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December 17, 2012

Jenny asks…

How much amino acids should I take in supplement form daily, as I am working out and trying to make gains?

I take 1 – 1000 mg L-Arginine
1 – 250 mg L-carnitine
1 – 500 mg L – lysine

Also, I take Centrum, a 1200 mg Lecithin, 30 mg Zinc, and a 500 mcg of B-12, all in either tablet or capsule form. I think all I am missing now is Glutamine? I also take Creatine monohydrate , 5 mg powder daily in my drink, and I consume protein shakes after working out, and on days I don’t lift, to recover. I work out like 4 days a week. Does this sound like a good regimen to you.

admin answers:

I stay away from the acid these days just mushrooms , and weed and a little coke everynow and then, some paote, oh ya and mescaline, one time i did heroin , oh shit what was the question

Helen asks…

What are some good vitamins to take to help with energy and muscle building?

Im already slim and taking a multivitamin twice a day. I need more energy and something to help my overall growth. Im, 16, 5″10, 160lbs
Ive heard about L carnitine but i dont know a lot.

admin answers:

The energy comes as a result of greater stress to the body. For example, to become more energetic, run faster or lift higher weights. This causes a need for more oxygen and growth of more muscle tissue and blood vessels for every cell in the body to distribute the Oxygen. It also strengthens the heart. I have used that pills and I know many different ones are recommended. Early humans evolved without pills, hunted animals and survived without synthetic supplementation. As you are very lean and a good height for your age, just be sure to get enough sleep and proper meals, enough to satisfy a growing male. If you want to try them, it can’t hurt. I had no results. As for the vitamin, if it says once a day, don’t take it twice, as you will get too much iron in your body, which is not healthy. Follow the directions. I have bought lots of others as well, and notice various gurus write books, but also sell supplements. My BIL is an amateur bodybuilder and sells them. My sister is a health expert with credentials. She will sell supplements, as well. So, if you have money, someone will sell something. The science is still out, but you can research. Just make sure the research was funded by another source besides the company itself. Also, look at how the energy increase was measured, and if the percentage of increase is considered significant. Although, you are a junior in HS, you can still read adult, academic level studies with a little effort, and the conclusions usually say, “More research is needed”, or that there was no significant difference.

Joseph asks…

Will an aloe vera and collagen drink do my skin good?

There is a drink in the supermarket which claims to have natural aloe vera bits, 500 mg of collagen, vitamin e, and 200 mg l-carnitine in every 350ml bottle. They say its really good, but is it safe to drink and will it be good on my skin?

admin answers:

I will tell a little about the Aloe Vera that I use.

Aloe-Vera-Benefits the skin. When used on the skin, Aloe Vera has the ability to penetrate the deepest body tissues, some seven layers deep, unlike most lotions, liquid substances and water that penetrates only two layers of the skin.

It has been proven by research that the Aloe-Vera-Benefits comes from its active ingredients. Aloe Vera has over 75 known active ingredients that include: Vitamins, Mineral, Enzymes, Sugars, Anthraquinones, or Phenolic compounds, Sterols, Amino Acids that perform specific functions in the human body.

Explore more on aloe vera’s uses, health benefits, side effects by visiting:

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