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January 30, 2013

Richard asks…

I’ve lost mt motivation at can I gain it back?

I really want scholarship so in order to receive one I must earn great grades. I’ve used to be an excellent student at middle school. junior years, I’ve transferred to a new school and I’ve completely lost all my motivation and I got bad grades on quizzes/tests and it seems that I don’t care. I want to improve and show people that I can do it but I have an ASL interpreter and I’m not motivated because of it. ASL is an american silent language for hearing-impaired people. I’m hard of hearing but I’ve told the school that I don’t want one because I can hear on my right side. It’s just that I need to work on pronunciations. I speak french. I’ve lost my motivation because I now have an interpreter, problems at home, no friends at school, new home/environment and I don’t know anyone. I’ve applied for a job since last summer but no luck yet. Since I’m not a citizen, I need a work permit and it takes forever. I’ve lost my motivation because I’m lonely and no one talks to me at school…

admin answers:

I work with international students so I can sympathize with your plight. It is difficult, and I’m guessing your school doesn’t have a close knit or large population of international students and I know some of my fellow students ostracize international students based on your accent and nationality, plus it doesn’t help that your English isn’t as good.

I’m not sure if this is possible for you, as you are a non-resident, but what you need is some time off away from your problems. This doesn’t mean go blow your money on an expensive vacation, but perhaps taking a solo road trip and go sightseeing somewhere and take a few days to think. Your stressor right now is your campus and the environment around it, and to find your motivation again you need to get away from your problems.

Joseph asks…

Theists, what is the “soul” and how do you explain the following phenomena?

1. Brain damage

When certain parts of the brain are destroyed, parts of the mind are also destroyed. When Wernicke’s area in the brain is damaged, for instance, language ability is impaired. This suggests that the mind is simply a part of the brain, and not separate from it.

2. Altered consciousness

Modern science now has the capability to induce altered states of consciousness at will. The familiar “near-death experience” of floating outside your body, which is used by some to promote the idea that your mind can actually leave your physical body, is actually nothing more than an altered state of consciousness that can be induced with certain drugs or by altering blood flow to the brain.

3. Brain development correlates with mental development

Immature brains will have immature minds. Mental development is correlated to brain development. Again, exactly what you would expect if the mind was part of the brain and not a separate “thing.”
“When you are flat lined, you are dead”

Nope. You can have zero measurable brain activity but still be alive because the neurons in your brain can still have active concentration gradients. Your assumption is based on an ignorance of how the brain actually works.
“But if you have zero measurable brain activity, how can someone remember dialog and vivid sight of what occurred after they flat-lined”

I think there are several responses that I can make to your argument:

First of all, just because a machine shows no brain activity doesn’t necessarily mean there is no brain activity. All measuring devices have a known level of accuracy and no machine is perfect. EEG scanners where you place electrodes on someone’s forehead cannot measure deep sub-cortical brain structures.

Secondly, just because someone claims to have experienced something while “flatlined” does not necessarily mean that they did. They could simply be having a false memory. False memories are actually quite common during traumatic events and many research papers can attest to this.

admin answers:

According to some models, the brain is the bridge between the realm of the astral and the soul, and the realm of the physical and the body.

Damage it, and not all the functions can be bridged properly.

Robert asks…

How do you answer this psychology question?

Discuss how damage to one of several different cortical areas can impair language functioning, and outline the process by which the brain directs reading aloud.

admin answers:

You answer this question by reading your textbook or wikipedia,
finding relevant passages in the text,
and then restating them in your own words.

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