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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

May 6, 2012

Charles asks…

What are some eye exercises you can do when you have double vision?

admin answers:

You can exercise your foot on the gass pedal as you drive to the eye doctor.

Maria asks…

Eye exercises to decrease my number?

i’m near-sighted, my number is around 1.5 in both eyes, i cant wear contacts cuz im allergic and im really sick of my glasses. do u know of any eye exercises that work?

admin answers:

-1.5 D is very mild near sightedness. The answer is yes. There are eye exercises that can really help. There is a lot you can do. Take breaks from being on t he computer too olong. Blink often, close your eyes and rest them. Wear computer glasses. Use eye lubrication drops. Avoid alcohol use (causes dry-eye).
However if the cause to the user’s myopia is highly genetic instead of visual fatigue, than eye exercises will not be too effective. However, eye exercise will still be useful in controlling the progression of myopia. Eye exercise maintains their eye functions and hence slows down its retardation further.
The user’s lifestyle also plays a big part. If the user continues to abuse their eyes with excessive computer gaming, poor visual habits or even poor nutrition intake, it will also affect the effectiveness of the eye exercise programme.
The user’s discipline and diligence plays a big part to the effectiveness of the programme. Most eye exerciser therapy requires 45 minutes of the patient’s time, 2 times a day, to go through various cumbersome procedures. This is difficult to commit especially with urban hectic daily life.

Eye exercises are sometimes termed as eye accommodation exercises. When our eyes see images, whether near or far, our eyes are constantly adjusting its focus, much like a camera does. This is achieved with the group of ciliary muscles in our eyes. The process of focusing near and far is medically known as accommodation. (Also see How our Eyes Work)

When we see near object, our ciliary muscles tenses up. When we see distant object, our ciliary muscles relaxed. That is the reason why doctors would advise relax your eyes, see far. Many clinical studies have shown a strong correlation between near work and myopia. With excessive near work, the ciliary bodies go into spasm and loose its accommodative ability, leading to myopia. (Also see Causes of Myopia) Hence, if we are able to train our our ciliary muscles, we would be able to maintain its healthy function, and also treat myopia.

The concept of eye exercises to improve myopia has being around for a long time; the most famous advocator of which is Dr William Bates whom proposes amongst others, eye exercises in the 1920s commonly known as ‘Bates Method’.

This is intersting info:

Ken asks…

Eye exercises that can be done quickly and effectively?

I need online links for use at home and work.

admin answers:

Here’s a quick link:

It covers methods to:
>> relieve eye fatigue as soon as possible.
>> make your eye muscles stronger.
>> make you look healthier and younger.
>> make you more attractive and people come up to you.
>> make you more confident with all of above.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

May 3, 2012

Steven asks…

How do i improve my eye-sight with exercises?

Hey guys, I’ve heard rumors that you improve your eye-sight with exercises, if thats true, IT WOULD SAVE SOME MUCH MONEY!!! so can you guys show me some exercises or show me links to them (for free) that would be great.

admin answers:

Yes there are exersises but they are big secret exactly because you’d save so much money! People would put many factories out of business if they didn’t need glasses anymore.

Search the book by Bates and Corbett. They wrote the book with exersises.

Paul asks…

helppp! what are some eye exercises you can do to lower your prescription?

I feel like like that my eyes are getting worse every month, like I can actually feel my prescription going higher. what are some things i can do to prevent this?

admin answers:

You may feel like your eyes are getting worse every month, but are you going to the eye doctor every month and getting a new prescription? I doubt it.

There’s nothing you can do to prevent your eye from “getting worse” — in that your glasses prescription gets stronger.

Any eye exercises you find online that claim to reduce your prescription actually are just eye exercises for your eye muscles (basically, vision therapy). They have nothing to do with your prescription.

So no there’s nothing you can really do except make sure you give your eyes rests during long near work. If you are on a computer all day or reading all day, make sure you look out into the distance (over 20 feet away) for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes you are working. (The 20-20-20 rule.) But even this won’t prevent your prescription from getting worse, but it will prevent what is called hysteresis, which occurs when you work your eyes up close for so long that they muscle has a really hard time relaxing.

So sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your eyes are going to change no matter what you do.

Donna asks…

Has anyone tried ortho-k lenses coupled with eye exercises for permanent vision improvement?

How well does it work?

admin answers:

Yes, not with orthoo-k though, just eye exercises plus the bates method. IT IS FREE.

(It will save people tons of money from not having to buy stronger and stronger glasses, year after year, (which is the case for children, teenagers and young adults whose nearsightedness has not “stabilized” (what?) ), which is why the optical industry, the optical (optometry) schools, eye doctors, ….. Don’t promote it.) $$$$$$

(and it will, at the very least, prevent myopia progression which may eventually lead to blindness. — so it will save your (or children’s) vision)

I was -4.5 and I am 20/20 now.

More successful cases:

“Myopia is not inherited but is caused by excessive reading and other close work. It can be prevented.”
International Myopia Prevention Association

Prescription glasses have side effects — worsen children’s nearsightedness.


Children CANNOT tolerate the SIDE EFFECTS of the prescription glasses, which cause their nearsightedness to get worse. (This also applies to adults whose nearsightedness still gets worse.)

International Myopia Prevention Association (IMPA) have filed a Petition at the FDA requesting enforcement action to require eye care professionals to issue written warnings to parents that distance glasses worsen myopia in children.
The failure to advise parents that myopia can be reduced or prevented constitutes unlawful misbranding.


If your nearsightedness stops progressing, that means your eyes are old enough to tolerate the side effects of the prescription glasses.

Eye exercises for vision improvement.


I was -4.5 and I am 20/20 now.

More successful cases:

Nearsightedness progression stops, if treated properly. Proper eye care.


Comparison Among Different Treatments for Myopia

Practicing eye doctors who help people see better without glasses or surgery

International Myopia Prevention Association

I’m an ophthalmic optician (known professionally as optometrists in US and Canada)

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

April 19, 2012

William asks…

What are some good eye exercises?

I spend heaps of time in front of the laptop and sometimes my eyes get tired and certain things become fuzzy or hard to focus on.
Usually I just close my eyes for a few minutes and it gets better and I also know this thing where you put your thumb close to your eye, focus, stare at something a but further away, focus and then something far away and keep repeating a few times which is meant to strengthen your eye muscles. Are there any others you know that work?

admin answers:

Its not strengthening your eye muscles here. Your eye muscles actually work less when you look further away. What you need to do is refocus your eyes onto the distance when you do a lot of close work such as on computer screens as it stops your muscles getting tired. Bit like stopping when walking up hill when your legs get tired. All you need to do is look at something in the distance every half hour. You should alos have intervals in teh day when you use your eyes exclusively at distance for at least an hour. E.g. Take them for a walk in the fresh air.

Note that computer firms do not consider laptops suitable for long term use adn if you use them all day health and safety require you to be provided iwth either a seperate keyboard and mouse or a seperate screen or both. Apart from your eyes you can end up with all sort of neck injuries ( very painful)/back ache if teh whole postioning isn’t right. It is a complete myth that computers damage your eyes long term. They do strain them and you need to compensate for this.

David asks…

I just did some eye exercises, and the back of my eyes hurt when i move my eyes. Is this normal?

Like is this normal? Can anyone give me some answer that dosen’t invole an optometrist?

admin answers:

When you run for a long time you legs began to hurt don’t they ? Is that normal?

Daniel asks…

I need some free eye improvement exercises. Online if possible?

I have 20/50 and 20/100 vision….. Could someone give me some eye exercises?

admin answers:

Go to try it out.
Good luck.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

April 18, 2012

Michael asks…

do eye exercises really work to fix short/near sightedness?

or is it just a scam to make your eyes worse?

if true then what kind of exercises work?


admin answers:

Some exercises really do work, while some others do absolutely nothing.
In the worst case, they’re a scam because they take your money in exchange for something that doesn’t work, but they won’t make your eyesight worse. It simply will stay the same.
It’s actually quite easy to detect a scam. Just look at the way they’re advertised: if they promise to fix your vision problem quickly and without effort, they’re a scam. If they’re overly enthusiastic and it looks like they’re advertising the latest miracle diet-pill, it’s a scam. If it costs a lot, it’s surely a scam.
Since most methods have those characteristics or are a hundred years old (like the Bates method), I’ve never really thought of starting a visual training method. But one day a found a book that despite a horrible and pretentious title (“The secret of perfect vision”) was actually very serious and contained a lot of explanations not only about the exercises, but also about how the eyes work, the causes of nearsightedness and other important physiological aspects which are extremely important to know. I decided to try it and so far I’ve improved my nearsightedness a lot, from -3.75 to -1, and I’m not finished yet.
The big problem of this or of any other method that really works, is that it takes a long time and great patience, while most people want immediate results without any effort. Of course it’s much easier and quick if you’re only mildly nearsighted, but in any case you can’t expect to fix your eyesight in a month.
Here’s the book:

Nancy asks…

Is it true that you can eliminate the need for glasses through doing eye exercises?

Like many people my age I have had to wear reading glasses for some time and I hate doing so.

In recent years I have seen advertisements for training courses which classes which claim that they can teach you to do away with your glasses.

Has anyone done such a course and if so how was it ?

admin answers:

No, 66% of the eyes power comes from the cornea, which is rigid and cannot be altered. The other 33% comes from the crystalline lens which over the period of our life continues to grow and eventually inhibits our ability to see near objects (presbyopia).

Hence it is impossible to correct your vision problems by means of “exercises”

EDIT: Rajinder, no offense but you are talking absolute rubbish. There is no way that eye movement exercises, nor homoeopathic methods such as drinking your own tears will change your vision. In fact in regards to the latter, tears are drained through the nasolacrimal duct into the posterior of the nasal cavity and subsequently the throat. So everyone in effect are “drinking” there tears constantly for the duration of their lives.

I fail to see how you can discount information that is common knowledge in the optometric profession on the whim of personal experience. Optometrists & Ophthalmologists have made countless studies into this and have come up with nothing. In fact the most comprehensive study on this matter stated:

“Small controlled trials and a large number of cases support the treatment of convergence insufficiency. Less robust, but believable, evidence indicates visual training may be useful in developing fine stereoscopic skills and improving visual field remnants after brain damage.”

This implies that eye exercises have been proved to improve the motility of the eye, not the refractive error. Henceforth re-enforcing my argument.

Also if you are going to take so much time to correct me, please take the time to spell my name correctly.

Sandra asks…

Does doing eye exercises really help your vision?

I am nearsighted and was wondering if they’d work.

admin answers:

Not for nearsightedness. Nearsightedness is caused by the shape of the front of your eye and/or how long your eye is. Exercises can’t change those things, sorry. :)

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

April 9, 2012

Sandra asks…

How many people has/had any kind of eye problems, and succeeded in taking care of it with eye exercises?

Please tell me if you succeeded with eye exerising, and what eye problem u had.

admin answers:

Found the free eye exercises for Myopia from Wikipedia.

I tried them for few weeks. Showing results slowly – but you need to be disciplined to do the exercises daily.

I didn’t follow all the eye exercises sequence. I only pick those that I like. Not sure if that’s the right thing to do. :)

Laura asks…

do eye exercises help your eye sight improve?

do eye exercises help your eye sight improve yes or know and don’t answer i you haven’t tried any exercises please. thank you. and if they work please give me names of the product and how much they cost and if there are different packages or bonuses things like that. please thank you.

admin answers:

**********Happy New Year!*********

Ken asks…

Does anyone know where I can find some free eye exercises online?

I have been doing research on them, and want to see if they work. Unfortunately I can only find advertisements for books. Any one know where I can find some ones online for free?

admin answers:


But if you google eye exercise there are many other webs with some.

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