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February 9, 2014

Ruth asks…

What can my grandfather take for a sinus head ache, when he takes medication for parkinsons?

Please help.
My grandfather is having a lot of trouble. He went to the drug store to get over the counter medication since it is 11 pm here. But when we got home we relized he cannot take it. Since he is on medication for his parkinsons. I need to know what medication he can take that will not have any negative side effects with his current medication. Please help. Thanks

admin answers:

Wow that can be an unpleasant surprise but this is a problem. I share that issue when I go grocery shopping, when shopping for OTCs for my husband.. One does have to be aware of drug interactions for PD

Not all Parkinson’s disease medications are the same so to determine the best answer to your question we would need to know if your grandfather was taking a dopaminergic, an MAO inhibitor, a dopamine agonist, a dopamine antagonist, a COMT inhibitor or an anticholeringeric.

That said, if your Grandfather is taking a drug such as Selegiline- eldepryl (MAO-B inhibitors) he cannot take anything with pseudoephedrine in it – and that is a common ingredient.


He can use a saline nasal solution although I don’t find those that effective. Another thing to consider is a vaporizer – Eucalyptus is an effective additive to assist breathing. It can be used alone or with camphor and menthol. Being able to breathe easily is often a problem which impairs sleep for PD patients. There are also eucalyptus room sprays which can be used.

Another vaporizer additive would be vinegar. Despite to salad aroma, this is an excellent natural aid to addressing symptoms and causing the sinuses to drain:

You are correct, he cannot take just anything so if in doubt, pick out a handful of medications and take them to the pharmacy and ask them to look up the contraindications. You must already have the list of everything your Grandfather is currently taking. It’s good to keep this list updated because sometimes there will be supplements which won’t appear on a prescription list and sometimes there are prescriptions for other conditions which might not be on the PD list.

In the future, whenever your Grandfather is considering an OTC (over-the-counter medication) he should take it to the pharmacy counter for review. Scroll down the next link for a sample of possible drug interactions under the heading: What other drugs will affect carbidopa, entacapone, and levodopa?


The medicine info for the product you are considering should indicate if there is a contraindication with an ingredient. But often there is no complete list on the packaging. Which is why it needs to be pulled up online – don’t expect that the pharmacist will know it all off the top of the head.

You grandfather should also consider some high quality anti-oxidants as well as Vitamin D3 for both the Parkinson’s and to assist in strengthening his immune system.

A nice cup of green or black tea with honey will also soothe his throat as well as providing antioxidants with the health benefits of honey. Just one thing about honey – you should always buy local honey if you are looking for health benefits. You can read about it below:

There are also some acupressure points that can help relieve blocked sinuses I like the ones at the side of the bridge of the nose and the one just between the upper lip and below the nose. There are also forehead points and a good one on either side of the cervical spine at the back of the head.


The next links are to natural sinus remedies and sinus massage techniques:

If used in combination these points can be very effective:

It is wonderful that you are involved with your Grandfather’s care. I hope you will continue to be informed about his condition.

Betty asks…

Why does my throat always burn when I eat bananas?

I used to be able to eat bananas with no problem.

Then, I went for a while without eating them.

Now, my nutritionist says I need to eat more of them because I’ve been getting cramps lately during workouts.

However, once I tried to start eating them, my throat burns really badly :/

could I have developed an allergy or something?

P.S. – also, what other natural foods would be high in potassium?

admin answers:

Allergy,u may have others,,,,,like havin only one mouse in th’ house,,,usually a few,,,,,,,,,an exercise in confirming that state certified allergists,nutritionists,,and a lotta mds are not minimally qualified to deal with allergies is to look up the entire class/genus of fruits to which bananas belong,,,,the complexity of the immune system(8 to the tenth power of immune cells in the adult human…..the biological heredity of humans,,,,,,common illnesses that have immune correlation,hence ,often improve based on a correct reading your own biological make up,then suppose a food/protein source may be causative in weakening the mucous membrane throat and GI tract lining thru damage to dna strands or ligands of immune cells in this area,causing inappropriate actions against a common foods as if they were an invading pathogen,,,,avoidance of bananas is axiomatic,other foods in this group should be avoided for six weeks,,,,,,stay away from chemicals,like bleach,alcohol,insecticide,phenol,aerosols,petrochemicals,sodas,pops
bleached flours,herb type drugs antibiotics,buy either mineral water,or use only good quality tap water,,,,,process of elimination may help ferret out other foods that are a problem,,,,,eat whole grains,veggies,,,,see if a protein source like chicken,fish,beef,lamb
might be the “hidden” immune system damager,this means the food itself is no problem,but impairs you tolerance of other foods,,,,

Susan asks…

What are the worst stuff that could happen to you if you have chicken pox?

I have posted a lot of questions about chicken pox today. Thats because I have chicken pox and this is the first time. I am 14.
I am asking this question because I heard people can get blind, or even DIE!!!

admin answers:

The most common complications are pneumonia and secondary bacterial skin infections. There are also neurologic and hepatic complications. The risk of complications or death is highest in people with compromised immune systems, to fetuses (early & late pregnancy), newborns, and adults. You are not at risk.

“I am asking this question because I heard people can get blind, or even DIE!!!” — Impaired vision is part of neurologic complications and also pregnancy complications. Death is part of pregnancy complications and respiratory complications. Those in high risk groups who have been exposed can be treated with Varicella Zoster Immune Globulin.

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