Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

February 29, 2012

Donald asks…

Is this eye exercise really beneficial?

And if so, what are it’s benefits ?

Many people tell me about an exercise where you focus your eyes on the tip point of a pen or a sharpened pencil at a distance, and then slowly bring it closer, till the vision gets blurry, and then holding it for as long as you can, and then gradually take the pen to the original distance, and repeat.

Is this really any good ?

Thank you so very much for your time and effort.

God bless.

admin answers:

Nope. There are no exercises that can maintain or improve eyesight.

Maria asks…

Blurring your vision on purpose – good, bad, or neither?

I have always been able to focus my vision closer without crossing my eyes, resulting in blurred vision for any object more than a foot or so away, although I can control just how blurry things get. This is a great trick for me because I don’t like the scary parts of movies and I don’t want to look goofy covering my eyes, but I want to know if this is safe to do on a regular basis. If it is using a muscle, (I guess the ciliary muscles) wouldn’t it be a good thing to exercise that muscle?

admin answers:

It’s not good to use the muscle if it’s going to make your vision blurry. It will get conditioned to stay blurry after awhile.

You won’t look goofy not looking at sary parts of movies. :-)

Nancy asks…

anyone ever managed to…?

improve their eyesight? e.g. using eye exercises (vision therapy)

did it work for you, what were your results like? how long did it take until u saw good results??


admin answers:

- splash clean water in your eyes at least 3 times a day
- avoid playing computer/mobile games
- eat ur vegs (especially carrots)
- while watching TV keep ur eye and the screen on the same (parallel) level
- never read a book while lying down (sleeping)
- don’t eat too much eggs
- don’t stare guys too much…he..he….

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