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April 27, 2013

Chris asks…

Can someone help me tell me where I can get sources for these nutrient/substances?

I need to know what sources are good for getting vitamin E, vitamin C, copper, MSM, PABA, quercetin, carnitine, DMSO, herbs, enzymes, acupuncture. I most perferably to get them from foods but if for some of them they are better sources other then food you can list them down also. Thanks I would gladly apreciate this.
yea i fogot about the acunpuncture. What happened is that I cpied and pasted thesde stuff, but I forgot to exclude acupuncture. I need to know sources though for the other stuff. Its supposed to be for preventive measures and treatment for a specific condition if it comes up and develops because of a accident I had. So I want to take these stuff to help prevent.

admin answers:

That would take an awful lot of research on my part. I’m OK looking up one or two things for someone, but 10?! Go to google or yahoo and search – list of vitamin E rich foods, list of vitamin C rich foods, etc., etc., etc. For acupuncture, you have to go to an acupuncturist.

Nancy asks…

i have a very important aptitude test tomorrow. If I take L-Canitine will it boost my concentration power?

Test is tomorrow. Just got Acetyl L carnitine today for concentration, would it work by tomorrow?

admin answers:

It can help boost your concentration when used over an amount of time such as a week or two. So with that being said i do not believe that it will help you to much by tomorrow. But if you tell yourself that you believe in it then it will probably have a placebo effect and believe it or not that little mind trick can actually help you out considerably.

Linda asks…

What is the ‘chai’ diet? Is chai tea good for weight loss?

I have heard that chai tea is good for weight loss, is it? My friend is on the Chai diet, where she drinks chai tea and mixes it with l carnitine. Would this be good for you?

admin answers:

This sounds to me like a gimmick and I’d be cautious about it.

While tea is quite healthy, and the spices used in chai (masala chai) or spiced tea blends are also quite healthy, there is no solid scientific evidence that tea helps weight loss. The only way to lose weight in a healthy way is to have a healthy, diverse diet, and get regular exercise.

I also recommend against nutritional supplements like carnitine. A lot of supplements have not been proven to help in any way, and some can actually be damaging. Naturally, carnitine is found in a wide variety of foods. It is not naturally found in tea. It’s always best to obtain essential nutrients from natural sources, rather than taking them as supplements, as supplements often aren’t absorbed properly, and sometimes they can send too much of one substance to your body, which can throw your body out of balance. I’ve attached a page to a list of natural sources of carnitine.

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