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September 28, 2013

Betty asks…

What is the quickest and cheapest way to learn sign language?

Aside from being a Physical Therapist, I am on my Districts Volunteer Call Fire Fight Team. We have a couple Hearing Impaired facilities at the local schools and centers that I wish to be able to communicate better with since my basic signing is very limited. Would like to be better proficient in a skill my fellow firehouse heroes are not to be a more effective team member.

admin answers:

Look on local community sites, free ad sites, or sites like for sign lessons and also meetup sessions where people looking to learn can go to and practise together.
It is also worth looking at local schools and colleges, sites like will show what is available in your area.
Otherwise for an online course has free lessons in sign language for 6 days and gives a good basic overview. I haven’t done the sign course but have done several of their other ones which were really good.

Joseph asks…

Which of the European languages has the hardest pronunciation?

Well I think it depends a great deal on what your mother tongue is. For example, I’m Russian, I really love 2 languages, the German and the English, well Russian language is out of the question of course;). And although German language is far from sounding like any Slavic language I really like the way it sounds (it also concerns English but German is my top favourite).
I really hate the Russian accent and I myself did a lot to get rid of it. I don’t really know why but a lot of Russians are convinced that they can speak Spanish without any accent but when I asked on of my Argentinian friends, he said that in terms of pronunciation Russians usually speak terrible Spanish…
So in your opinion which language is the hardest for you in terms of pronunciation? And if anything, which is your mother tongue.
Thanks. I’m just curious!
Laurence, number one is the most difficult, right?
well Russian is usually thought to be very difficult for non native speakers. So I think Danish is the most simple one for you

admin answers:

NORWEGIAN LANGUAGE because it is Impaired form of Danish language, they have own alphabets that is very hard to prounce ,

Mandy asks…

Why do they still hire sign language interperters?

21st century, every tv in existence has close captioning, sometimes even in multiple languages ( i find myself watching an inordinate amount of Mexican tv sometimes) You can sometimes even get a channel that describes what is happening on the screen for the blind and/or lazy?

So why do we ever need someone converting anything into sign language? Do these people just have a great union, or what?

admin answers:

Contrary to your thinking, not all tv’s have close captioning and believe it or not, not all hearing impaired persons can read. Hence the justification of sign language interpreters (not interperters). Maybe they should get a couple of spell checkers as well.

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