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December 24, 2012

Carol asks…

Application: Summer Drama Workshop for the Visually Impaired?

Application: Summer Drama Workshop for the Visually Impaired

Question 1:

Organisation Name: Millennium Youth Theatre

Organisation Address: 38, Gwyllyn Road, Neath, SA17 4AA

Main contact name: David Unwin

Telephone number: 01639 665577

Best time to contact: any time

Question 2:

Do you have any specific communication needs (tick boxes)


Sign language:

Other languages: Welsh

Other (give details):

Question 3:

Are you a non-profit organisation?


Have you received lottery funding previously? If so, when

Yes, 1998

Question 4: Details of project:

To fund a series of drama workshops for the visually impaired at the Millennium Youth theatre in Neath during the summer holidays.

Project Title: Summer Drama Workshop for the visually impaired.

Where is Project Based?


Question 5:

Briefly describe what the project will do and what you will spend the grant:

The theatre is proposing to use lottery funding to set up a series of drama workshops to take place over the summer holidays for the next three years. At the end of each summer workshop there will be a performance . The children will learn about drama and acting as well as the technical aspects of the theatre such as lighting, sound and direction.

Question 6:

Please tell us why you believe that your project is relevant to the Welsh heritage fund:

The project encourages visually impaired young children aged 8 to 12 to become involved in the culture and theatre of Wales and ensures that the performing arts are accessible to everyone. All levels of ability are catered for on the courses.

Approximate cost of project: £8,000

How much would you need? £6,000

Amount contributed from sponsors: £2,000

Total from own resources: £400

How long will the project last: Four hundred children are set to benefit in total over the next three years.

admin answers:

This not really a question, it’s your application form online and that’s very risky to do and probably not safe. Why would you think to do such a thing?

Linda asks…

What can one study with impaired vision/eyes closed? (Help for Brother)?

Hello peeps,

my eldest brother (19) has a progressive muscular disorder affecting his vision which is currently preventing him from reading, writing, using computers, and other such strenuous activities. He very much wishes to use his time productively for the purposes of studying or gaining new abilities in lieu of going to university – which for the foreseeable future is unlikely to happen – yet neither of us are quite sure what precisely he can do under such circumstances.

So…bearing in mind he has already long since begun studying Spanish as a second language, what else might be worth his dedicating time to? Any idea would be much appreciated!

I ought to point out that whilst his vision is compromised, so to speak, he isn’t blind.

P.S. Links to any websites offering an extensive range of audiobooks would also be much appreciated! Thank you.

admin answers:

There are state and local agencies to help the blind that you may call at Social Services to bet the specific local help that is available for your brother.

There are also seven organizations where help can be obtained for helping the blind normalize their functioning and education.

The following are national organizations that offer services or information to blind and visually impaired people in the United States. They include government agencies, private social service agencies and many other organizations of and for blind and visually impaired people.

ADAPT: American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today.

American Council of the Blind: jobs bank, “Braille Forum” online, RealAudio and .wav files of ACB speeches, reports and meetings, as well as links to other online resources for the blind; one of their affiliates is the Council of Citizens with Low Vision.

American Foundation for the Blind.

BenefitsCheckUp is a service of the National Council on the Aging “that identifies federal and state assistance programs for older Americans” by means of a simple on-line form.

Blinded Veterans Association.

Disabled Peoples’ International: “The purpose of DPI is to promote the Human Rights of People with Disabilities through full participation, equalization of opportunity and development. DPI is a grassroot, cross-disability network with member organizations in over 110 countries, over half of which are in the developing world.”

There are more organizations for helping the blind at the following web site:
NATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS, The Blind Readers’ Page–Main Menu, @ Good luck.

Chris asks…

Do I have ASD or any degree of it?


To first tell you guys who I am: I am an incredibly socially awkward 18-year-old guy with no friends, and with many autistic traits.

My autistic traits are as following:
1. Somewhat impaired intelligence, or so it seems. I have trouble thinking straight and keep track of my thoughts, because I tend to jump from one thought to another, a lot.
2. Been told that I have an “exceptional” verbal language. This could also be the main reason to why I don’t have any friends at all. Why I say this is because I tend to use a semi-formal language with people my age, or even younger. The words that come out of my mouth, yeah, sometimes they don’t fit in the context but when they do, they might be inappropriate for the audience. Seeing as they usually do not understand the words.
3. I have very specific interests. My interests are basically either doing math, sit infront of the computer monitor all day long or, spend a lot of money on shopping quality clothes (Hugo Boss, etc.)
4. Repetitive behavior. I listen to a song probably around 1000+ or so, before finding the song dull. Usually, people cannot stand listening to a song and instead, shift between different ones.
5. I talk to myself quite often, actually, perhaps due to the fact that I don’t anybody else to talk with and because, I find it fun.
6. Sensory issues. When something is too loud for my ears, I either protect my hearing by covering them up, or I just leave the place. I also do not enjoy when someone, randomly, touches me. It feels odd and very uncomfortable.
7. Act spontaneously and impulsively. The saying “Think before acting”, is how you can describe me. I offend/insult people without often knowing why.
8. Trouble managing anger. You irritate me and I become aggrivated and start having these meltdowns. Afterwards, I usually do not remember what happened and why I got so mad.
9. Chew my nails and cannot stop. Done this for about 8 years now and even though my parents have consistently asked me to stop, I don’t.
10. When I desire something(want something), I don’t care and just start manipulating people in order to get it. I have a natural sense of moral but in these cases, it feels as if I turn cold and ignore the fact that what I am doing is wrong.

That’s probably about it.


admin answers:

Talk to a professional, see if there’s a possibility of diagnosis.

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