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August 20, 2012

Steven asks…

Pretty Important Medical Question?!?

So, in January, I had a freak case of Rhabdomyolysis. I’m 16 years old, and I went to the hospital presented with myoglobinuria (if that’s how you say it). No pain, no stiffness (after I exercised I had pretty bad stiffness, but it went away the next day), nothing when I was admitted…. They did a blood test, and my CK levels came out at 492,000. My potassium levels were also high…I think…either high or low. I was hospitalized, and my CK levels dropped at about 120,000 per day…and 4 days later I was released from the hospital. It was kind of odd, because from what my doc said, people with rhabdo in my situation already have renal damage, and are usually in the ICU on dialysis. I was discharged perfectly fine. My doctor, nor none of the Emergency Medicine Residents could figure out why I got it. My family physician really wanted me to go see a GI doc and a Renal doc. I went to go see a GI doc and he found nothing. I knew something was up, and since I’m in a Emergency Med program at my school, I decided to look into to things. After looking for a few months, I think I have something called Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase 2 deficiency (CPT-2 deficiency).

Website since the disorder is rare:

I do get muscle stiffness and pain a lot when I exercise…..Many of the symptoms it gave me, explained me perfectly, especially with the rhabdo. So what’s the next step? Do I call my doctor immediately, or can I just tell her at my next physical?

admin answers:

You certainly need to see your own doctor again, but not necessarily in a hurry. Even if you do have CPT-2 deficiency (and there are other possibilities) there has to be a trigger for the rhabdomyolysis. If you avoid fasting and energetic exercise, you will be fine until the next appointment. When you talk to your own doctor, I suggest you avoid presenting your own diagnosis (if I were your doctor, I would be tempted to respond by suggesting you organise your own treatment as well). Instead, raise the entirely appropriate question that you might have a genetic condition and might benefit from consulting a genetic specialist.

Mandy asks…

Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Question’s?

I have been doing some research regarding deficiency‘s associated with Vaplroic Acid, and from what I have read there are vitamins and minerals that can be taken to reduce these deficiency‘s. In particular:
Selenium — 100-200mcg daily.
L-Carnitine — 500-1000mg three times daily.
Vitamin D — 600 IU daily.
Calcium — 200mg daily.
Vitamin B12 — 30mcg daily.
Vitamin B6 — a lower dose??
Possibly a supplement of Biotin.

I would just like to know if anybody has/is taking valproic acid and has experienced side effects such as fatigue, shakiness, hard time getting to sleep, and staying asleep, blurry vision, head ache, and has been taking the medication for more then 6 months. I am at a dosage of 250mg twice daily of Valproic Acid treating Epilepsy, having one serious seizure almost a year ago, 17 years old, 5’7, 150 lbs, and run 5km 3 days a week. If anyone has knowledge of these supplements and if they may help with these side effects i would like to know. As well are these supplement doses reasonable??, and anything else to consider with these supplements such what to mix, what not to mix?? times of day?
Another question about melatonin, is it safe to use on Valproic Acid and will it help with my sleep?

admin answers:

Vitamin D lack, or just hypovitaminosis , is undoubtedly widespread for People in america, particularly those that are living in wintry, upper environments, also as the aged population. This really is because our own potential to generate the particular vitamin lowers as we grow older.

Within the active condition, cholecalciferol goes thru your bloodstream, focusing on a number of bodily organs, which include brain, impacting on just what exactly that particular organ really does. Vitamin D3 will be vital for the purpose of regulating tissues growing, improving calcium and also phosphorus ingestion, keeping immunity process integrity and cardiovascular system healthiness. This may possibly be involved when it comes to tumors reduction. Essential vitamin D3 may help to keep our blood calcium mineral degrees good for making bone as well as the teeth, muscles contracting, as well as the relocating for neurological impulses.

When it comes to emotional health condition and learning, this important vitamin has a tendency to trigger receptors on nerves in portions of your brain liable for actions adjustment. This boosts release of important brain chemical substances and also defends the brain by being free radical cleansing. Vitamin D also performs as the anti- — inflammatory agent up against general problems.

Helen asks…

herbal adderall…. any exist? Looking for use for recreational purposes for energy, focus, and fatloss?
This product contains..

Vitamin B3
Is a B vitamin with Nootropic effects. It is also has been noted for its use in people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Vitamin B12
Is involved in the metabolism of every cell of the body, especially affecting the DNA synthesis and regulation but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause severe and irreversible damage, especially to the brain and nervous system. Vitamin B-12 gives a great natural energy boost.

Guarana is an herb that is rich in caffeine. Research has also shown that guarana may affect how quickly the body perceives itself to be full as well.

Bitter Orange
Bitter orange is used as a stimulant and appetite suppressant which aids in weight loss. It contains several alkaloids such as synephrine that stimulate the body’s beta-3 receptors. Activating these receptors boosts your metabolic rate and energy levels to help increase fat burning and ultimately body fat loss. It also promotes the release of epinephrine and nor-epinephrine which boost mental energy and focus while indirectly helping body fat loss.

Yohimbe Bark Extract
It is of the tryptamine chemical class with stimulant and aphrodisiac effects. It is also known for it’s thermogenic effect. Like adderall® it is classified as pycho-stimulant that has Nootropic behavior.

Choline Dihydrogen Citrate
It is a naturally-occuring ammonium salt that is found in the lipids that make up cell membranes -in the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Choline is the chemical precursor or “building block” needed to produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and research suggests that memory, intelligence, and mood are mediated at least in part by acetylcholine metabolism in the brain.

ALCAR has neuroprotective benefits in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. ALCAR plays many important roles in the body, but the most important one from a fat burning perspective is ALCAR’s role in escorting fatty acids to the cell’s mitochondria where they can be burned as fuel aiding in body fat loss.

Bacopa Extract
It has been used in India for several thousand years and is considered a “brain tonic” which enhances memory development, learning, and concentration thus fighting attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The herb shows significant psychotropic action as evidenced by excessive sleep and conformation changes in the brain as well as blood. It is also a potent antioxidant.

Tyrosine is converted in the body to key biologic compounds. These compounds include epinephrine, dopamine, L-dopa, Co-Q10, and thyroid hormones.

Caffeine has nootropic effects, inducing positive changes in memory and learning. Both caffeine and naturally occurring caffeine found in guarana called guaranine are found in Adderllin.

DMAE is related to choline and is a biochemical precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Studies have shown an increase in vigilance and alertness, with a positive influence on mood.

White Willow Bark Extract
White willow bark extract is added because a synergy occurs whenever ingredients are combined and the specific combination of those ingredients provides a greater benefit than the individual benefits that could be realized if each of those ingredients were taken independent of each other. Also known as a natural pain reliever.

Piperine is an extract found from black pepper and is known for it’s increased uptake of nutrients and supplements.

Is an extract found in the periwinkle plant. Vinpocetine is reported to have a cerebral blood-flow enhancing and neuroprotective effects. It is also used as a drug in eastern european countries for the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders and age related memory impairment.

Is naturally occurring and extracted from the Firmoss plant. Huperzine has been shown to enhance memory and learning performance in clinical trials performed on China

I hope this helped people who want to take an herbal alternative for recreational use.

admin answers:

Nice website – I was surprised at its functionality.
I was also pleased to see the ingredients listed there as well – it sounds like a dynamite combination.
I would have been happier to see a percentage or the mg of the separate ingredients for quality control.
In time the FAQs may need to be expanded to include answers about norepinephrine and serotonin and MAO inhibition
This is not a nutritional supplement for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease although some constituents most certainly are such as Piperine. Because some ingredients function as AChE inhibitors, it would be contraindicated but that is a reason for using for AD.

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