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August 27, 2013

Sharon asks…

How to become teacher for the deaf?

I live in NYC.I already have hearing loss and I am already expert in America Sign Language. My goal was become teacher for the deaf. But the problem is I don’t have any degree, high school diploma or Ged. Can anyone tell me what should I do?

admin answers:

You should begin by at least completing a GED. To find a GED program in your area, you can contact a reference librarian. After receiving the GED, you could investigate four-year colleges and find a few that interest you.

This is a list of colleges which have programs to prepare teachers of the deaf and hearing-impaired: Choose a few that interest you and contact them. Learn something about their programs. Find out if they will accept people with GEDs rather than diplomas. My guess is that at least some of them will. If they won’t accept people with GEDs, then you will need to attend a community college for a year or so and then transfer.

You will need to go through the normal process of applying to the colleges and perhaps applying for financial aid.

Good luck.

James asks…

I want to be a sign language interpreter?

Okay so I do want to be a sign language interpreter but I also wanna go to LSU. Does LSU let you major in that? If not what other louisiana schools do? Also what steps should I be taking to achieve my goal?

admin answers:

Sign language is a second language. A much needed but highly specialized skill. To be an interpreter for the hearing impaired, you are going to need a lot of experience working with disabled people. There are ton of programs that you will need to be aware of when dealing with people who aren’t able to hear. My workplace experience is that you get a degree in Social Work and spend all of your extra curricula specializing in deaf studies as you prepare for your master’s and PhD in the specific area that you’re looking for.

Jenny asks…

What is the name of the founder of the first school for the hearing-imparied?

What is the name of the founder of the first school for the hearing- impaired?

admin answers:

In 1755, Samuel Heinicke established first oral school for the deaf in the world in Germany.

Months later Charles-Michel de l’Epee, is the fist in the world to found a school for the hearing-impaired with sign language.

Charles-Michel de l’Epee (1712-1789) founded the first public school for the hearing-impaired in France 1755. He devoted his life to developing the world’s first sign alphabet for the deaf. Epee is also credited with creating a systematic method of teaching the hearing-impaired. His manual alphabet, which he called French Sign Language, was adapted into American Sign Language a few decades after his death.

Then there are;

Thomas Braidwood (1715-1806) In 1760 he changed his vocation from teaching the hearing to teaching the deaf and renamed his building ‘Braidwood’s Academy for the Deaf and Dumb’ which is recognised as the first school for the Deaf in Britain. ~

Laurent Clerc (born Louis Laurent Marie Clerc) (26 December 1785 – 18 July 1869) was called “The Apostle of the deaf in America” and “The Father of the Deaf” by generations of American deaf people. With Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, he co-founded the first school for the deaf in North America, the Hartford Asylum for the Education and Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb on April 15, 1817 in the old Bennet’s City Hotel, Hartford, Connecticut.

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