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February 27, 2012

Richard asks…

I have a question about diabetes and eye problems?

my mother has diabetes and also the things that go along with diabetes such as high blood pressure, hyper tension all of those, and she really doesn’t exercise. She has had it for about 4 years now. Recently just out of nowhere, her eye muscles gave out and her left eye was becoming cross eyed. its like a lazy eye but it doesn’t move. when she sees, she sees as if she was cross eyed, she can see fine if she turns her head and she is looking sideways. her eye Doctor said that it might be because of her diabetes and it her eye will be healed in time. I was not able to find anything like that on he internet. so I decided to make a question online to see if anyone ever experienced that or know of someone who has experienced that while having diabetes. do you know what i’m talking about, can you help? thanks

admin answers:

You didn’t say if the doctor was your regular family MD or an ophthalmologist. Family MD’s are great but for something like this I would consult with an ophthalmologist who would know more about disease of the eyes. Also a second opinion is not a bad idea.

Linda asks…

What’s Wrong With My Right Eye?

Is it being lazy? Because everytime I look straight, it goes to the left. When people look they think I’m looking at the right. My left eye is very perfect. But not my right. What can I do to make it straight? Does eye exercise really work? How long does it take for the affects?

admin answers:

I already answered your question very similar to this one.

Your eye may or may not be a “lazy eye”, also called amblyopia. Do you have much worse vision in your right eye? If yes, then it is a lazy eye. If no, then your condition is not called amblyopia or lazy eye, but instead strabismus.

Here are good sites to explain the difference between strabismus and amblyopia:

Steven asks…

Why am i having problems in my right eye?

Some basic info:
- I am 15 years old, and a girl
- I usually have my hair covering my right eye (I have darkish hair [ginger with black bangs], if it has any relevence)
- I have blondish eyelashes and eyebrows, which dont block out the sun as well as darker ones.
- My eyes are blue (I heard lighter eyes are more prone to damage)

New things since this started:
- I started track for my school, two hours of strict exercise monday-friday.
- I got an ipod touch, and i use it a lot
- We got a new house, which is really dusty (I highly doubt that’s helpful, but ill throw it out just in case)
- On the second day of this, i was getting into the car, and i couldnt see the door, and the corner stabbed my bad eye. No blood, or headaches, just hurt for a few minutes and i woke up with a bruize

The Problem:
For the past four-six days, my right eyes vision has rapidly been getting worse. I have a large blindspot that changes from white to black, depending what my eye wants to block out (It blurrs the whiteboard at school out with a white blindspot, it will blur out stars with a black blindspot). Other than the blindspot, everything is blurry, and has a pinkish brownish tint. Ironically, a week before this started, i got a physical, my good eye is 20/20 and the other one was 20/25 (Which wasnt bothering me at that point).

My dad and biology teacher both checked my eye with a flashlight, it looks the exact same, and my eyes dialate the same.

My dad thinks its from staring at my ipod (Im not sure about that, cuz i used my DS the same way and as often, before i got the ipod touch.) Ive done some research, and it kinda seems like a burn in my retina (Solar Retinopathy) but i dont stare at the sun, i dont do drugs that make me wanna stare at the sun, or anything like that. My biology teacher (he is also my track coach) thinks its a retinal tear, but that primarily occurs in age 60+.

If i cover my bad eye, i see fine, but i dont want to get a lazy eye, and it gives me a small headache. If i cover my good eye, i can barely see anything, and if i use them both, the contrast of vision makes me slightly dizzy and i cant focus.

I want some opinions before i go to the doctor, cuz i dont wanna pay hundreds of dollars for something that can possibly be fixed with a home remedy.

BTW, sorry for any typos, im kinda in a rush

admin answers:

You portray yourself as intelligent for a 15 year old so it should go without saying that you just need to go to an optometrist and have your eyes checked by a professional who knows what to look for. Large spots can be indicative of many serious eyes issues. Your eye sight is not something you should screw around with. And your symptoms would seem to indicate something more than can be fixed with a home remedy.

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