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February 8, 2014

Laura asks…

How to get disability payments for the following?

I have a total of seven diagnosed disorders, but would I qualify for disability insurance or any of those awesome benefits? Should I be put in an institution as well?

1. I have severe OCD which makes it so I can’t go ten minutes without washing my hands, and the medication was proven to fail.
2. I have mild ADD which impairs my learning
3. I have severe Hypochondria that adds to my OCD and it adds in the fear of getting brain damage, and the medication was proven to fail.
4. I have moderate Dyslexia which obviously impairs my ways of spelling words and of reading written language.
5. I have been diagnosed with severe Anxiety Disorder.
6. I have been diagnosed with moderate Narcolepsy which puts me to sleep at uncontrollable times and caffeine has been proven to fail.
7. I have been diagnosed with impaired vision, but I’m not blind at the moment.

This has got to qualify for some real good disability payments, especially with the dimwitted ‘OCD and Hypochondria’ combination. What institutions take folks like me as well? I’m obviously insane with all of these disorders if Hypochondria happens to be one, so there has got to be one for me.

admin answers:

Nothing qualifies for real good disability payments—being on disability often means living in poverty

The OCD, Anxiety could possibility qualify

Carol asks…

Is it smart to be a Spanish major and the once I get my undergrad degree, Master in Speech Language Pathology?

I want to be a SLP, but I am confused. My advisor isn’t helping to much either.

admin answers:

Wonderful question.

I ran a search on and came up with 147 accredited 4-year universities in the USA that offer an undergraduate major in one of the following:
Communication Disorders ,
Education of Speech Impaired ,
Speech-Language Pathology

Amend your question to say which state you are in and I can give you a more specific recommendation. In general, look for schools where you can major in one and minor in the other.

You are wise to recognize that you will probably need a Masters in SLP, but there is no reason why you can’t get your pre-requisite coursework completed as part of your Bachelors.

Chris asks…

What time of requirements are needed by speech therapists working in schools in Texas?

I have been a speech/language teacher in NY state for 31 years in public schools. We are relocating and I would like to work in Texas. I do not have my C’s or NYS license. I have my master’s degree and permanent certification in new york state as a teacher of the speech/hearing impaired.

admin answers:

You need to be liscensed by the State.

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