Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

August 5, 2012

Susan asks…

In Arizona, is a landlord required to give 30 days notice to list the home you rent for sale before showing?

Yesterday we were notified that the home we rent (our lease is now month to month) is for sale and in two days we need to allow access to the listing agent to show the home to prospective buyers. This concerns us greatly due to our guard dog and a member of our house has an impaired immune system. We feel that allowing people that could have potential illness (it is flu season) in the house puts this family member at risk. We are willing to move within 30 days, especially to avoid the potential risks to health and the safety of our pets. We live in an area where predation is a huge risk. You don’t let your cats or dogs out because they may not come back. Do we have the option to allow access without proper notice if proper notice is even required?

admin answers:

It is the owners house, so unfortunately they are not required to notify you that the house is going to be for sale. Also, they are only legally required to give 24 hour notice to show it in most states, so it sounds like your landlord is following the rules.

If you have a problem with people being in the house, you will need to discuss your concerns with the landlord, and try and make a deal with him. Maybe he will only show it when you guys are out, so you wont have to worry about becoming sick.

Donna asks…

Alcohol impairs the immune system by?

a) destroying the T-cell receptors that are responsible for antibacterial flogiston
b) changing the DNA of cells that are responsible for fighting infection
c) causing T-cells to hyper-react, resulting in internal combustion
d) affecting the body’s ability to recall pathogens to which it was previously exposed

admin answers:

Probably somewhat all of the above, but after serum alcohol levels drop it recovers, but B is highly suspect because there’s no way that alcohol consumption changes DNA itself. I don’t think you’re reporting that one accurately.

Generally, it’s well known that alcohol consumption impairs the immune system.

Daniel asks…

What exactly does Meth do to you?

What does it do to your brain, and your body exactly? What does it do that makes you dizzy, twitch, numb, hyper, and gives you insomnia? Why does it give you anxiety, alertness, obsessive behaviors, and paranoia? Why does the withdrawl make you sleepy, and increase appetite? WHY do you get panic attacks, liver damage, kidney damge, rapid heart rate, and an impaired immune system?


Answer any of these if you know :)

admin answers:

It makes the synapses in the brain misfire, sometimes short circuit causing twitching,repetitive movements, muddled thoughts. It makes your body release endorphins into the bloodstream which gives you that high, puts you in that fight or flight mode, on edge, similar to a shot of adrenalin. Meth makes you dehydrate also which makes the skin less elastic and grey & wrinkly in long term use. Other long term problems(because it causes dehydration) are losing the lubrication in the joints, thinning of the bones, black rotting teeth, kidney and liver damage, muscle waste. The withdrawal makes you sleepy because your brain and body run at a million miles an hour while on it, and as soon as the endorphins stop flowing you’ve depleted your body’s ability to recover(immune system) and it starts to shut down. You feel like superman while on it and it feels like you’ve been exposed to cryptonite after it.

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