Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

November 29, 2012

Lizzie asks…

is the mind really that powerful when it comes to health?

just wanted to know peoples thoughts because i have noticed myself that when i felt alive, in love and happy i never got sick or had anything wrong with me. even when other people were sick because of a bug going around i wouldn’t catch it. but when unhappy and pessimistic about life i tend to pick up viruses going around and get other problems health wise. i know stress can impair the immune system, so is happiness something that keeps it on top form?

admin answers:

Yes a mind is the most powerful organ that can take over anything anyhow…just the way you use it matters…if you want to experiment, make yourself believe that you got flu because someone around you has it…and you’ll see that within two days you’ll be suffering with flue…another example, when you are sick, and you go to a doctor to seek help, you start feeling better after the check up before even taking the prescribed medicines…why? It is because your mind is relaxed…you go to a doctor with a perfect faith that you’ll be alright after you get a check up…and that is how it goes ;)

Thomas asks…

boyfriend has a TERRIBLE nail and cuticle biting problem?

my boyfriend now of 4 years has a terrible nail and cuticle problem, hes always constantly chewing on them. two years ago he had to seek medical treatment because his hand became so infected. He STILL does it. usually it doesnt annoy me, but with swine flu and flu season around it is my biggest annoyance ever. Since im diabetic i have a slightly impaired immune system and it takes me longer to get better so i find it so annoying how he opens his body to pathogens to then give to me. i am ALWAYS sick! is there anything i can do for this problem? hes a guy soo… I dont know about stuff like bandaids or nail polish, do you think its a form of OCD? Im at my witts end
mk well im glad you established my boyfriend is a guy, but ive been with him for four years, and i think he should quit doing what hes doing if his girlfriend has a impaired immune system and has contracted swine flu, multiple colds, bronchitus, and several stomach flus. I go to the university and I also have a job, i dont have time to get sick
and I do talk to him about, I dont hide my feelings towards it, and i told him why I dont want him to do it, and i still find him doing it.
and i do slap his hand and tell him to stop when he does.

ive explained to him 2098439208098324 times why i dont want him to.

we’ve been dating for four years.
we live together.

admin answers:

You could approach it a number of ways depending on you and his reaction.
1. Since Winter is coming on, get him a nice pair of gloves and tell him to wear them.
2. Give him an appt to see a hypnotist who might be able to subliminally reroute his tension.
3. Buy him some J&J First Aid Cream (Ebay). It has a local aenesthetic in it and it helps heal with beeswax.
4. Slap him every time you see him doing it.
5. Tell him he needs to either stop or get help. Share that he may be willing to compromise his health in this way, but you have to take control of your health, and you are not so willing to do the same. (Get a new boyfriend.) If he leaves and it cures him, you will both be better off. If he leaves and it cures him, you will STILL both be better off.
6. Don’t call it a OCD if it isn’t. It may just be a terrible nervous habit. But insist that he find out which it is and get help.

Laura asks…

Question About Nursing Diagnosis?

I have to do 3 nursing diagnoses about Diabetes Mellitus. There are three parts to it…..Stem, Related To, and As Evidenced By….but when it is for risk, there is only two parts and AEB is left out.

1.) Risk for injury r/t nerve damage and loss of sensation
2.) Constipation r/t intestinal nerve damage AEB prolonged periods without defecation
3.) Risk for infection r/t poor circulation and impaired immune system

I wrote these but I’m not sure about the R/T because I don’t know if it should be common sense answers (such as dehydration for constipation) or if I can write nerve damage even though I don’t know 100% because I’m not a doctor….I looked up the information online though.

Could you guys please help me? :) Thanks

admin answers:

A risk cant have a r/t since its still going to happen. And it doesnt require as evidence by and cues. Your intervention will be directed on preventive measures.

The constipation can be related to decreased peristalsis secondary to alteration of GI function, to make it more non-MD statement. The AEB is okay, but indicate the span of time or days since you cant say its constipation if its not 3 or 4 days without passage.

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