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January 9, 2012

Jenny asks…

Glasses ?! what do you think ?!?

Ok, I felt that my eyesight is deterring and I went to check them, and I was right, the optometrist told me that my eyesight isn’t that bad, and he gave me glasses for reading subtitles on Tv, night driving & for lectures at the university.

here is the deal, I really hate wearing glasses or contact lenses, is there anything I can do to improve my eyesight naturally !!?? …
Maz I think eating carrots doesnt actually help improving ut eyesight ! at least not significantly ! :P

admin answers:

Yep, look up google and type in eye exercises. There’s a swag of them to do. Make sure you have the necessaryy vitamins and minerals [type in on google also. You can get pinhole glasses also that are a sheet of tiny holes [not lenses] they work if its with enough light to see through them.

Daniel asks…

How can eyesight be improved?


admin answers:

Carrots and some eye exercises can help naturally improve vision that is not severely impaired. If your vision is -1.00 or more, or +1.00 or more, the only correction can be achieved with glasses, contacts, CRT, lasik, etc. If you have an astigmatism that’s more than approximately -0.75 along with nearsightedness or farsightedness; well you out of luck in the natural department also. Farsightedness is caused by a shortened eyeball length, nearsightedness is caused by an elongated eyeball, and astigmatism is caused by a “football” shaped cornea. So as you can see, the eyesight largely depends on the shape of the eyeball, and you can’t change the shape with natural remedies.

Helen asks…

short sighted, glasses.?

hi, i’m 13 years old and I got my first pair of glasses yesterday! I am short sighted and I have a agestism (sp?).

My eyes are -1.00 and -1.50 is that bad or good?

I’ve been told I only need to wear them when watching TV and looking at the board in school, will wearing them then improve my natural eyesight because they are not being strained? If not, how can I improve my eyes naturally? Thanks

admin answers:

Your prescription is good because it is quite low. You should only wear your glasses when you need them and remove them when you are doing near work such as reading or computer. Also when you are at the computer you should take regular breaks every 20-30 minutes if you want to avoid eyestrain.
You can try improving your eyes naturally by using pinhole glasses (they are like sunglasses with holes in them) and/or doing eye exercises or the Bates method but you need to be committed and do them for 15-30 minutes daily if you want to see results. They are several eye exercise programs on the net and many people have benefited and have improved vision after doing them.

Look at the link below to find out more!

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