Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

February 6, 2014

Betty asks…

TV Talk Shows like Oprah with English Subtitle, Do you have a suggestion for me?

I want to have a TV Talk Show like Oprah with English Subtitle so I can study them as a language. I don’t care what Talk Show, it just has to have English Subtitle with it.

Thanks in any help.

admin answers:

Most TV shows are Closed Captioned for the hearing impaired. Just turn on the CC and enjoy.

Lizzie asks…

What is the musical Footloose about?

thats the play that my friend is in at her school and she invited me and someone else to go see it. what is the play about? im hearing impaired and i dont wanna look like a complete idiot when i dont know what is going on. so can you just give me a brief summary so i know what to expect when i see it?

admin answers:

Footloose is about a city in which dancing is banned because the minister’s son died after dancing getting drunk and attempting to drive. A boy moves into town and makes dancing legal again. It has great music but isn’t exactly a musical

Not suitible for kids under 8 for some language

William asks…

Is it normal for a diagnosis to be changed like this? What should my long term plans be?

I went to another Psychiatrist since the Psychologist said that I went to before called me an idiot and said that incapable of learning to my face which is unacceptable for a Psychologist, and she didn’t realize that I had a Speech disorder either.

1. Severe Speech Disorder-This guy is extremely high functioning and he doesn’t have a verbal day and has an exceptional grasp with the English language, but he can barely speak due to a speech disorder that impairs the speaking through the lungs. He can only speak with simple words, while his vocabulary is far above average for his age.
2. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-He can’t focus on anything, is always hyperactive and is always on the go. He also has displayed difficulties with reading comprehension.
3. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-This explains his constant hand washing after he touches something.
4. Dysgraphia-He has an impairment in hand writing.
5. Anxiety Disorder-He never approaches people or tries to make friends and often acts weird out of the fear of being laughed at and judged. He stays quiet and doesn’t communicate since he understand how people get easily annoyed and fears that people are out to get him and hardly trusts anybody.
6. Classic Autism-He no longer qualifies under this category since he was clearly misunderstood.
7. Moderate Intellectual disability-Since the non-verbal intelligence quotient put him in the Dull Normal range (which is still extremely low for me in my opinion), he’s far from being Intellectually disabled.

I pretty much summarized what the Psychologist notes said (with me making it a bit simpler for people to understand) and I seriously think that it’s just ‘perfect’ that it turns out that I have five disorders instead of one. I obviously have issues with making friends, but I do have independent living skills. I was wondering what some good jobs would be for me if I can just barely communicate due to this ‘speech disorder’ that involve me doing things solo that aren’t ‘simple’. I hate working with computers, I dislike people since they are there to laugh at me, to attack me, to stab me in the back all the time, to infuriate me and to try to restrict me from things, I love fame however for some reason. Since I may have too many difficulties that might impair my level of function (despite what the doctor said), I was also wondering if disability payments would be a route to take with an institution (despite the fact that I would love a difficult job that’s a load of fun.

Interests for a job:
1. Competition that involves tournaments with fame and fortune as long as it’s something that I could win at.
2. Stuff that doesn’t involve academics since I’ve never been gifted at them as a person with ADHD.
3. Something that goes at either a slower or faster pace.
4. If it requires me to work in a group, have it so they are respectful and honorable people that won’t backstab me. Also have it so they don’t mess me up or hog everything up.
5. Something that I could come up with my own strategy for.
6. Something that isn’t ‘science’ at all like cooking.
7. Something that may be televised on television.
8. Something that I could become a public icon for.
9. Something athletic would be okay as long as it wouldn’t require me to weigh more than 150 pounds since I’m gradually underweight for a twenty year old
10. Something that would give me the ability to backstab people if they get in my way.

Is there a job for somebody like me? If not, what other possible routes should I follow?
what the Psychiatrist said*

admin answers:

Let me get my book of knowledge out for you.

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