Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

August 26, 2012

William asks…

Would you ever balk at learning sign language? And why?

i think its beautiful…and a skill that everyone should be proud to learn..
Thu, Oct 22 08:16 PM
As governments rush to roll out mass vaccinations programmes against H1N1 swine flu, one man in eastern France has launched his own campaign to limit its spread — use sign language.
Temporarily replacing the French custom of kissing cheeks with simple greetings in sign language would reduce physical contact, said Hubert Chalet, who co-founded Fais-Moi Signe (Give me a Sign), an association for people with impaired hearing.
“What if we substituted cheek-kissing and handshakes with an imaginative and colourful language such as sign language?” Chalet told Reuters by phone from Nantes in western France.
He recommends that television news programmes broadcast the sign language for simple phrases such as “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “How are you?” and “Are you sick?”.
These phrases could then be used in group situations, he said, for example when an office worker needs to greet a group of colleagues and remove the need for “banal handshakes which are not always enthusiastic”.
Promoting sign language would also help to bring the hearing and hearing-impaired worlds closer together, Chalet added.
While some may balk at the idea of learning sign language, Chalet suggests that hearing-impaired adults could be usefully employed in schools and firms to help teach the basics.
“There are enough specialised institutions … across France to spread the basic rules of sign language,” he said, adding, “I’m allowed to dream, no?”.

admin answers:

I use makaton at work , i am still a novice though

at a school i worked in , all the children signed , whether they were hearing impaired or not

the christmas nativity brought tears to your eyes as they signed and sang

Ruth asks…

I received a vision in 2007 and cant find an answer from anyone in my church or anyone outside?

my belief is United Pentecostal but i don’t go by religion but that is the church i go to and believe… anyways the q is can anyone provide ideas or who i can go to or who i can contact? or something! :( its been haunting me.. well only when i feel like its time for to leave earth but turns out to be panic attack …
in i was baptized in December 25th 2006 and around 2007 i cant remember if its after February or not… i was reading the bible no clue what i was reading but i made an effort wanting to be with God etc.I looked up to look outside of the window and all of the sudden i got which i only heard and read once about but never knew it still exist and really surprised me… a vision… with my eyes open and i was not sleeping! all i did was look up!
it went like this
an image appeared like a fade in it was white, foggy and misty looking then it faded out

second image faded in ( not sure if i remember this had it on paper long ago cant find it)
i definitely remember the white stage outdoors a pair of feet between bottom of microphone stand ( don’t remember if male or female.. sorry) the crowd i cant quite remember if they were all or mostly dressed in black business clothing but i do remember all of the hairs were black and were Asians then the image faded out

third image faded in:
Tan colored ancient continent of china but it looks sandy ( not the color but sand) and the lettering was black cant remember the style of the lettering then it faded out…

that is all i got then next thing i know im still looking outside of the window and blinked a few times then i realized i heard and read that visions exist…

please don’t be negative of my lack of English skills is not my best language… im not typing this for fancy words im desperate… ive prayed… also another question does anyone know anything about Pentecostal or other believers living underground spread the word of God etc in some parts of China? i just heard about it not to long ago anyone know anything about or know anyone there who i can reach to see if the vision for them not for me?… also im hearing impaired i also use ASL(American sign language) (which is no longer fluent used to be my main language but been around hearing people 24/7 and hardly no deaf people…only have one friend… ) anyways if that helps any and yes i speak English just seeing if any thing like this helps to figure out what the vision is… thanks for your time to read anything will help! :) have a wonderful blessed night err morning…

admin answers:

The vision is not for someone else, it is for you.

Some visions are warnings (learned that the hard way).

Some visions are never understood.

I get my best understandings but writing down exactly what I saw, and then by reading it back outloud to myself I “hear” the important parts of it.

In your case since you use ASL this could all be different or it might work the same by whatever method you use, maybe have someone sign it back to you, for you?

What took you so long to ask? And if you belong to a Pentecostal church (which believes in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit – present day) what’s wrong with your Church that you can’t ask elders there?

Seeing the feet thing may just have been the presense of angels standing by. And that very much could have been a thing for that day only (or to give you confidence in your life).

I had a similar experience not long after I became born-again too (long ago). But the person who gives “understandings” (explainations) of these things is most often God. Ask Him and then trust Him to let you know when He wants you to understand.

Daniel asks…

Evaluate ALICC which is used for evaluating children’s conversational skills?

I’m doing an esssay and for part of it it asks us to use the ALICC (analysis of language impaired children’s conversation, Adams 2002) to analyse a child’s conversation but then asks to evaluate the ALICC as a form of evaluation??? It’s only short but I don’t understand it as it is lol. Can anyone help me?

admin answers:

Maybe your prof wants your opinion backed with facts. Are their journals which state if it’s good? Is there a better assessment.

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