Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

March 18, 2012

Jenny asks…

How good would I be at martial arts or fencing, and how effective would they be as an exercise regime?

Since the age of twelve I have been enamored to the idea of taking some form of martial arts, including fencing or broadsword fighting – at the time I can’t deny that it was mainly the thought of being able to kick the bullies arses/being vaguely connected to the escapist fantasy literature I read through having some of the skills. Unfortunately, having appalling balance and spatial coordination due to a lazy eye that wasn’t discovered till 16, or, as I would have put it at the time, ‘being crap at sport’, I never did.

Now I have reached 30, still being crap at sport, I realize I just can’t put off any longer – it’s time I started doing some of that dreaded exercise for my own good.

So: as a 6’4″ large man (think rugby player size) with poor coordination which would be best for me? Unfortunately it comes down to more than just what is most fulfilling for me: being this tall but also mild mannered sort of prints a great big sign on your head saying “short angry men with something to prove: I AM YOUR TARGET”, thus I have to defend myself far to regularly for my liking, and I have heard that the eastern martial arts actually put tall men at a disadvantage in self defense by training them in protocols of fighting that don’t allow them to use their height, weight and reach to the full advantage.

Anyway, after that mouthful I’m greatfull for any advise, thanks!

admin answers:

Hey, I had a slightly different dilemma, but I feel it will probably help you.

I am very uncoordinated and I considered myself mild mannered. I do, however, go to the gym a lot and I’m a fairly muscly guy. At university, this led to a feeling of dissatisfaction because I wasn’t really taking advantage of my strength and I considered myself a bit (ok, a lot) of a pussy. I went to a beginners MMA class and it was actually really good fun. No way near as brutal as the UFC is on tv, but good enough so that you can throw your weight around and get used to getting bashed around a bit. Now, i’m still uncoordinated and not as aggressive as I need to be to succeed in the sport properly, but I’ve had a lot of fun doing it and i’ve toughened up no end. I understand that your concern may not be to ‘toughen’ up, but MMA was good fun. Might be a wise call to check out the club you’re going to join, though. I joined a different one and all I can say is, I was quite literally a bloody mess!

George asks…

What do you think of my writing? lol?

I’m bored lol, so i made a fake journal entry..what do you thinK?

Never have I realized the intensity of my hideousness. I’ve been hiding it from myself so long, I’ve been tucking my inner but outer thoughts away, denying what I see in the mirror. How could I have been so foolish? The size of my nose, my asymmetrical droopy eyes, my female moustache, my body! How dare I say I’m cute and how dare they say I’m beautiful! They’re nothing but liars, accountable for the fluctuation in my slowly dying self esteem. I’ve cried so many times, so many nights and days I have wished and longed to be beautiful. So many times I have thought I was beautiful, but my pictures and my boy’s attention scale are starting to tell me otherwise. I am becoming miserable and the thought of me being beautiful seems so far fetched. It’s impossible for me to ever be gorgeous and now it seems damn near impossible for me to be cute. I am cursed with the features of a man, my father, who’s not here and who happens to resemble an ogre. My mother is beautiful with long, curly, shiny, beautiful hair with chestnut brown eyes that hide between thick framed glasses and a body shape that is the envy of many. Her features compliment each other, her keen nose and normal shaped eyes and lips sit quietly and daintily on her smooth tanned skin. I on the other hand, am not a person of physical beauty. My skin is covered with acne and my acne grows as if it’s on steroids. The scars on my face are round and hideous, small but abundant, and growing by the day. My hair is dry and nappy and now is choppy because of a bad haircut. My forehead is wide and big, a sure place for pimples to come and go, leaving behind their marks of pubescent injustice. My eyebrows are thick, like hairy arms that extend across my pimple written forehead. My eyes are slanted and brown and appear to be half way open. Unfortunately, my left upper eyelid seems to be weaker than than the other, so it hangs closer to my lower eyelid, giving me the lazy eye appearance. My nose is prominent, giving me the appearance of a Samoan man. Pimples seem to travel across my broad forehead and occasionally land on my huge, round, flared nose and stay there, causing me major embarrassment that not even makeup can conceal. My lips are small and dark pink and seem to be the only normal thing on my face. Above my decent lips are small tough follicles of hair that persevere through sharp razors and waxing. My chin, like the rest of my face, is covered in bumps. My cheeks are wide and unattractive and they give the appearance of having Braille on my face. If a blind man were to walk up to me, he would probably be reading, “ugliest chick alive.” From my neck down harvests extra fat that is holding on and staying strong like my upper lip hair.. I’ve exercised, ate healthy, and I’m still as thick as a regular buffet goer. I’m quite unhappy with my appearance and I should stay that way until I’m a sight of beauty. I will be beautiful, I will be wanted, I will be loved. I tell myself this but goodness knows this transformation from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan is going slow. I want to be beautiful! That’s all I ask for, that’s all I want.
i search for no compliments! i just want to know if you like my writing
the reason fake was put there so you wouldn’t think it was a pity party!! I just want honest opinions on the style of my writing and if I’m actually a competent writer.

admin answers:

The lol in your title said it all

this drivel made me lol.This is nothing but a pity me diary entry

Linda asks…

What type of doctor do I see for facial drooping?

Okay, so in the past year, I have noticed that my “lazy eye” turned more into the “lazy side of my face.” I do suffer from TMJ and the side that has the problem is the side that droops.

I just noticed it being really bad when I had to review a speech I gave and now it’s really bothering me. It seems to be worse at different times.

Also, I’m pretty sure it’s not Bell’s Palsy or anything like that because it has been gradual over a few years and not once and then better. I am 23, in good health, a vegetarian, on a healthy diet, and I exercise… so what’s up? Who do I see to fix this? A TMJ doctor? My regular doctor?

Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated!
I should also add that the dropping begins with the bottom of my eye down to my mouth… my forehead and brow are not affected at all.
Also, my sister-in-law works for a dentist and she said they see a lot of strange bites and asymmetry from things like car accidents affecting the spine/bone structure. I did have a pretty rough wreck in June of 2007…

admin answers:

Start with your GP (family doctor) and go from there. Your doc can evaluate you and decide if you need evaluation from a specialist and if so, what kind.

As you said, it’s unlikely to be something acute (like Bells Palsy) because it’s developed over a long period of time. But your symptoms are obviously bothering you so it’s time to take action. Your doctor may refer you to a TMJ specialist or perhaps a neurologist, but let him/her help you make that decision.

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