Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

January 25, 2014

Joseph asks…

I wanted to becum either a signed language teacher or an interrpretor when i get older.What should my major be

i know how to spell!! It only allows you a certain number of letters in your original question. So please get off my ass!

admin answers:

They have colleges that teach those careers specifically.
So combine that with an Education Degree depending on what grade you want to teach elementary or secondary. That is if you want to teach hearing impaired students or maybe you meant you want to teach sign language? Either way those should be good.

Sandra asks…

What are the social affects of impaired hearing in young children?

Honest answers please. I am doing this for a school assignment. Thanks

admin answers:

Depends how much their hearing is impaired.

If they wear hearing aids other children may tease them or avoid them.

If they are unable to use hearing aids (due to severity of hearing loss) then they may misunderstand a lot of the stuff going on in their environment whether through not being able to lip read others correctly or misinterpreting visual clues.

If they only use sign language they may not be able communicate with anybody (including their parents – it’s surprising how many hearing parents of deaf chidren do not learn sign language) and as a result be isolated.

Their choice of TV programs is also limited as not a lot of children’s programs have someone interpreting what is said in to sign (if they are young they may not be able to read so subtitles are useless to them)

If they learn to speak their accent may cause teasing or cause them to be misunderstood.

They may need someone with them at all times to protect them from dangers which are normally heard before they are seen (at which point it is too late to do anything) or to interpret their language for them.

David asks…

How to tell if she is interested in me if you were socially impaired?

One sign that shows a girl is interested is by eye contact…
I’m socially inept so I can’t look into a girls eyes to tell whether she likes me or not…
If i force myself, I find myself staring and then when she looks over, i quickly turn my eyes away.
I can’t approach a girl cuz im always in my confort zone
How can I tell if a girl likes me even though i can’t see the signs?

admin answers:

First try building up your self esteem…girls love a guy that’s assertive and secure,that way you can read her body language and pick up when she flirts…..second,how are you gonna talk to her after you find out that she likes you?

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