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July 7, 2012

Paul asks…

Supplement question???

Anybody seen the Nivea lotion that comes with the supplements of L-Carnitine and conjugated linoleic acid. I have been reading the benefits of these two. I already take apple cider tablets and B-12 in an effort to speed up my metabolism. If I add L-Carnitine and conjugated linoleic acid to my supplement list is it overkill? Am I doing more harm than good?

admin answers:

Eat real foods, not supplements. Meanwhile, take a walk outside to get Vit D. One of the most overlooked and very important vitamin. 10K steps a day should be the goal.

Maria asks…

How much have I damaged my body? Help me feel better but please let me know the truth?

I’m 20 years old and unfortunately I’m a self-destructive and stupid person. I was struggling with school and I didn’t get any counseling. I tried solving my school issue by myself and began taking brain supplements because I heard all over the internet that they are extremely safe and effective.

I initially gave up on buying any supplements because I had to order them online. But when I was shopping by in the supermarket I found alcar and L-tyrosine in a popular brand called “Musashi” so bought them.

I took 500mg of L-tyrosine then lowered to 300mg the next day
I took 500mg of Alcar for 2 days – had weird sensation on my neck from it

They talk about so many benefits of Alcar all over the internet but the bad effects are hidden or not talked about. It took me a while to find that it can cause pro-oxidation in young people.

I know I need to learn from my mistake but what I want to know is the truth. If I only have slightly harmed myself then I can get over it quickly.

I’m mostly worried about my brain than any other of my organs. If Alcar is a powerful anti-oxidant and crosses the blood-brain barrier easily, could I have got a powerful pro-oxidant to my brain/body and aged my brain/body and increased the risk of disease/cancer? How about L-tyrosine? They sell 300mg L-tyrosine tablets in pharmacy, I only took 200mg more of it in powder form.

If I have really harmed my brain and shortened my lifespan and increased my risk of disease/cancer, it’s going to take a while for me to get over but it’s better than not knowing and I’ll learn from my mistake.

I’ve already talked to the doctor. He scared me a lot, because he agreed that alcar causes pro-oxidation. He actually didn’t stop me from taking it at first and said “keep taking it if you’re feeling fine.”

When I told him that I stopped taking all brain supplements and that I’m worried about alcar he looked concerned and asked me “How long did you take it for?” When I told him 2 days he said because it’s still a researched substance he doesn’t know how much the supplement has harmed my body in 2 days but I’m still young.

I told him that I have checked everywhere online from medical websites , Youtube, Wikipedia, Q&A site and livestrong but couldn’t find anything about pro-oxidantion. I asked him why bacopa and alcar is both “GRAS” but alcar is more dangerous yet recommended everywhere online and in TV commercials but the information about the pro-oxidation left out, he said “It’s because they want you to buy it”

So for questions for people in the medical field. Is it likely that I harmed my body from taking these supplements and how much did I harm my cells/brain/organ? Is it more damage than 1 cigarrete smoke/alcohol?

Thank you for reading everything and I really appreciate your help.


The sites above has MD recommending alcar to adults. And just one of many websites not talking about the pro-oxidation from alcar and just talks about the benefits.

admin answers:

I believe I answered this question before, though I do appreciate a more detailed question this time.

Generally, unless a specific deficiency disorder is diagnosed or a disorder in which scientific data exists in which it is valuable to be providing precursors to vitamins or hormones, most physicians do not recommend supplements which have not had the benefit of long term study, especially for young people whose brains are growing. (Brain growth continues until about 25)
This said, it is unlikely that you did any damage in the short time in which you ingested these supplements.
I think if you made a commitment to eating a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, and simply taking a multivitamin, you would enjoy good health.
Best wishes.

Ken asks…

Trying to find a vitamin/supplement?

I recently found out that L-carnitine is illegal in Canada. Which is fucking ridiculous. I was reading up on it, sounds like a perfect supplement.


Healthy for : Brain, Heart, and Liver

Reduces fatique

Speeds up weight loss

and improves muscle mass for bodybuilders.

Anyone know of a perfectly healthy supplement in Canada similar to L-carnitine?

Or any supplement/vitamin that will help me not feel tired throughout the day, and even better if it would help with weight loss and working out

About myself:

I’m 20 yrs old, 5’5, 135 pounds. I would say I’m built for my size, but I got a little belly from bad habits like eating and partying. Currently changed my diet and workout plan. Goal to get stronger with a six pack =D

I’m currently taking fish oil and ginko biloba to help my mentality.

admin answers:

I have been taking alpha lapoic acid with acetyl l carnatine for years and got nothing bad to say about it (its fantastic) and I order mine right on the internet and you can too.

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