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July 31, 2012

Susan asks…

what is wrong with this?check over this please!?

Hands Signals
Sign language is a way of communication with hand motions. It is a language that has a lot of expressive thoughts and feeling. ASL, American Sign Language, is the language of choice, for the majority of America’s culturally Deaf. ASL is movement that involves shapes of the hands, arms, eyes, face, head and body posture to communicate . American Sign Language is one of the most commonly used language in the United States. It a beautiful visual language. Sign language has it’s grammatical and semantics rules. Sign Language is now consired a “foreign” language. It’s is a requirement that you have to know an addional language for most college.
In1620 the first book on sign language for deaf people contained the manual alphabet. Abbe Charles Michel de l’ Epee a French teacher for the deaf taught that deaf people could develop communication with themselves and the hearing world through Sign Language. Abbe was a very creative guy. Then in 1778, Samuel Heinicke taught speech and speech reading. Samuel set up the first public school for the deaf.
Years ago people didn’t see the deaf, they were locked away, sometimes in the basement. And were treated very badly. The public and even family thought the deaf were dumb and mute.
One of the most famously persons know to people is Helen keller. Helen was deaf and blind. She was a fablious person. She learned to live a perfectly normal live, dispite being left without sight or hearing after a devartating illness.
Dr. I. king Jordon, a former Galludet university president stated, “Deaf people can do anything the hearing can do but hear.” For example Heather Whitestone, former miss America and Amy Ecklund, Christy Smith, Cara Miller, Marlee Martin, Deanne Brcay are only a fraction that prove that Dr. I .King Jordon statement was right. Some years ago William House, ENT surgeon came up with a theory. A surgical process that would make the profoundly deaf-mute hear. The surgery is called, Cochlear Implants. This would offer the deaf a new world of sound, music, and speech to those that lives in a soundless cocoon. This surgery is offered to children as early as 12 months and adults to their senior year of life. The cochlear implant works from picking up sound through a microphone in a headpiece that is worn at the ear. The sound is sent along a cable to a processor, a mini-computer which turn the sound into digital signals. The devices are worn on a belt or, in some models, at the ear level. The transmitter, is held by a magnet on the side of the head behind the ear, and sends the sound via radio waves across the skin to the impant. The devices stimulate the auditory nerve, sending impulse to the brain where they are interpreted as sound. It been proven by development therapist that children who know sign language have a higher language ability than those kids who don’t know sign language. Robert Weitbrect, a deaf scientist invented the tty (teletypewriter). It a unique way telecommunication device for the deaf. He invented it in the year 1963. This is a device that allows alphanumeric charachers to be typed in and sent, usually one at a time. It also includes the use of abbreviations and punctiation, it the way the deaf communicate as the haring world do. How helpful would sign language be to parent? Very young children who have not grasped the verbal language could communicate wants and needs to their parents without the frustrations. Crying would be eliminated. Peace would rein supreme. What is really cool is the research with primate such as chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans they are also capable of learning and using sign language.
In conclusion, mastering a second language such as ASL can not only be beneficial but, profitable in the workplace. 10% of the public is hearing impaired or deaf. 10% of the public has the power to purchase goods and services. The ability to communicate with our hands could mean money in our hands.It also been proven that those who know American Sign Language as infants score higher on Standradized test measure higher on tests of I.Q. and out perform their peers in a variety of social and academic arenas. Those who teach their children at a early age and countiued to learn different languages it comes more naturally to them. The brain is a weird thing. Even a different language coming from the parent the baby will attempt to communicate. Sign language proven to increases the parents’ bond and interaction with their children. A couple downsides to not knowing American Sign Language is that it comes with poor language skills, frustration, academic problems, and inadequate social skill may lead to school drop- out, delinquency, and even adult criminal behavior.

admin answers:

Well, there are a few spellign errors, but those are really easy to fix. Microsoft Word can weed those out. Also, you may want to use more transitions, phrases such as, in addition to, therefore, also, then, thus, for example, etc. You should group things that deal with the same subject matter in consecuive paragraphs, sometimes it jums all over the place. You could start with the history, then fmous people, then the new tecnology that helps deaf people, then the ASL and about parents communicating with children,school, etc, just better organization in general. In addition to rearranging it, you should add a better conclusion, because ending it that way isn’t satisying to the reader. You can end it like this: There is a vast history to deaf people, their ay struggles and their need to overcome the biggest obstacles in thir life. They started off their life not being able to hear the wolrd until new technology gave them the ability to hear. But, regardless of the new technology, many deaf people still go on living in the world, silent, still stuggling to overcome the obstacles of the eveyday. These obstacles that people who can hear take very lightly. Thus we see, deaf people have many struggles, but as long as they are accepted and are remembered and helped, there is a future for them all.

That’s about it! Good essay, though. Good luck.

Donna asks…

How can one educate hearing impaired children learn English at a good level?

Just wondering what your opinion is about this…

For these days and in the future; how can one educate hearing impaired children learn English at a good level, preferably at highest level as much as possible?

There are many of them using American Sign Language (ASL) with poor English grammar at reading and writing.

It is not that I am against using ASL but you should agree that English should be added as well, it is very important because English is everywhere.

Does anyone have an opinion on how to teach these children do better regardless if they are from deaf schools or public schools?

I’m asking because I have helped a number of the folks with paper work such as job application, legal issues, billing letters and etc.

I may know some answers, but would like to know yours.

Would like to add:
What specialist? Years of studying, what about being familiar with these children who understands/knows them better?
I understand some of you were frustrated; I am also deaf, grew up in public schools-a nightmare.
That website I looked up-about deaf teaching children was astonishing! Browsed all the way through different links & liked what I read. BTW teachers can be hard of hearing(HH) too & those who hear -but should be CODA or KODA(Children/Kids of Deaf Adults).
Makes sense, some friends I knew from National Association for the Deaf, most of them were taught by hearing teachers but were not satisfied. What have always amazed me were the elders! They converse in ASL & Boy, could they read/write English! Asked how & they said they were taught by deaf teachers –there were many of them back then! Makes sense, back 70s–80s most teachers were not deaf or HH!
Thank you all, I thought I would get a lot of answers; wish everyone gets best answers for answering.

admin answers:

I have to agree with your part of question because ASL our true language and English is also important. So, I’m going to be blunt with you about English language with Deaf people… So my point is that I strongly believe all schools should hire/hiring all Deaf teaher to be English teachers because Deaf teacher, do know how to teach Deaf children much better than Hearing teacher.
I’m sorry that hearing teachers gotta go because they’re ruining Deaf people’s education.
So, Hearing teachers can teach Deaf children about Histories, Math or whatever but not English, writting and literacy, etc.
So, few years ago my English was poor! Now,now that a friend who is Deaf is helping me a lot with my English problems but I still need to have along way to go.
So to be honest most hearing teachers in the past didn’t help me that good with my English, I don’t feel connected, they dont’ know nothing about Deafness, their culture and how they Deaf are with growing up with families not Deaf who don’t talk fluenty with each other. I have met Deaf teachers , sad that they are few, I seen it that the kids, I know are learing much better than my days.

I do like to show you something else ——>>>>>>

Oh that included some of my friends at Y!A has been helping me with my English problems.

To Go Rangers! First of all I want to tell you that I do respect you. So I’ll have to disagree with you because …. You said: ” is their natural language!” … You’re right; it is true but for 50 years they are not helping us. But they have to go. They aren’t helping us but very few of them are lucky to know English but …. It is time for them to teach Deaf people something else and let those Deaf teachers take care of it.

Go Rangers!
Since teachers have been pitying for the hearing impaired children, so if it were deaf or HH teachers, they will not pity them because they understand the hearing impaired wanting to be smart enough when they get out to the real world!

I’m for all bi/bi too but still writing/reading has to be taught differently!

You have to think about this too, most schools are running by the state, the state still prefers to let the children go to mainstream than going to deaf schools. That will likely be messed up as well.

I feel you, I understand we’re very concerned for the kids going into the world as they get older – really everything has to be looked in for the future, not just at this level at this moment.

Joseph asks…

Do i have Autism????

I dont know… So when i was born, the doctors told my mom i had autism… but my mom didnt listen.. I dont know if you can do that… but anyway. I’m 13 years old now, and i THINK i might have some of the symptoms. Okay, so first, i’m EXTREMELY shy, and i have a REALLY squeaky voice…. and i always want to do things by myself… i think i might have a social isolation problem, And i dont like hanging around other people much… i like just being by myself, and i really dont know why…. but heres something i found, of some of the symptoms, and the ones i pasted are the ones i have. And in no way am i trying to offend anybody, this is a serious question, and i need to know if i should inform my mom/doctor. :
Impaired reciprocal social interaction – Examples include the following:

Poor use of body language and nonverbal communication, such as eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures

Lack of awareness of feelings of others and the expression of emotions, such as pleasure (laughing) or distress (crying), for reasons not apparent to others

Remaining aloof, preferring to be alone

Difficulty interacting with other people and failure to make peer friendships

May not want to cuddle or be cuddled

Lack of or abnormal social play

Not responding to verbal cues (acting as if deaf)

Impaired communication -

Difficulty expressing needs and wants, verbally and/or nonverbally

Repeating words or phrases back when spoken to (known as echolalia)

Inability to initiate or sustain conversation

Absent or poorly developed imaginary play

Behavioral symptoms -

Aggressive or self-injurious behavior

Throwing tantrums

Short attention span

Not responding to normal teaching methods

Playing in odd or unusual ways

Having no apparent fear of dangerous situations (sort of)

So those are the symptoms..But ive been to quite a few checkups, so wouldnt the doctor notice something was wrong? And if i tell my mom… im scared she wont belive me. So does this mean i have autism, or are these just common symptoms. I also have Anger Management, but i dont like go in the anger management room in school.
@ DrS

Doesnt Really Bother Me Much. Yeah, i guess i could say it makes me happy.

admin answers:

Well I’m glad you know the definition of that. Now, do you know the definition of autism? We can not tell you if you are autistic. We can not give you a check up, examin your behaviors or even see you in real life. If you still believe you are autistic after this you need to tell your mom.

Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first two years of life and is the result of a neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain, impacting development in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. Both children and adults on the autism spectrum typically show difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities.

There is a saying in the autism field: “if you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.” In other words: every person on the autism spectrum is unique, and one person’s set of symptoms is just that … One person’s symptoms of autism! This is, in part, because autism is a spectrum disorder: you can be a little autistic or very autistic.

But there’s more to it. An array of problems are relatively common among autistic people such as seizure disorders, gastrointestinal issues, mental retardation and mental illness. At this point, no one knows why these conditions are so common among people with autism spectrum disorders. It is possible that these additional conditions are indicators of different kinds of autism, each caused by a slightly different set of circumstances.

Most of the time, autism is suspected in a child or adult because of deficits or stereotyped differences in social and communication skills. Some examples of these differences include:
•Delayed or unusual speech patterns (many autistic children, for example, memorize video scripts and repeat them word for word with the precise intonation as the TV characters)
•High pitched or flat intonation
•Lack of slang or “kidspeak”
•Difficulty understanding tone of voice and body language as a way of expressing sarcasm, humor, irony, etc.
•Lack of eye contact
•Inability to take another’s perspective (to imagine oneself in someone else’s shoes)

While many autistic people have terrific language skills, there are many who have no language at all. In between, are people whose verbal skills are idiosyncratic: They may be perfectly able to talk, but have a difficult time with conversation, small talk, and slang.

A majority of autistic people are either hyper or hypo sensitive to light, sound, crowds and other external stimulation. Some have both hyper and hypo sensitivities. This often results in autistic people covering their ears, avoiding or reacting negatively to brightly lit areas, or — on the other hand — crashing hard into sofas and craving strong bear hugs.
While it’s unusual to find an autistic person who is obviously physically disabled as a result of the disorder, most autistic people do have some level of fine and gross motor difficulty. This often manifests itself in poor handwriting, difficulty with athletic coordination, etc. As a result, when autistic people get involved with sports, it’s usually in individual, endurance

While autistic people do differ from one another radically, it is fairly typical for people on the spectrum to:
•Engage in repetitive behaviors and ritualized activities, ranging from lining up items to following a rigid routine,
•Have one or a few passionate interests,
•Have difficulty in making and keeping multiple friends,
•Prefer activities that require relatively little verbal interaction.

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