Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

August 29, 2013

Daniel asks…

Did you ever had an interview through the phone with Petsmart manager?

I applied online for a groom assistant last Wednesday. I called last Friday to make sure a manager received my application and he said he’ll read it thoroughly this week. Is it possible he actually will do it and call me for an interview?

FYI: I’m hearing impaired. Is it possible for me to ask for phone interview (videophone with an interpreter in it) or should I just go to petsmart store?

admin answers:

They prefer to do interviews in person. That way they can also read your body language when asking you questions. I have never heard of them doing over the phone interviews. Petsmart takes awhile to get back to people unless they really need people to work asap.
Be patient but if you don’t get a phone call by the end of a week, go ahead and call up and say that you applied for a job at their store and you were curious as to where you were in the hiring process or if they’ve read your application. Don’t sound accusatory, just make it sound like you were wondering and thought you’d call up and check.

Good luck! I hope you get the job =)

Lisa asks…

Why are some news broadcastsl in a foreign language?

I am a loyal Fox news listner and I ask why are some news broadcasrs in a foreign language? I am hearing impaired and have a problem hearing the live audio.

admin answers:

This is due to the significant presence of a migrant non-English speaking population in your area.

Mark asks…

What is a good, convenient way to learn sign language?

I work with teenagers, occasionally with various disabilities. I would LOVE to learn sign language and be able to work with hearing impaired kids more.

admin answers:

Go to a Community College. Also, you can go to a local Deaf Club, the best way to learn a new language and especially a new culture is with native speakers and a lot of practice.

You can learn some vocab in different places, but for getting the language background and grammar there is no one else who can teach better than the Deaf.

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