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June 6, 2012

Ruth asks…

i get general anxiety from worrying about things im married my husband out of work its hard for him to get a j?

ob right now im also a mom of a 7 year-old girl too i work full time with a pretty descent pay ,but im a worry wort my mom is too i blame her for that lol i had alot of bad experiences happen to me as a child and took it out on myself i used to smoke pot ,but stopped b.c im a paranoid person and thru prayer God helped me a lot i have not been too too spiritual in faith as a child my folks never sprung it on us ,but my husband is even tho he had is past and still does have flaws like every human being. my ? is i get high anxiety from dark places,rides,i panicked on mission earth that ride at epcot/disneyworld i freaked the whole time i kept thinmking about that little boy who dies i am a hypo chondriac, i think about how and why all the time and do not let husband has me worried a lot too cus his little brother got shot and killed over a car late night . i cant stop worrying about weird things also, when im waiting on a ride and its about to rain i get high anxiety thought race thru my mind for no reason this just started happening to me like 3 years ago i go to thearpy 2 times a month but refuse meds i can not drink at all i get high anxiety and my heart races like im gonna die panic maybe?i exercise and try to eat right,but it still happens i was wondering i have really bad vision like -5.75 i was thinking maybe fro mmy eyes being tired all the time i get anxiety or when im in a low lit restraunt i feel sleepy or want to go to sleep its so weird… i was wondering if anyone had a better explaination

admin answers:

Well I am not a doctor but you do sound like you need help. I am 19 and was recently diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), depression, and obsessive thoughts. It kind of sounds like you have obsessive thoughts like me which in turn causes anxiety, anxiety is a feeling caused by a thoughts so it is important to distinguish between a thought and a mood/feeling. I would imagine cutting my finger off when cutting food, or having my tires blow out when I am driving (obsessive thoughts) sometimes I just feel very on edge and unnerved about a situation without any reason (generalized anxiety). These are chemical imbalances. I know you said you will not take meds but for me zoloft has made my life so much better. I am now a happy person, I am not so negative and paranoid, I enjoy things now. You should see a psychologist.

Sandra asks…

Diabetes/Glaucoma question…?

Hi, I have some questions and Im pretty scared about this.

About 4 months or ago, I started noticing a spot in my eye, it followed my eye where ever it moved. I guess I never thought about it much, until one day in the store, I was looking at the white floor and really noticed it. I went home and googled it. I discovered they are probably floaters (noticed one in the other eye too, but it isn;t as big or dark as the one in the other eye) So, I make an app. And my doc has me make an eye app with an (optometrist I think?) an eye doctor. It took almost 6 weeks to see him, finally getting in in a couple days.

Ok, I didn’t realize this before until I started googling other symptoms. I think I may be diabetic.

I am 30/female.

I am 80 lbs overweight (yes, thats damn sad and I know it)

I urinate a lot now. (I can’t even figure out how long this has been going on)

I already drink a lot of water, so I guess I dont notice being thirsty if I am. I drink it because its “good for you” not because Im thirsty.

I have tingling in the hands and feet not extreme, but noticeable, especially the hands when I wake up. Thats when it IS extreme. Only in the morning when I wake its bad.

My vision is blurry, I can;t see objects well if they are far off. I also now squint at the computer.

My eyes always feel like theirs water in them. They feel like their “runny”

Sometimes my eyes feel like they are crossing or something.. I know thats weird, Im not sure how to explain that one…

After I eat a meal, I feel so tired. Even if it isn’t a big meal.

My BP was slighty high last time I was at the doctors (couple months ago)

Oddly I am not constantly hungry when I start getting used to eating smaller meals. Before I was always hungry (but, you know, Im overweight so I was used to eating a lot) A month ago I started eating smaller meals, and a week later I noticed the constant hunger disappeared. I lost 30lbs, but, that was from the exercise and not stuffing my face…

SORRY this is so darn long…

Anyway, I have a few questions. If I find out I have glaucoma, do you think it’s too late to help me? I guess what I mean is will it lead to blindness? Is there anything I can do to prevent more floaters from coming, and the one in the other eye from getting larger? Or are they going to get worse?

I know I don’t know of its diabetes yet, I should have been tested before my eye appointment… but I just figured out that these symptoms add up and could mean thats what it is. Strange thing is, I was tested 2 years ago and I didnt have it. But, I didn;t have ANY of these symptoms back then, either…

Sorry this is so many questions… (and yes I WILL make an app for the diabetes test. Definitely.)

admin answers:

Floaters are not definitely diabetes. Its more like little blind spots. I have them and they are from leakage of fluid from the eye vessels from high blood sugar. Regular black floaters can be just something you got, people get them. Go to an ophthalmologist for a full examination. You are not going blind and even if it is diabetes, it can be stopped if its neuropathy and getting your sugar right will keep it from getting worse. Doesn’t sound like cataracts or glaucoma at all.

Tired after meals-yes, definately a sign of diabetes.
Overweight-you are more prone, yes. Definitely raises your risk.
The 30 pounds you lost would definitely make the diabetes significantly better if you have it.

Blurry vision is a sign of diabetes but not the watery eyes and the “crossed eye feeling”. That sounds more like allergy, sinus or migraine. You might have a food allergy causing this.

High bp comes from diabetes, overweight, and many other possibilities.

If you are diabetic, it tends to get worse as you get older, so you could have it even if you didn’t two years ago. If I had to give an educated guess, I would say you probably do have it.

Helen asks…

What is wrong with me? I’ve been dizzy/off-balance for a week.?

I have been what I usually would describe as dizzy. I woke up one morning and I felt a little unsteady on my feet, similar to being dizzy when you are feverish. I was sick with a flu-like cold at that time, so I didn’t think much of it. I spent all day outside, and I felt a little wobbly, or off balance, like my equilibrium is off. It goes between being good, and being terrible during the day, and it gets worse when I sit down. Sometimes it’s so bad I have a hard time walking straight, and sometimes I can barely notice it. I don’t have any other symptoms, my muscle strength is normal. I went to the ER for something else earlier, and I doubt they could detect or diagnose what is specifically wrong with this kind of dizziness.

It doesn’t have to do with my vision, because I still feel off-balance when I walk with my eyes closed, and I am not uncoordinated. I haven’t fallen once, but changes in the position of my head are disorienting, and I feel uncomfortable when I sit for long periods of time because I regain the disoriented feeling when eating or otherwise looking down, sometimes with headaches on the side of my head, and pain near my wisdom teeth and sometimes around the ears. It hasn’t gotten worse, but it has not become much better either. I’ve arranged for a doctor’s appointment, but it won’t be for a few days. I’m otherwise healthy, and I eat well, take vitamins, exercise, don’t smoke/drink, etc.
I am positive that I am not pregnant, and it happened suddenly(upon waking), and has not gotten better or worse since.

admin answers:

I think you should see a doctor immediately because this sort of stuff is serious. It might be a sign that you have a tumour in your brain and it might be pushing on a nerve or something that controls your balance.

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