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June 22, 2012

George asks…

what could these symptoms mean? please help.?

I’ve been experiencing these following symptoms:

- random headaches
- pain behind eyes
- shortness of breath
- accelrated heart beat
- slow heart beat
- heavy heart beat
- cold sweats
- shaking
- nervousness and panicking
- random muscle pain or soreness
- blurry vision
- lack of concentration
- aggitation
- unnecessary alertness and awareness
- pressure inside my body, that goes up to my face and brain, like I’m about to burst

If there are more then I don’t remember them

- some of these symptions are present together at the same time, some are present with absense of others, it depends.. some come alone
- I was recently diagnosed with depression
- I am a non smoker
- athletic (but stopped exercising for like 2 months.. used to everyday though.)
- I’m a 19 year old girl
- my sleep is irregular
- nutrition is not so good (plus I’m underweight)

im not on any medication

admin answers:

It indicates some mental health problems besides physical health problems.

Donna asks…

What can cause severe muscle tension without much pain (+ other symptoms)?

Exercise, muscle relaxants, and stress relief don’t relieve my muscle tension (scalp, neck, shoulders, upper back) at all and the massage therapist I saw can’t even get my muscles to move more than a few millimeters. She told me to see a doctor as what she saw was pretty abnormal, but my doctor doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously, attributing it all to depression. She did refer me to a neurologist because I’ve had other symptoms, but it’s not till the end of the month and I’m absolutely miserable, so I figured I might as well try here. maybe not a good idea, but there are sometimes people here who really know what they’re talking about so I thought I’d give it a try. :)

other symptoms: really weird feelings that seem incongruent with my actual emotional state/attitude, almost constantly, yellow and blue spots in my vision, muscle weakness on one side of my face, horrible pressure in the back of my head, brain fog, feet turning purple and red and white if I’m exposed to cold for even a few seconds (and feel like they’re on fire if I take a warm shower), tremors, deep horizontal grooves in my toenails. this has all been going on for about 6 months, except for the feet thing, which has been going on for maybe two years.

I randomly felt euphoric one day last week, out of absolutely nowhere–it had been an awful day, I was in total anguish and needless to say was not thinking positive thoughts (though I’m typically optimistic, even when I feel awful). All I’d done was lean my head back and rest my eyes for a few minutes. Which I’ve tried tons of times before and after with few results, so I don’t think that was the trigger…and less than 24 hours later I was feeling terrible again. There was also no change in my muscle tension or head pressure when this mood change happened. & to clarify I guess I wasn’t exactly euphoric, there were still major issues in my peripheral, but I felt like I was actually experiencing my normal emotions again.

Like I said, after really examining my thoughts and feelings and trying a bunch of stress relief tactics, I’m no longer willing to chalk this up to stress, as I did for the first couple months. Hypochondria is also out of the question, as is anxiety–I know what anxiety feels like and this is a different thing, plus I never worry about my health. I’m considering going on antidepressants and seeing what happens, but I’d rather not. It’s definitely an issue, but I’m not convinced that’s the whole problem.

Anyway, any thoughts? My blood work is fine, some things barely in the low range (potassium, alkaline something, and my TSH was like .2 away from being low). I have widespread pain, mostly in my knees, but it’s mostly mild; I’d been having headaches every day before the pressure started and for a while when it was beginning, but it wasn’t excruciating or anything. I’m kind of wondering about meningeal compression or Lyme disease? No clue though. I know self-diagnosis is really unreliable, but the symptoms do seem to fit, especially the location of the head pressure/pain (spot-on for both).

Thanks! I would really appreciate any answers, but if you are going to tell me it’s all in my head, please just ignore this.
sorry this is so long.

admin answers:

It sounds a lot like Lyme Disease. The join pain in knees vision problem.. Tight feeling in head.
I was just diagnosed with Lyme Disease and had similar head problems and slight vision problems as well. Especially when exposed to light.
The right side of my head was really tight and my cheek felt really numb.

Ruth asks…

What do I have? fatigue/sleepiness and more?

I originally posted this under general health but decided to copy and paste it over here because It may be psychological. Also sorry it’s so long I just didn’t wanna miss anything.

I’ve been searching my symptoms all over the internet trying to figure what I have and from what I can tell it seems like I have anemia, but I’d like some more opinions from people who know more about this stuff than I do.

-Sensitive to cold weather/cold hands

-Weird sensation that I get when I stand up, makes me dizzy and fogs my vision with dots(sometimes to the point where I can’t see for a couple seconds)

-shortness of breath and low stamina when doing anything physical

-I get a feeling in my chest that’s hard to describe, to get rid of it I jsut need to take a really deep breath but sometimes I can’t even breathe deep enough to get rid of it

-muscle fatigue

-very tired, regardless of how much sleep I get. Sometimes I will get a burst of energy from somewhere that lasts a few mins to a couple hours.(also have more energy at night)
-energy drinks/coffee don’t really stimulate me at all.

-somewhat frequent headaches of different types: either just a constant pain on the top of my head/forhead that worsens with physical activity and usually lasts most or all of the day; a strong very painful one behind one of my eyes, gets worse with movement, sound, and light and also lasts all day; or a throbbing pain in my head(almost feels like my brain) that hurts when I stand up or do anything that requires much energy, it seems to throb along with the beat of my heart.

-constant leg bouncing, similar to restless leg syndrome/adhd.

-I’m also very skinny, I probably don’t get quite enough physical exercise for my age and I eat a lot of junk food but im still 5’11 and like 135 pounds

-hair loss, not to the point where it’s noticeable to anyone but me or whoever cuts my hair but if i run my fingers through my hair it’ll pull a few pieces out and I often notice strands of hair on my shoulder that must haveve fallen out.

— some more cognitive/psychological symptoms, I don’t know if they are relevant but I’m just gonna include anything that could possible be relevant because I don’t know what is and I’d rather not leave out something significant

-I have a bad memory and a TERRIBLE short term memory. I’ll sometimes forget what I said a couple sentences ago and sometimes get distracted for a second and forget what I’m thinking of mid thought. My long term memory can be amazing or terrible when remembering seemingly similar things. I don’t know what’s up with that probably unrelated but you never know, also maybe someone could explain that to me.

-very bad focus/attention. When I’m not to busy sleeping to pay attention in class I have a hard time not drifting off no matter how hard I try. It’s not like I’ll just zone out in to nothing, my mind is just always coming up with new thoughts and they often sidetrack me.

-A general feeling of apathy, Not like I’m depressed and sad or anything it’s just that I don’t really care about anything nearly as much as I should. I failed 9th grade(due to extreme laziness/lack of effort not because I’m a complete idiot, I actually do extremely well tests/quizzes, but terrible on homework/classwork/participation) and just shrugged it off, same with when my cat died. Could be partially because I’m very good at supressing feelings or just looking at the bright side, but I also don’t get super happy or excited over a lot of things that other people usuallly do. I know that’s textbook depression right there but I don’t really feel depressed nor do I have anything to be that depressed about(possibly “existential depression” if anything but still probably not)

-Mild OCD type symptoms, eg: when I look at my left foot/left hand/hair on the left side of my head, I have to look at the left side an equal amount. I also can’t get a drink from my fridge if I don’t first through the cup up and make it do 2 flips then catch it cleanly with the same hand. A lot like an ocd type ritual but I think if I tried hard enough I could stop doing it(the cup thing that is, not the symmetry thing)

ok sorry about the huge list, I just didn’t want to leave anything out. Just a few more quick things that may mean something…

I’m an 18 year old male and about 5’11 and 135 pounds. I have pretty bad eating habits and could use a little more exercise. I don’t really do any drugs or smoke or anything, but I have been taking my friends adderall every once in a while to help me with school. My mom and brother both have anemia(I’m pretty sure it’s from iron deficiency, and I don’t know if that can be hereditary or not)

Ok.. finally done, thanks in advance for any responses

admin answers:

Hi Mojo!

It is a good thing that you are aware of some of your symptoms and it seems as though you are very concerned about yourself and your body, and that is a very good thing.

I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your family practioner for a physical. Copy and paste these questions that are concerning you and present it to him/her or go over your concerns in depth as well as your eating habits. You may need a routine physical and possibly bloodwork to rule out anemia, etc. You may need to change your eating habits as well, as you may be somewhat underweight based on your height.

You also have concerns of some type of apathy, which could be a symptom of depression, OCD type symptoms, which may require a referral to seek a Mental Health Evaluation with a Pychiatrist.. Not to be afraid, they are there to help you and may suggest therapy and/or medication.

I would definately be open and honest about your taking your friends Adderal, not being prescribed to you. I am not an expert on this stimulant, but do understand that it is a drug that should be prescribed only to the person that has been diagnosed with a disorder that requires him/her to take the prescribed medications and more than likely needs to be taken on a regular basis. I would advise you not to take it unless your Doctor has prescribed it for a condition that You have. Taking it could also cause some of your symptoms that you described, including loss of appitete, etc.

No reflection on you, yourself, but I hope you may take some of this advice and ponder on your symptoms and get the proper care you deserve to become a strong, funtioning adult that you can become.

Peace and Good Luck in becoming healthy!

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