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November 30, 2011

James asks…

Can eye exercises really improve your vision?

I’m near sighted. I read somewhere online that it is possible to improve your vision with eye exercises, if so, what are some exercises?

admin answers:

There are many eye exercises for different problems. They involve training of extraocular muscles (eye movement in every direction and circular) and intraocular – ciliary muscle (switching focus from near objects to distant objects).

Exercises improve tonus and circulation in these muscles which is essential for relaxation. In people with refractive errors, exercising extraocular muscles applies certain pressure on eye balls which can result in changing shape back to normal. Also exercising ciliary muscle leads to better acommodation.

Besides exercises there are also some relaxation techniques that can also help, as already mentioned in previous answers.

Jenny asks…

Can i correct my vision naturally by doing some eye exercises?

I have heard that doing some eye exercises like palming and rotation of eye balls etc can improve your vision. Has anyone tried and got some results?

admin answers:

You have probably heard of Dr. W.H. Bates who in the early ’900 devised a natural method to “cure” nearsightedness. He was a pioneer in the field of myopia, and he perfectly understood the causes of nearsightedness which have nothing to do with genetics. Unfortunately his method isn’t really effective and that leads many eye doctors/optometrists to dismiss his work entirely. That’s a huge mistake because he was right about many things. There are a few modern techniques which greatly improved on the old Bates method and are much more effective.
I am following a recent method which so far allowed me to go from -3.75 to .1.75 and I’m not stopping there

Beware of expensive methods that promise wonders in a few weeks, they are a scam. The only things you need are time (several months at least for an average myopia) and patience.
Dear Prince , I’m aware that the Bates method can’t do much and that’s why I never tried it. Let’s not talk about Bates. How do you explain my improvement ?

Susan asks…

How can I improve my eyesight without glasses or surgery? Are there any proven eye exercises to do in a month?

I have to pass a job related medical eye exam in one month and my vision is just beyond the requirements, but surgery and the use of glasses or contacts is not allowed. Are there any eye exercises or techniques I can do now to help me pass? If so what are they and how often should they be performed? Also should I not wear my glasses or contacts until then to help train my eyes. Thanks!
I am nearsighted and in my mid twenties in age

admin answers:

Stop watching TV and The PC monitor, that may be affecting your sight and it can be a temporary ailment, hopefully.

I’m Not joking.

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