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June 17, 2012

Sandra asks…

What do you think of my short story / essay / writing?

Note: In the future, we will pretend my boyfriend never happened.

I am a hermit. No, not those hermit frogs that you find in the ocean.
A hermit is when your boyfriend named Matthew dumps you at the school playground during recess time. And so that’s how come I am sad and lonely today.

I am like Jaseline, who wears makeup and sings with the radio about having a broken heart, and is older than me in many other ways, too. Only I don’t like those songs on the radio. And I don’t wear makeup. But I am sad, like her.

Also, I am very sorry to report that Mathew has a severe vision problem. That’s because he did not see me when I told him “Hi Matthew, how are you today? I am good. The weather is lovely today. Don’t you think so?” I said that to impress him with my level of adultness ‘cause I always hear mommy talking about weather with our neighbors for centuries.

Only he didn’t answer. So I went to him again, “HOW ARE YOU, SIR?”
And he just walked right past me to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the rich girl who wears cream-white ruffly-layered skirts with laces. Also, she wears pink bows on her French braids.
Elizabeth is so pretty and shiny that her sparkleness probably flashed in and hurt Matthew’s eyes. And so that’s how come he didn’t see me, I think.

I think that the president should make it illegal to be that pretty. Cause then boys will become blind, which is not always such a good thing. And girls will be helplessly broken- hearted, like me. That is no good, either.
To show Matthew how angry I was at him, I stood real tall on the top of the slides and yelled on the top of my lungs:”MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE. OH…HI THERE, SIR. THERE IS ONLY ONE ME IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! I AM AN ENDAGERED SPECIES. AND SO PLEASE BECOME MY BOYFRIEND AGAIN!”

100 kids froze and stopped playing to stare at me. And laugh a whole lot. When Matthew he didn’t answer, I got worried- maybe he’s deaf, too…

Since I exceed in asking questions, he exceeds in answering them.
“Well maybe you should exercise your fatty tongue — it talks too much,” that boy said.
And the kids laughed and laughed. But that’s not even funny.

And so I went to my bestest friend. Her name is Mommy. AND GUESS WHAT SHE SAID WHEN I TOLD HER HOW I BECAME INTO A HERMIT TODAY? “You’re too young for a boyfriend, honey. You’re only 8,” that’s what she said.
“No I’m not. I even told Matthew “the weather is lovely today, isn’t it” just like you do. She started laughing and laughing. She even called Grandma to tell her.

I don’t know what’s wrong with that woman.

admin answers:

A few minor however, forgivable errors. I found myself smiling all the way through, and loving the simple dialog and the child logic used to explain the situation and her feelings, it’s quite funny.
Excellent work.

Keep writing!

Jenny asks…

What illness do I have?

I’ve had most of these symptoms for 6 years. Doctors haven’t been very helpful. I’m 22 right now. I eat well, exercise/run daily, sleep 8-12 hours, don’t drink alcohol.

- dry hair, falling out a little bit daily with dandruff that doesn’t go away despite special shampoos
- dry skin, especially on the face
- dark circles under eyes and tired lines
- post-nasal drip in the morning
- nasal congestion
- fatigue
- low energy
- sleep for 8-12 hours, still tired
- bad memory, hard to concentrate
- constipation or diarrhea
- abdominal pain, usually in the morning
- gas
- heartburn (new symptom)
- cold hands and feet frequently, regardless of weather
- feeling really cold sometimes
- can’t eat in the morning
-constantly sore/tired eyes
-nose running a lot when outside or eating
-yellow/brown/clear phlegm every morning
-sore throat in the morning
-sensitive to light
-constant dead skin on lips
-trembling legs when standing (hard to describe)
-acne (I know this is normal at my age, but I also know that this kind of acne is more indicative of how badly my body is functioning rather than normal acne)
-bad breath
-pale complexion
- second-long tremors across all body daily
-a lot of floaters in vision
-constant abdominal noises
- symptoms get better in evening

So far my ideas are hypothyroidism (not likely cause im male and young) or lyme disease.

admin answers:

I dont know but i will try to give you advice- dry hair, falling out a little bit daily with dandruff that doesn’t go away despite special shampoos
dry skin= baby lotion
- dark circles under eyes and tired lines= me too try to sleep more
- low energy=try energy drinks
- sleep for 8-12 hours, still tired =9-13 hours
- bad memory, hard to concentrate = me too i tried getting a tutor i have too now nothing helped haha but study after school for 30 mins or get a tutor mabey both
- constipation or diarrhea= eat fiber or diahrea medicen
- abdominal pain, usually in the morning =try putting heat on it also write down what is hurting and try to sleep on it a different way it may be just cause ur sleeping on it wrong
- gas = dont eat mexican food
- heartburn (new symptom) =me too i dont know
- cold hands and feet frequently, regardless of weather = thats normal
- feeling really cold sometimes= we all have those times
- can’t eat in the morning =ur too tired sleep more
-constantly sore/tired eyes= tip dont rub them it only makes it worse
-sore throat in the morning = drink a lot of water
-constant dead skin on lips= try chapstick and u will get dry lips in the winter
-trembling legs when standing (hard to describe)= me too just lay in bed i have not figured that one out yet
-acne (I know this is normal at my age, but I also know that this kind of acne is more indicative of how badly my body is functioning rather than normal acne)= try to get acne creame i dont no how bad yours is but it will make them go away or get less visable
-bad breath= mouthwash and keep a small bottle with you and use it every 2-4 hours(not needed in night)
-a lot of floaters in vision=check with eye docter

Robert asks…

I fainted I need help..scared..?

fainted for a short time like barely a minute in class today. The room was steaming hot and wasn’t feeling good all day. I suppositly didn’t bang my head the teacher caught me while I was up to tell her I need to go to the nurse and I opened my eyes and I was on the floor. Before I fainted i felt like I was going to throw up in like the pit of my stomach and my vision got all blurryish and then like i felt warm, but the room was unbearablely hot! I woke up and like I snapped back to normal i was completely fine and vision perfect. My head hurts a tiny bit i don’t know if it’s stress from embarrassment I mean I was rolled out in a wheel chair for gods sake and I felt fine, I’m a little tired I wake up early for school which is normal. This happened to me last year a couple times(I was just a little shakey then like I cooled my face down and I was perfectly fine no fainting but blurrish vision again), i don’t eat that much in school on the count of i’m not hungry. I’ve been exercising and cutting down my food lately, possible not taking the approaite calories in a day. My mom talked to a doctor and said to take me to the ER I flipped and I don’t know if my head hurts from whatever I just have a little head ache nothing serious, but I’m really scared to get blood work done if I go like what should I do?!?!

I need help!

wasn’t feeling to great all day and then my friend had a bad headache the night we had a sleepover before we went to bed..i don’t know I just need advice!

I’ve been cutting down on what i’m eating and exercisng a lot more like I don’t if the change is just like a shock, but I lost like 7ish pounds in a short amount of time and all…

do you think i will be fine if I wait until tomorrow to see how I feel and then do something about it tomorrow

I need opinion’s!

admin answers:

Its so important to keep a good amount of sugar in your blood or all sorts of things can go wrong.
Even if your not really hungry you need to snack on something, your brain might not fancy it but your body needs it. The heat in the room would not have helped as you’d lose nutrients and salts in your sweat. Get a good healthy eating plan from a nutritionist and up the calories gal!!

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