Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Double Vision

November 27, 2011

Maria asks…

Can an eye turn (strabismus) be corrected in a 19 year old?

I have had this eye turn since I was very little and have always done eye exercises for it. But the turn is not easy for me to control anymore. It embarrasses me a lot. My eye will water and I get headaches when I read. I get double vision because my vision in both eyes is 20/20. Help, please? My Ophthalmologist says the turn is too poorly controlled and too large for eye exercises to work. It’s a 30 degree turn. Surgery is the only way? At least my doctor is optimistic but I’m quite nervous.
Would my eye stay straight when tired after the surgery… would I see double after?

admin answers:

On the information you’ve given, conservative surgery would seem the route of choice.

If you’ve got some degree of fusion, and little or no amblyopia,
little or no incomitancy (squint varies angle with direction of gaze) your chances are pretty good.

Otherwise you are looking to have to occlude one eye to prevent double vision (it can be done with a cosmetic contact lens with a black pupil, sometimes) at least when tired or faced with lots of demanding work.

“Would my eye stay straight when tired after the surgery… Would I see double after?”

They’d stand a much better chance after surgery, and have a much reduced risk of double vision, if you have some degree of established binocular fusion, which seems likely as described, but varies from case to case.
*If so* getting your eyes in better approximate relaxed alignment should then allow the natural “lock” to cut in without excessive stress.

With no binocular vision or lock, (when the surgery is purely cosmetic) there is no particular reason for the eyes to stay straight even if the surgery is very accurate initially. In such cases the non-dominant eye does often tend to drift again over the course of years.

John asks…

My eye will drift out of alignment at times, how can this be fixed?

It causes me to be self-conscious and it also causes me a lot of headaches when I study (after doing a lot of reading). How can this be corrected? Eye exercises or surgery? I’m in my twenties and I’ve had this since I was 3. But it’s never bothered me too greatly until recently. Both of my eyes see 20/20. Any personal experiences with this condition? Any help? I’m really nervous. :( At least I see good, but sometimes I’ll get double vision and the headaches are pretty unbearable. I have to take medicine for them every day. Thanks so much.

admin answers:

I’m not a medical professional but, anything to do with your eyes, and your vision is pretty serious for the most part, especially if it’s resulting in headaches. If you’ve been taking medication, unless it’s something simple and over the counter, chances are you’ve talked to a doctor about it already.

Maybe get a second or even a third opinion, and see an optometrist in the near future. I hope everything is okay

Helen asks…

eye problems please help asap?

before going to a dr, can anyone help me out with this please?
my boyfriend said that he was seeing double vision in just one eye…hes trying to make weight for the military. hes super stressed, exercises intense and a lot, and is basically only eating rice, veggies, and protein shakes. This just happened today.

admin answers:

Monocular (one eye) diplopia (double vision) is usually refractive error like astigmatism. Does he wear glasses/contacts? I’d start with an optometrist. Primary care provider wont know what to do with him

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