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April 5, 2012

Maria asks…

Lazy Bulldog??

I have a wonderful bulldog but i am very concerned with her weight. she doesnt ‘look’ overweight but the vet just said to keep an eye on how much i feed her.
I feed her twice a day on weight control Iams and she seems fine with that. I try to get her to exercise everyday and shes really happy to do this but every other day i go for an hour and half long walk with her… she seems fine then and there but after she comes home.. she limps and cries.
This only lasts the night and shes fine after that. Is she just really lazy? and if it was too much for her, wouldnt she of slowed down during the walk?
iv took her a quite a few times now and do you think she will get used to it?
I dont need any reading up on the breed… i have had bulldogs before.. they all have been fine.
Just this girl has been a lot lazier than the others.
I will try changing the food.. my vet just advised me on that.
Im not sure exactly how much she weighs.. its been a while. Thanks though

admin answers:

You didn’t say if she limps on the front or back. Have you had her hips and elbows checked? Displaisia is a common issue with the bully breeds. Also, how old is she? Arthritis is another concern. I do have to agree with the other poster about the feed. Did you know that on IAMS rated no better than most store brands? Yet it’s twice the cost! Look inot Natures Variety. It’s a good quality feed. Am including a link to a joint suppliment I use on my bullys. Can’t hurt! Good luck and best wishes!

Charles asks…

please anyone help me.?

Hi my name is Maria I am 20yrs old & 170lbs, I just had my son 7 months ago. Ive had issues with my weight, eyes, nose & the hair I get on my body is just so much and my teeth well say the dentist hasnt seen them since I was 11. Ive done the whole diet & exercise. I cannot afford any surgeries for my fat or nose or laser for the hair & eyes. Im on the depo shot & I gain 1lb a month. My nose is pretty big & I have lazy eyes & also I grow hair very thick everywhere and my teeth are very messed up. I just want to feel healthy look good & feel like this is what i deserver my boyfriend deservers & my son deservers a mother who not going to die due to heart failure or diabetes. My boyfriend does everything possible to take care of us. all I want to do is know when he looks at me he knows he has a confident healthy good looking women that will be by his side for the rest of his life & when my son looks at me he can say my mommies healthy I should be healthy too & know Ill be there for him for the rest of his life until its my time to go. I love him so much & hes done so much at the age of 22 he stopped being a child & turned into a man. he deserves a thin small nose straight eyed women, I want to be that for him, he says its more than enough for me to stay home cook clean be there for him when things get rough take care of our son, he tells me every time, but like I said I want him to have a confident women by his side someone that when I get a job I can go in there with my head held up high & l& the job. So I can help him with everything. I wish my body image would just change & the worst part of me, is when I do see a nice looking girl pass me & my boyfriend by I always think hes looking at them, Or trying to talk to them, especially the ones at his work. But he always tells me no matter what he will always be there for his family. Im so lucky to have him & he says he lucky to have me but I wish I would just look & feel better about myself. I wish I could change my whole body become a new me a better more confident me.I NEED TO DO THIS FOR ME! i can send the pictures give you doctor reports anything nothing is helping me lose weight my nose is still big my eyes still cross and my hair is every were not to mention my teeth are bad i have no help insurance if someone can just help me… please anyone…. meet me see how iam im not fake im not scamming ppl for there money you could be there through the whole process ill even go to the dr right with you there show you i’ve only been there for a cold… please someone help me.

admin answers:

I iwhs I could help, but I don’t have any income these days, You should be confident too! If your boyfriend loves you, you shouldn’t care much about the look or underestimate your self, you are a smart women so act like one!
Good luck

PS: Get a job and pay for a surgery!

Robert asks…

How Can I Look Beautiful?

I find so many flaws in me…
short, thick hair.
too lazy to put on make up.
too lazy to exercise.
too lazy to get off of this freaking computer.
full of fat (but I weigh 88 lbs).
small eyes.
large lips.
fat thighs.
does anyone have any tips on how I can fix any of these flaws? & please don’t give me the “oh, but you’re beautiful” talk. I’m asking you a question, and I’m yearning for an answer.

thanks. x
oh I’m 14 years old and 5 foot 5.

admin answers:

Um, personally I think you’re contradicting yourself. If you don’t want to accept the general answer that is that you are beautiful, how else can you look beautiful if your saying your too lazy to put on makeup or to exercise?…

If you want to look beautiful I suggest wearing nice eye makeup especially because you have glasses. Glasses tend to hide your eyes and if you accentuate them with eyeliner and mascara and maybe even a little shadow, your look will improve by a lot!

Large lips can be really attractive, use a nude lip gloss.

And sweetheart those are not flaws, those are simply characteristics that make you YOU.

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