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September 19, 2012

Paul asks…

Is L-Carnitine worth taking, or should I just stick to a healthy diet without supplements?

I have read that L-Carnitine can speed up weight loss?

Has anyone taken it? If so, what were the results??

admin answers:

The way it naturally occurs L-Carnithine helps your muscles repair themselves after a strenuous work out. This repair is the source of muscle growth and an elevated resting metabolism. So in small doses it can help you burn calories faster. I have noticed a small difference in body fat, body composition but not necessarily weight loss. Excessive amounts of this or any vitamin will only result in more expensive contents in your septic tank and may overstress your kidneys, so . . . If a little is good, more is NOT better.

Ruth asks…

is there a good support group for people who have primary carnitine deficiency?

i was just told i have this rare muscle desease and i would like to talk with others who have the same.
thank you but no this is not fabry deases. it was a confimed carnitine def.

admin answers:

Is this Fabry Disease ?

Anyway here are some links to support groups for carnitine deficiency support.

Hope they help.

Richard asks…

How Can I Flush Acetyl L-Carnitine From My System?

I began taking the supplement to clear my mind. It worked beautifully, but, I began having constant stomach upset, but, didn’t know why. This morning, after I took my latest-and last-dose, I saw that my condition is one of the side effects of the this supplement.
Is there anything I can take to flush it out of my system, or will I just have to let it work itself out of my system, and how long does that usually take?
Thanks, in advance, for any & all informed answers.

admin answers:

You are going to have to let it pass.

You should completely feel better in 24-48 more hours.

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