Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

December 29, 2011

Paul asks…

Eye exercises??!!! please help!!!thanks!?

Ok, So I have been doing eye exercises for 2 weeks now. I have 20/30 vision but I don’t wear glasses. When I go to school I notice that once in a while when I blink my eyesight is better then it goes back to normal (bad) eyesight when I blink again. It keeps happening more and more ever since I started the eye exercises. Do you think that is how vision improves? with exersises?

admin answers:

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Nancy asks…

Improving eye vision?

I wear reading glasses (forgot my prescription/number) and lately my eyesight have been getting worse.
I’m planning on cutting back on computer time and taking more breaks.
So here’s my plan:
45 minutes of computer (this includes breaks such as getting a drink/food and bathroom – I watch a bit of movies on here to kill time that’s why I’m on the computer for so long. Either that or I’m chatting with someone)
45 minutes of exercise on treadmill – as a break from computer
30-45 minutes of computer/tv/games
30-45 minutes break – practice piano or play basketball or something
and so on

Is that a good plan? If not, what’s a better idea?

Also, are there any natural ways I can improve my eyesight? I’ve learned that carrots only improves your night vision not your every day vision. So any exercises or something I can do and for how long & I’m pretty sure I already know the answer but should I do it with or without reading glasses? – Just making sure I’m right.
How long will it take to see results?

admin answers:

Could you please tell us more abut your vision problem ? “Reading glasses” doesn’t mean much, it’s even confusing because that’s the kind of glasses used by presbyopes. You can’t be presbyopic because you’re a teen-ager, while presbyopia is typical of old age. Although its early signs can sometimes be detected in people who are still relatively young (40s),it’s absolutely impossible to be presbyopic at 15.

Lizzie asks…

Is there any way to improve your vision naturally?

i’ve seen programs where you pay somebody a bunch of money for like a book and at the eye doctor they said if i paid extra to get eye exercises they would help my eyes work a lot better. i just have a lot of trouble with glasses and contacts and can hardly afford to get contacts so there’s no way i can get lasik. allergies are making my contacts really annoying and glasses are even worse because i need them bent but don’t know where to go.

admin answers:


There are a lot of scams or semi true books and stuff online.

I can try and give you some but I need some more information about your eyesight and overall health.
Can you send me some more info to:

I will try to help.

Best regards.

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