Your Questions About Carnitine Dosage

June 30, 2012

Jenny asks…

L-carnitine for treatment of heart disease in dogs?

I was wondering if a human supplement would be okay to give him if I find the proper dosage for him. I would call his vet but obviously they are closed…

admin answers:

Then call again tomorrow.

As a general rule you “do not’ give dogs human meds unless told to do so by your Vet.

We are not Vets. We are not that educated in animal medicine.

Carol asks…

I have a 7lbs pomerain male dog and the vet said he has heart murmurs.?

He coughs ALOT and acts as though he is gaging.Please tell me what I can do to help him without the huge vet priceses. What is the dosage for L-Carnitine and Taurine for my 7lbs dog?

admin answers:

Collapsed Trachea: This is a condition in which the trachea, which carries air to the lungs, tends to collapse easily. The most common sign of a collapsed trachea is a chronic, dry, harsh cough that many describe as being similar to a “goose honk.” Since it can be caused by pulling too hard against a collar while walking, you should train your Pom to walk nicely beside you instead of pulling at the leash, or use a harness instead of a collar. Collapsed trachea can be treated medically or surgically.

To find out more about his health, please click on:

Laura asks…

Is it safe to take all these supplements together?

I was wondering if it’s okay to take a vitamin B12 pill, ripped fuel, CLA, L-Carnitine all together. I would definately stick to the recommended dosage and get PLENTYYY of water, but is it safe??

admin answers:

Why not? Rec. Dosage and you will be fine.

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