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September 5, 2012

Sharon asks…

Can Monster Absolutely Zero be good for you?

All you hear about energy drinks is how unhealthy they are for you, and how the ridiculous amounts of energy supplements are harmful to your body. However, taking a look at Monster Absolutely Zero (think of it as the Coke Zero of Monster), I found hardly that. There are no calories since it’s a zero drink. 2 grams of Erythritol are substituted in the place of artificial sugar additives. The energy blend, which is 2,600 mg as opposed to a regular Monster’s 5,000 mg, contains a mix of Taruine, Ginseng, L-Carnitine, Glucuronolactone, Inositol, Guarana, and Maltodextrin. From what I understand, all of these ingredients, aside from Maltodextrin, naturally occur. All of these ingredients are shown to have a wide variety of benefits, from mental alertness, diet/weight management, and heart health, to possible treatment of behavioral disorders and increased male virility. With all of these things in consideration, is a can of Monster Absolutely Zero as bad as the whole unhealthy-energy-drink thing says it is? Could drinking a can, say, every other day be good for you?

admin answers:

No, it is not good for you. That’s like saying just because coke zero has zero calories, you could drink it every other day and not have any problems. Drinking one can of monster absolutely zero is probably better then normal monster, but I still wouldnt drink a lot of it. It’s still full of weird chemicals that we don’t know very much about.

Joseph asks…

im taking alot of supplements for weight loss, and muscle building. can taking to many supplements hurt me?

im pretty positive everything in the individual supplements is fairly safe. im not taking any brand names, all pure subtances, such as arginine, carnitine, CLA, green tea extract, forskolin, BCAAs, multi vitamin, calcium, selenium, caffeine, sesamin, tyrosine, beta alanine, glutamine, creatine, protein, ZMA, fish oil, beta alanine, melatonin, 5-HTP, probiotics, digestive enzymes and fiber. i can find plenty of information detailing the dangers and benefits of each kind of supplement. but nothing addressing the dangers of taking so many pills and powders all at the same time. it comes out to over 80 servings of pills or powders a day. im just wondering what kind of effects this can have on me. i feel normal. alittle fuller than usual. but i definitely feel stronger and more energetic and im losing weight. i lift 6 days a week. cardio 4 days a week and i box, and im on a full 6-7 meals a day, 2300 calorie diet thats very high in protein. so i was wondering if this was dangerous?

admin answers:

Yes, it can hurt you. For example, your body produces most of the amino acids that your body uses, save 8, however, if you suppliment your body with amino acids that your body makes such as Levo-Carnitine, then your body no longer makes it and eventually you have to suppliement your body with all of these nutrients. That by the way is what these companies are hoping for, to keep them in business.

Susan asks…

Did You Know That NUTRIENT DENSE RED MEAT IS EXACTLY What Your Heart Needs?

Did you know red meat is exactly what your heart needs.

WHY would anyone recommend not eating it? Did you know your heart NEEDS nutrient dense food and guess what?

– Red meat is the MOST nutrient dense food known to man.


Red meat has been eaten since the Stone Age with great benefit and it did NOT cause CHD

Red meat contains

Co-enzyme 10 (it powers the heart)

Omega 3 fatt acids

Saturated fatty acids











All B vitamins

and that’s just for starters.

The Cholesterol Theory is not supported by the results of randomized clinical trials.

Red meat has NEVER increased CHD mortality or icidence in randomized clinical dietary intervention trials.

CONFRONT your doctor , he /she has alot of explaining to do !

admin answers:

Here’s to your Rants, Raz!! I second your opinion 100%!

The government’s cholesterol theory on red meats is simply this: To control the world population the government first has to control the food. To control the food the government must control those growers of the food. This they have done with crop foods. But they cannot get the Beef and Lamb farmers and ranchers to come to the table and give over their independence!! So they are trying like crazy to make people quit eating red meat! This will bankrupt most farmers and ranchers who raise this meat eventually. Then the government will own the last segment of the American food industry also. Therefore, they will control all the food and so control the populace!!

Conspiracy theory??? I think not! I am one of those American ranchers who is trying to make a living selling RED MEAT!!! And yes, I am being told by my doctors to eat fish and chicken rather than my red meat!! I have to purchase that mercury laden and bird flu prone junk??? When I have a freezer full of good red meat??

Doctors only tell what they have been taught. They only take 6 hours of nutrition and other dietary classes in undergraduate school!!! The poor things just don’t know any better.

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