Your Questions About An Impaired Driver’s Eyes

October 3, 2012

Donald asks…

I have impaired vision in one eye and I need to get a driver’s license in California. Can I get a license?

I have a condition in one of my eyes that reduces my vision to 20/200 in that eye. I can see fine out of my other eye and I have been driving with a New York license for 7 years. I recently moved to California and their state laws require 20/40 vision in both eyes to obtain a driver’s license. I would like to know if I am able to get a license or if I have to do anything specific to obtain one.

admin answers:

You sound like me..i have a weaker eye then the other.

You will propably have to get glasses,or a certificatre from an optomitrist,saying your eyes are ok for driving with out glasses.

I failed the test at the Drivers license place,yet passed at the optometrits.

I dont like in calfornia though..

Joseph asks…

Can a Visually Impaired 16 Year old get a Driver’s License?

I have Microphthalmia in both eyes (unfortunately).
I also have glaucoma.
I currently live in Sydney,Australia…

… I was just curious…
- i can only see light in my left eye…

admin answers:

I’m not sure about the laws in australia, but usually it depends on the severity of the visual impairment, and if it can be corrected or aided with the use of glasses, contacts, etc…

But you might want to research that.. Ask someone at whatever department is in charge of issuing driver’s licenses in australia… Good luck.

Michael asks…

Forfeit driver’s license for medicaid?

If a visually impaired person, taking medication for eye problems, wants to apply for medicaid would she have to give up driver’s license as “proof” of disability?

Just wondering as a driver’s license is a well honoured form of ID & many applications, (such as one to send a child on a field trip), require a person’s driver license to process.
To give up a drivers license, even if not driving, would make identification of self difficult.
So if one wants to apply for or collect Medicaid, due to visual impairment, does one have to forfeit drivers license?
L&P you inferred to much into the question.
I stated that the visually impaired is not driving & I thought it was clear that the license was being used only for purposes of ID. Nor did I say the visually impaired was unwilling to take a bus. How do you think she is presently getting around if she’s not driving? The bus, the visually impaired is presently using the bus. L&P you made erroneous negative & hostile inferences from the question.

admin answers:

In many states, the DMV can issue a personal identification card, which somewhat resembles a drivers license, but is issued as ID purposes only with no driving privileges. (This will at least take care of the ID requirement.)

If the personnel at the DMV do deem the visually impaired person fit and meets the visual requirements, that person could still hold a drivers license…one just has to pass the eye test at the DMV. If one fails the eye test, they can still be issue a state certified ID card.

As for this scenario, it depends on the level of disability and impairment. I would not think if a person is qualified to be considered disabled due to visual impairment could be also deemed fit to obtain a drivers license. I think they would be mutually inclusive…one or the other, but not have both.

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