Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Double Vision

December 31, 2011

Laura asks…

eye convergence disorder?

I am 14 and am longsighted. I became longsighted from using my eyes for long periods of times. Recently i discovered that i had convergence disorder and my eye age was of a 46 year old. Then within two weeks it went down to 24. My eyes improved dramatically. I would not see double anymore.The doctor gave me new exercises which she said do once every two days. Mix it up with some of them but not all. However i carried on doing all of them then from there it started hurting again when i began to do the new ones she prescribed. I would do these for much longer then recommended. . My vision went blurry and my eye strain started again and i started loosing focus in my eyes. I would do it every two days but i would go over the time limit she gave me thinking it would make it better. Then i started doing this every day with the exercises. Then i went back to the old ones but the pain continued. I believe the pain is being cause by doing the exercises everyday or going overboard with them because my muscles in my eyes were becoming over worked by them. This is why she recommended once every two days. Do you suggest i should go back to the ones she originally gave me once every two days. These are the last exercises she said she would give me. They are the hardest. I have an appointment with her on saturday and was wondering if you could share any insight into this matter.

admin answers:

Are you under an behavioural optometrist? It sounds like you may be working too hard when performing the exercises. This causes too much stress on the visual system and then gives you the pain and blurry vision. You may also be doing the exercises incorrectly and in some cases you may be reinforcing the weakness. Your doctor needs to check your eyes again and review exactly how you are doing the exercises.
Ask your doctor tell to you if the problem is with accommodation (the focusing ability of the eyes), convergence (the eyes moving and working together) or a combination of both or maybe one eye doing more than the other? From your description it sounds like mainly accommodation but I can’t tell you precisely unless I examine your eyes. And if its one of the problems I mentioned above, ask exactly what the problem is. Make sure you understand what fully you’re eyes are doing and why they are not doing what they are supposed to. If you know the problem it can help you when you are doing the exercises.
Which exercises were you given? That may help in giving you more advice.
I hope this help

Sandra asks…

What could this mean?! :/?

I’m 14, and was wondering why:
-When I breathe in deeply, my upper left back hurts
-My left rib cage (the side where my back hurts when i breathe in) sticks up higher than my right one
-I’m fatigued constantly
-My left eye seems slower than my right one, and it takes longer for it to focus. Also, I have 20/20 in my right eye, but my left eye is much worse
-I have terrible memory, and find myself forgetting events and places I’m supposed to go to. Also, I don’t remember vacations that I took last year
-I get pulsating headaches during exercise
-When I wake up I have double vision for like a minute until my eyes adjust
-My balance has been really bad for the past 2 months or a month or so

Can these symptoms be connected? Or is there anything wrong with me, or are these things regular? Please do NOT tell me to go to the doctor, I’m already going I just wanted other people’s opinions. Thanks!

Could all these be connected?
I do NOT have scoliosis though!

admin answers:

I have scoliosis – no serious ly I do my back looks like a question mark and I’m on medication

Carol asks…

Seeing double when tired or walking! Any idea?? HELP!!!!?

Problem worsening over 11 years now. At first, it was happening after exercising (surfing). Now, even while walking slowly in the street, I see completely double, but when I move my neck high and slighly to the right while keeping my sight focused one one spot, my vision becomes better by more than 50% only for a few seconds, then again…. And if I move my head left and right while my neck is up I get this tickling feeling in my right eye, very funny, but it’s true. This situation is really killing me, I became so desperate. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but fluid from my spinal cord showed negative results and I don’t believe I have M.S. I believe it’s more in the neck!! But what? Is it maybe Carotid Artery? Or is it a problem in the neck? I also have 24/7 numbness in my left palm which disrupts my keyboard playing (being a musician). I can’t control some movements in my left fingers. Any idea of what’s happening to me? Has anyone experienced the same or almost? HELLLP

admin answers:

Could be a slight lazy eye, talk to your eye doctor and he will prescribe some glasses to fix that up

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