Three Eye Exercises to Enhance Eyesight Naturally

August 2, 2011

Three Eye Exercises to Enhance Eyesight Naturally

Many people have realized the importance of protecting eyesight and they try all kinds of eye exercises to enhance eyesight, but people always misunderstands the spirit of eye exercise as to strengthen the eye muscles but not to relax them. Therefore, we should learn by heart that eye exercise is mainly to make your eye muscles relaxed.


The famous Bates theory tells that blurry eyesight, such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, is mostly due to excessive and accumulative tenses on eye muscles, leading to the distortion of natural spherical shape. Nearsightedness or myopia is mainly due to the elongating eyes caused by tense muscles. Farsightedness or hyperopia is mainly due to the flattening eyes caused by tense muscles. So if we can do something for eye muscles to turn the distorted spherical shape back into its normal condition, our eyesight must be improved. That is what eye exercise can do. Furthermore, when you insist on doing eye exercises regularly, your eyesight can of course be much better.


Three eye exercises will be introduced in the following to help you to adopt the right method.


This eye exercise is called long swing, also means sweeping at an extensive visual field. First, you stand straight with your feet about a foot apart and let your hands and arms rest at your both sides freely. Relax all the parts of your body including shoulders, jaw and facial muscles. At the same time look forward. Next, twist your upper body to the left, as well as your heads and eyes. In that condition, your right heel must lift and your eyes had better sweep to the left smoothly. Then your rotate your upper body to the right through the center, with your eyes sweeping the objects in the room from left to right smoothly. Then twist left again. After repeat the  same actions for 50 cycles, you may magically find that the objects in your room are more clear than ever before, which means your eye muscles have already been relaxed even the time will not last long. This is a good way to solve the problem of staring at an object for too long time.


Rest in a chair peacefully and put elbows on the table and palms over eyes. Be sure the fingers of one hand can overlap the fingers of the other. Try your effort to block all the lights from coming into your eyes to make your eyes relax and have a rest. Enjoy the darkness and quietness for ten minutes. When you open your eyes, you may have a different feeling and have a brighter vision.


Sit in front of a bright light on a sunny day. Close your eyelid and enjoy the brightness and warmth of sunlight gently falling on your eyes. You can simultaneously rotate your heads to let one eye be exposed to full sunlight one time and the other eye being exposed to full sunlight the other time. During the process, you can feel the tension be drained from eyes and the vision is improved.


In fact, eye exercises are not only the above three kinds, there are many. The key point is you put your heart on eye exercises to improve your eyesight gradually.


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