell, but I can really tell in pictures. I would have to make my good eye look almost completely to the left, to make my bad eye look straight. I have read a comon exercise for lazy eye is an eye patch…but since I can’t see, this would not help. I wonder if there are any other exercises or anything else i can do to help.
Makes perfect sense. Thank you. :(

admin answers:

This often happens when vision is lost in one eye. In a normal visual system, the eye strain or double vision that results as one eye begins to turn out serves as feedback to keep your eyes straight. If vision is lost in one eye, this feedback is lost. You can have surgery to make your eyes straight again but the effect will be temporary.

Daniel asks…

Surgery for 9 yr old for a lazy eye yes or no?

My daughter has been seeing an eye doctor since she was 5. She has a lazy eye. They recommended glasses to correct the problem. And though the glasses make the eye straight when she wears them her vision is not improving in her lazy eye. Not matter what the prescription. They think eye exercises will work. I am very doubtful about that. I have heard from people that surgery is the way to go. Even though the doctor has not brought it up. My mother said when she was about my daughters age that she to had surgery to correct her lazy eye. My mom still wears glasses. But her lazy eye is gone and she can see 20/20 with glasses. What should I do? Can anyone relate to this?

admin answers:

I would ask for a consultation from your Family Doctor for another Ophthalmologiststs’ opinion.
Their advice may vary, but lazy eye can be surgically corrected. No time like the present to help your Daughter. Best of luck.

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