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April 29, 2012

Daniel asks…

Advice for a nearsighted teenage guy?

Hey so I’m 17 years old and I’m pretty nearsighted, I wear -3.25 contacts. I’m already noticing my distance vision is starting to get worse, but I dont want my prescription to keep getting stronger. I’m noticing that my eyesight is better some days than others–sometimes it’s spot-on (with contacts) and sometimes it’s a little blurry. Is there anything I should do to keep my eyes on the right track, like foods with good eye nutrition or eye exercises I should do? Should I wear glasses and only wear them for distance things but not reading/computer…my eyes are at the point where I have to kinda lean in to see the computer uncorrected/hold the book pretty close to my face…is it better to do those things with or without correction. Thanks so much for any advice!

admin answers:

In school wear glasses. Take your glasses off for reading. See an optometrist.

Mark asks…

drifting eye, got exerices but any others i can try?

Hey well first off, i have perfect vision, i can read signs that my other mates (who have normal vision) cannot and ive had my eyes tested etc, but well i went to have my eyes tested because i was having alot of headaches while at the computer, the optician assured me that my sight was perfect but my left eye had become some what lazy, and drifted off while i was trying to focus in on something, this made sense to me as my computer screen was always at the right side of my body and im on the computer from morning till night as i study and work with computers.

anyways his given me some exercises but their not giving me much help, and lately ive been trying the old fashioned way off covering up my good eye and spending the day only using my lazy eye, but is their anything else i can try?? thanks.

btw i have an appointment with opticians again for a check up in november so want to try and correct it by then. cheers.

admin answers:

Now it depends on what is causing the eye to drift – as you say – and your age – but chances are it can be corrected with glasses using prism, which forces the eyes to focus.

You need to go to an Optometrist – an optician cannot diagnose the problem properly. If there is more to be done, then they can refer you to an ophthalmologist.

Hope this helps.

John asks…

Blackout in vision after exercise?!?!?

Today in conditioning (weight lifting class) we worked out for the first time this semester in the weight room. It was the first time ive worked out in awhile but it wasn’t overly hard or anything. Anyways after the workout when i was standing up my stomach started feeling weird and i suddenly felt hot and cold at the same time. since i couldnt sit down(one of the rules while in the weight room) i started feeling unbalanced and i felt like i couldn’t move along with the other symptomes. It was after this when a ring of black appeared around my eyes and it eventually spread until i couldnt see at all. During this time i could still hear perfectly clear and felt everything fine but i just couldnt see and i felt extreamly dizzy by this point. When i was finally guided to a bench by a friend my vision started clearing up again but i still didnt feel right for about another 10 minutes. Im a sophmore in high school and play a couple sports and i’ve never had this happen to me before and im actually pretty skinny and in good shape so i have no idea why this happened. If anyone can help me out with this i’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

admin answers:

Wow um you where probably dehydrated and didnt eat breakfast and your gym coach should let you sit if that happens again tell your coach and sit and drink water or you could really injure yourself. This has happened to me before but it was combined with vertigo (feels like your spinning) i was in the shower post workout i slipped and could have really gotten hurt.

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