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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

May 1, 2012

Chris asks…

Ist it really necessary to fully correct my myopia?

I have two eyeglasses. My most recent ones are 6 years old but I keep my previous one for exercise. Right before a trip I was in a rush and left home with the old ones. These have a slightly lower prescription and I notice because I cannot read well very distant/small letterboards. However I can perfectly read books and my screen with them.

My trip was two weeks long and the funny thing is that I after coming back I do no longer feel comfortable with my latest eyeglasses. I feel my eyes more stressed with them, obviously I see better very distant things, but I am getting the feeling that my eyes are more relaxed and happier wearing my old and lower prescription.

I am not sure about what should I do. I keep hearing a lifestyle in the city (no distant objects), tv, computers and everything… is torturing my eyes, and after my experience, I am starting to have this foolish idea that wearing a lower prescription will be healthier if I work most of the time on my computer. Something like lower prescription == eyes working to see shorter distances as something more away/relaxing.

Is it any good if I sacrifice a perfect long/distance eyesight wering a slightly lower prescription ???

admin answers:

I agree with predator pretty much.

You might get a little bit of good by not being fully corrected for distance.
Your eyes may truly be happier and more relaxed wearing your old prescription.

I give you permission to wear your old Rx for computer distance. I’ll even give you permission to go without if you are comfortable and can still see.

If it could be shown that your new glasses are a teeny bit more minus than you need, that would explain a lot.

Your old glasses may be just right for distance, but what about at night. If your new ones are better for driving at night, it might be good to have them on hand,

Going back to your new glasses; you said that you obviously see better with them.
I am not sure that you obviously see better with them.
When you look at distant letters are they really clearer or just smaller and blacker?
If letters are just smaller and blacker don’t wear the new glasses.
Your old prescription may be very close to your ideal prescription.

James asks…

Could I have diabetes? (I know, it’s a lot to read)?

Recently I went to the eye doctor and they said that I have holes in the sides of my retina, aka signs of retinal detachment. I did some research when I got home and it says that people with severe myopia and diabetes have a better chance of getting it. I know I have really bad eye sight so I know for sure that that is one of the causes of it, but I’m wondering if I could possibly have diabetes?

I did some research on the symptoms and I found:
Type 1 Diabetes
– Frequent urination
– Unusual thirst
– Extreme hunger
– Unusual weight loss
– Extreme fatigue and Irritability

Type 2 Diabetes
– Any of the type 1 symptoms
– Frequent infections
– Blurred vision
– Cuts/bruises that are slow to heal
– Tingling/numbness in the hands/feet
– Recurring skin, gum, or bladder infections

Now, I may just be becoming paranoid now because I did research on retinal detachment and diabetes, but I have noticed that I’ve been going to the bathroom more and I am thirsty more (but I don’t drink much water throughout the day in the first place). For a while I did always seem kinda hungry, but I figured that was due to the fact that I eat small meals throughout the day instead of three big ones. No unusual weight loss. I know I’ve been quite tired, but not really irritable lately, but I figured that was due to the lack of sleep since I had so many exams I was studying for the past two weeks. Blurred vision cause my eye sight sucks to start with. No infections, I don’t think my cut/bruises are slow to heal (but I did for a while randomly get a lot of bruises) and the only gum issue I’ve had recently is a slightly receding gum line on one of my teeth. A few months ago I would occasionally get a little numbness in the side of my thigh. So I feel like I have all the signs that I might have diabetes. Oh, and my grandma has it so we have history of diabetes in our family.

I’m 19 years old and keep a very healthy diet and exercise occasionally (I used to almost every day, but now almost not at all cause of my busy schedule), but I know I try not to consume a lot of sugars by usually getting sugar free food. I eat a lot of vegetables and have been eating more meat than I did compared to last year. I haven’t had the issue recently, but sometimes I could feel when my blood sugar was low because my hands would shake or I would feel a little lightheaded, but I haven’t had any of that recently.

Is there a chance I might actually have diabetes now? Or had a mild case of it and never really know it?

admin answers:

Well we can’t tell you whether you have it or not.
Go to your dr and ask for blood tests to check for diabetes.
If you go for a yearly physical these tests are commonly done then so if your last test was fine then its most likely that you do not have it.
Personally i doubt that you have it but i’m not a dr.

Maria asks…

Help, question about shortsightedness (myopia) exercises!?

I’m 13 and I’m shortsighted.

I only got shortsighted a few months ago and my degrees is currently – left eye -1.25, right eye -2.00. I used to have pretty good vision until I got normal flu in February. I went to the eye doctor and they said because of my sickness, my eyesight deteriorated. I now have glasses but only wear them when I need to see something like on the whiteboard ect. I try to use them as less as possible.

I really want my eyesight back, I was wondering if there are any exercises I could do to get it back. I mean some exercises that could really help. Even if you think eye exercises don’t work, i would still like to do them, because I know I am at least trying to do something about it.

Please help, I really would like my eyesight back, I am only 13.

Thanks for helping!!

admin answers:

There are no exercises that help your vision. Unless you have perception issues..but I don’t think you do. I have never heard of having bad vision because you got the flu. I think you misunderstood ur doc. Your vision probably changed a lot lately..because at 13 yrs old that’s when most boys go thru puberty. Your vision is genetic..nothing you can do to make it better or worse. Ask ur doc about contact lenses. And, when you start driving please wear ur glasses..otherwise ur a lil bit of a danger on the road. Good luck!

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

April 26, 2012

Steven asks…

Have I found the cure for near-sightedness?

Hey everyone. So basically I’m 18 years old and I’m -4.00 in each eye. Over the years I looked into how I could cure myopia (which is near sightedness) and what I found out is that myopia is cause due to the eye muscles tightening too much and therefore squishing the eye and the lens within. I read about eye exercises and there are soooo many people who keep saying they work and that they don’t, and how eye doctors would have proved if it worked by now, but I think that eye exercises may work…
In theory, if myopia is caused because of contraction of the eye muscles, doesn’t that mean that if you do eye exercises and relax the eyes, they would eventually return back to their original state?
I understand people might think it’s a hoax, but I wanted to get people’s opinions on it.

And for those who would say that eye exercises won’t work, think about this. If it were true, and eye exercises did work, do you REALLY think that eye doctors would expose that to the media? In doing so, they would be destroying their own careers, profession, and their extremely high salaries. You can’t really trust eye doctors 100%.

But yes, in theory, wouldn’t eye exercises work?

admin answers:

I admire your intentions. However, your idea on how myopia works is distorted.

No one knows entirely why myopia develops, or if there will one day be a treatment to stop it.

Here are the things we DO know:

Myopia is not caused by eye muscles tightening.

Myopia IS caused by uncontrolled AXIAL ELONGATION (growth) of the eye.

Myopic eyes grow to be longer than they should. This is well documented and peer reviewed and repeatable and is the one thing I can say for sure about the develop of myopia.

What leads to this axial elongation we dont know. Genetics certainly has a significant role, but there is good evidence that some environmental conditions contribute too.

Near work is one environental factor that is strongly linked to myopia development – but it isnt because of eye muscles tightening.

Why near work may lead to axial elongation of the eye is the question that thousands of scientists around the world are working on.

Eye excersizes to reduce myopia is a quick fix that only makes sense to people with a poor understanding of how the eye and myopia works.

You’re 18, great you should go to university and study this further

Nancy asks…


ever since i was 11, i have been wearing glasses -> and i started at -3 for both eyes
and due to the optometrists’ orders, i have been wearing them all the time, even when i
didnt need them.. rite now im 15 and my eyesight for both eyes is -7!
This is terrible and i feel my eyesight is deteriorating at an incredible rate.
what makes me wonder, my friend who had the same eysight as me in grade 6,
and it has not increased one bit.. but she only wore them when she needed them
(for copying notes in class) im soo scared and i know my eysight is extremely
severe myopia! :( i want to save/improve my eyesight PLEASE! dont mention
glasses, contacts, lasik.. i already know that.. i also heard bout eye exercises
(dont rlly know much bout it though)
please anything would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
thank you so much in advance!

ALSO: its not genetic (no one in my family has glasses, except me and my brother)

thanks so much!!!!!!!
P.S. if anyone has past experiences with poor eyesight and how
they improved it naturally, that would be amazing! no scams pls :)
thanks again!!!!!!
P.S. if anyone has past experiences with poor eyesight and how
they improved it naturally, that would be amazing! no scams pls :)
thanks again!!!!!!
P.S. if anyone has past experiences with poor eyesight and how
they improved it naturally, that would be amazing! no scams pls :)
thanks again!!!!!!
woah, the additional details kinda went over the line there.. weird :S
anyways, nate and david, srsly i wouldnt spend a penny on anything and
be ‘cheated’ on the internet and w/e. also, ofc i dont think that the
optometrists are hiding anything from me.. thats the dumbest think ive heard
not trying to come off as rude but im looking for someone who is willing to help me
ALL im looking for is some eye exercises that might have worked, thats it.
maybe not improve my eyesight exactly, but maybe stop the rapid deterioration
or possibly making it better SLIGHTLY.
thanks again! :D

i do appreciate ur advice though :)
kay i better stop w/the additional details

admin answers:

Myopia (nearsightedness) is when the physical length of the eye is longer than its optical length. The eyes do not focus light directly on the retina and this results in blurred vision.

Eye exercises only exercise the muscles that surround the eye – they do nothing to change the shape or length of the eyeball. Neither does any food, supplement or drug. No eye exercise has ever been substantiated to work for these conditions.

Sorry but your options are glasses, contacts and maybe surgery.

Lisa asks…

What about Orthokeratology ? Other methods of “treating” myopia?

Lately, I searched about the methods of correcting myopia. One of the methods I found is the so called “orthokeratology”, or “Ortho-K”.
I know that those are contact lenses, worn at night, and that they reshape the epithelial cells of the cornea .
However, I still have some questions about them… Mainly , those are:

1) Approximately , what is the price of those lenses? I found prices that varies from $200 to $2500. What is the correct price? I have -1.5D LE and -1.75D RE. Also, I am slight cross-eyed (I asked for surgical intervention, but the doctor told me that the deviation is too small, and is most likely a neurological cause for the deviation |am I crazy? xD| . And also, there is the risk that by not wearing my prism lenses, the strabismus would come back at full force, making me look like a weird person…).
2) Except from the infection problems, common for any contact lenses, are any other risks involved? I am quite skeptical with the whole “pressure on the eye” thing.
3) Are there any doctors outside UK and US ? I don’t live there, and if I have to travel thousands of miles to the closest doctor …
4) I guess age isn’t a problem, is it? I’m 15, turning 16 next month.
5) How often do I need to change the lenses? Once a month? Once a year? Less?

I will be grateful if any of you (who are wearing these type of contact lenses) would tell me about your experience with them.

Also, I found a lot of other types of correcting myopia, varying from surgical interventions, to contact lenses, even looking to the sun or making certain “exercises” with the eye.
The LASIK, or, mainly, any other surgery , sounds too much for me, as it is too invasive and irreversible, and they have too many complications.
Contact lenses are OK with me, but not with my parents, since they are afraid of eye infections.
I currently wear glasses (and I wear them since 3 yo), and I got bored with them, plus they are in way of about any activity I want to do. Sports? If I get a ball in my face they would break, if I don’t wear them I can’t see the ball. Playing with my little sister? She would slap them off my face (… >.>). PLUS they get scratches all the time, they get dirty, and I also had enough of the “tunnel view” (since I can only see clear through the part where the lenses are) and the aching nose…

All in all, that’s all I have to say, and I will be grateful if you could tell me about orthokeratology, or any other correcting methods.

admin answers:

Congratulations on your research. It is not easy to always find the information one needs.

You can find a lot of information about Ortho-K at

Cost does vary, just like it varies for something like braces for your teeth. The $200 figure you found was probably just for the material lens, maybe a replacement of a lens known to work. Most doctors are in the $1500 to $2000 range (including the cost of the lenses) for “normal” eyes and your prescription looks like it might fit that category if all other factors are normal.

The eye deviation is something that would have to be determined by your doctor. If the only way to correct it is with prism in your glasses, then ortho-k won’t work well for you. Often the necessity of prism can be compensated for by specific vision training exercises, but you need professional advice. Not all doctors provide vision training and sadly many don’t refer for it either. I’m not saying it would work for you – just something to determine.

To find a doctor outside the UK/US: If you are in Australia/NZ, check out this web site to find a doctor:
If you are in South Africa, try

Your age is no problem as long as you have healthy eyes and are responsible, meaning you are mature enough to take care of the lenses and your eyes as directed.

The lenses last somewhere between a year and three years on average. Some doctors have you replace them every year to reduce problems and some wait until the lenses aren’t working correctly and replace them. The only problem with waiting for problems is that the problems are then sometimes more time consuming to fix than if the lenses were just replaced routinely. Sorta like changing the oil in your car when the car is running fine.

To see other ideas to correct myopia, take a look at It talks about keeping your myopia from getting worse, which is different than making it go away.

Your parents are correct that eye infections are the biggest risk factor for contact lens wear. That’s part of the reason why I said you had to be responsible. But the risk is low and the long term complications are rare. I’ve never had a contact lens patient lose any vision from their contacts. Yes, they do occasionally get infections. You stop wear and treat the infection. No guarantees, obviously.

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

April 20, 2012

Michael asks…

Problem with eye strain, ghosting vision, star bursts…. Looking for advice.?

If I look at an alarm I get faint parts of the same image suspended horizontally above the image. Even in medium lighting conditions and looking at a sheet of paper I can see black letters suspended above the other ones. I see decent size star bursts at night and when I read a taco bell menu it’s hard to read far away because of so much blur/slight ghosting going on. Image quality is also not optimal at night reading on a computer screen. This occurs in each individual eye.

Vision over correction helps the ghosting or blur in medium to good lighting conditions but still creates ghost images in certain contrasting colors and there is still ghosting or blur when my pupils are big in the dark looking at led lights especially.

I’m 24. I’ve tried RGP contact lenses for a month and they didn’t seem much better if any better than a high prescription glasses. They also bugged my eyes and dried them out so I couldn’t get a consistent vision. Eye drops didn’t help at all. The person that prescribed my RPG contacts said my eyes were rough and my most recent optometrists with soft contacts says I don’t have dry eyes. Sometimes my eyes are really dry and sometimes they aren’t. But they usually are usually strained and sometimes dry.

I’ve had this problem since probably before 17 years old of course I don’t know when it all started because I used to avoid getting glasses even though I started having myopia around 13 years old.
I also suffer from anxiety and constant stress. I use to try to do alternative eye exercises/stress relieving techniques because I really really didn’t want to be stuck with glasses for the rest of my life. I used to be paranoid about my vision because I noticed how bad my breathing, blinking was and how strained my eyes were. That according to these alternative gurus is really bad so I’d get compulsively worried about it. I did this on an off for several years until I said enough is enough. No matter what I did I still had lots of stress and I couldn’t get rid of the annoying visual disturbances or improve my vision. I was afraid I was responsible for my vision getting worse despite my efforts.

Since then I have been stressed about my own stress (breathing and blinking poorly and other strain symptoms) OCD like. I may be OCD but I haven’t been diagnosed yet with that. I’ve tried anxiety pills of different sorts but none have worked so far.

I’ve gotten over the whole alternative medicine thing although I still feel like stress is making my vision worse. I guess it’s hard for me to get over it if I don’t know what really is the problem.

Could this problem be mostly stressed/anxiety related or is it mostly because my eye has perhaps higher order abberations? Should I do a topology on my eye or an MRI on my brain? I think the visual problems can’t just be all in my head because I see a slight difference in blurring between my eyes. I also can see better through a pinhole both near and far distances unless the lighting is really good. My eyes are always tired and stressed and don’t get better when I go through phases of trying to ignore looking at stuff or paying attention to my problem. I’ve asked several doctors about this and they’ve mostly shrugged it off. To me it really effects my life and because of my paranoia with my vision it means a lot to me to know what is the problem and then know how to deal with it or just accept what is wrong.

Sorry for the length, but just simply saying I have blurred vision and I want to know the cause of it is not descriptive enough to give the fair amount of information needed to respond appropriately to my circumstance.

admin answers:

The problem with stress is that it affects everything else and you end up in a viscous circle. Contact wearing time I’ve alwasy found goes down if I’m stressed. Also medications for anxiety can affect the eyes in particular dryness or ability to wear contacts. ITs very difficult for anyone to sort out if you have a physical problem on top of anxiety when you are suffering this degree of stress.

Dry eyes can be caused by dehydration, particularly if its intermittent and computer screens are also bad for drying out teh eyes. I’d also say that being on teh computer constantly is a wonderful way of raising your stress levels.

RGP contacts do take more than a month to get used to , but that doesn’t include vision quality. I also don’t see that ghosting can be an issue with stress unless you are imagining the problem.

My suggestion would be that you use the soft contacts outside and try and get some fresh air and exercise at least twice a day. That is quite helpful I’ve found for all sorts of eye problems as it rests the eyes and its also really good for stress. I don’t know where you live but if you can get somewhere with good views it makes a difference. If you can join a local walking group that might help as if there is something slightly off with your eyesight it helps to have someone else distract you otherwise you concentrate on it and it gets worse and tehn you start to get stressed.

I’m sure thsi problem is solvable but you need to sort one of your problems at a time. Possibly your stress levels first. After that its a question of finding a sympathetic optician prepared to trial various sorts of lenses. Not all opticians are equally helpful, but it does help them if you can present your problems in clear short sentences. Good luck.

Ken asks…

how can i reduce myopia naturally ?

i have been wearing glasses for about 5-6 years now (left eye: -1.75 right eye: -2.00)
i would like to know if there is anyway to reduce these powers, an eye exercise tips would do.
i need help, thanks in advance

admin answers:

A 2005 review of scientific papers on the subject concluded that there was “no clear scientific evidence” that eye exercises were effective in treating myopia.
In the 1980s and 1990s, biofeedback created a flurry of interest as a possible treatment for myopia.
Study Abstract:
Twelve young, low myopes were trained to control volitionally their accommodation responses and to achieve clear focus on visual targets moved progressively outward in optical distance. The trainees participated in from 15 to 40 daily training sessions (mean = 28 sessions). All demonstrated volitional control with varying degrees of control authority. Though three of the trainees were unsuccessful, the group achieved a statistically reliable extension of their far points. Post-training optometric examinations were reliably improved over pre-training examinations, but did not appear to be commensurate with the large gains in far-point extension. It was hypothesized that the learned skill may have been ‘instrument-specific’, i.e. It might not fully generalize to significantly improved post-training binocular performance unless it were accompanied by clinical assistance to transfer the training.

Also think about second sight which is an improvement in near vision that may develop in aging as a result of increasing refractivity of the lens nucleus related to development of a nuclear sclerotic cataract and with your slight myopia it is very luckily to start at the age of 40 and you wont need glaces sooner or later afterwards for a while till you need a reading glaces in older age.

Good luck

Sandra asks…

Is there a way to reverse myopia/nearsightedness (besides surgery)?

I know its caused by eye strain from reading and i know for sure that was what caused mine. Mine is only fairly minor. I dont see things super blurry but its like the difference between a standard deff tv and a HD tv. I avoided wearing glasses for years to avoid making it worse while my sisters got worse, mines stayed the same so i think its possible for me to undo the damage. Is there an easy eye exercise i could do? and do pinhole glasses work at all to make anything better? I heard its inconclusive on if they help any so the FDA doesnt support claims.
when i wear glasses i dont like the effect it has on my vison. Its hard to explain. It makes me feel like everything moves faster? Thats one reason why didnt wear them. Why has my vision not gotten worse but my sister is nearly blind without her contacts?

admin answers:

I already answered your question here:;_ylt=Agdac0W8fp3qsyrQhf3sT17sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110828220203AAoIsML

Eye strain from reading does not cause myopia. And as I said, eye exercises do not work.

I’m not sure what part of this you don’t understand. Everything you are still putting forward is wrong.

“There is no way to prevent nearsightedness. Reading and watching television do not cause nearsightedness. In the past, dilating eye drops were proposed as a treatment to slow the development of nearsightedness in children, but they have never been proven effective.

The use of glasses or contact lenses does not affect the normal progression of myopia — they simply focus the light so the nearsighted person can see distant objects clearly.”

EDIT: you are not your sister.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

April 13, 2012

Chris asks…

Eye Exercises? Do they work? Can they restore your vistion 100%?

I’m 17, i’ started having trouble with my vision two years ago. I was prescribed a pair of glasses I only started wearing them one year ago. I don’t know what my prescription is i’m short-sited, I think the term for it is myopia (or something like that). I was hoping someone out there has had success with restoring their vision back to 20?20 or really really really close (i’d be happy with that too….any information on how i can get back the perfect vision i used to have will be appreciated.. Thanks

PS I typed this whole thing without my glasses haven’t worn them or contacts since I haeard of the eye excercise thing so its a little blurry lol the lapptop is on a table far from me …
Dawgdays – couldn’t the reason I developed myopia be that I have been spending to much time with my eyes very focused on things that are close up (ex. computer screen, books). If the reason for myopia is a change in the shape of my eye what is the cause of this spontaneous change why does it change in my eyes and not other peoples <—- that doesn't sound very fair!

Also are you guys sure about this have you heard of Dr. Bates/Bates method wasn't he a real optical doctor?

PS I appreciate your help you probably noticed that my spelling isn't so bad …i put my glasses on….i don't think eye exercises are the “easy way out” honestly i think glasses/contacts are the “easy way out”.

admin answers:

Well, if they actually worked, it would be the common therapy to do instead of wearing glasses , and everyone would be doing them.

Those exercise programs are just a scam to get your money with false promises and false hopes.

If something that simple could possibly work , laser surgery would have never been developed.

Sorry , you are in the same boat as millions of others. It is just one of the frailties humans must endure.

Joseph asks…

Does the eye exercise thing work ? Can you help setting up a schedule ?

I have myopia … details for my glasses as follows..
Right eye- Spherical;-1.25 Cylindrical ; -0.25 axis; 170
left eye; Spherical ; -2.5
I’m a Heavy reader and a computer user.. I can reduce the computer .. but not reading .. since i’m a student and my exams are near. can you help me set up a schedule ?
I sleep for 6-7 hours.
read for 8-15 hrs.
the rest is at disposal.
but most importantly …. do eye exercises work ?

admin answers:


Richard asks…

How do I stop my myopia from worsening?

I have to use iPads in school , and often have to use computers for project work. Thus I guess my eyesight worsens, and my degree increases very frequently. When will it finally stabilise? My degree for each eye is 600 already, I’m really worried. I do that eye resting exercise thing every 45 minutes of playing on the computer or watching TV, does that thing really prevent my eyesight from worsening?

**can I go blind If my eyesight degree continues to increase?

admin answers:

Using the computer, i-pods, etc, doesn’t make your vision get worse. The eye exercises don’t reverse nearsightedness (or prevent additional nearsightedness from developing). Generally, people don’t go blind from nearsighteness, usually that is from accidents and eye diseases. They have a special type of rigid contacts you wear at night and remove during the day (called Ortho-K) which MIGHT stop/slow down development of nearsightedness. Personally, I think they only “delay the inevitable”, but you could try it if you want.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

April 10, 2012

Sandra asks…

Why did my SAT essay only get an 8? Can you give me suggestions in how to improve it?

Here is a copy of my essay. Please tell me what i did wrong or not so well in, and how i can improve it. Also, please tell me what i did well and should keep doing. Thank you so much! i would also appreciate other sat /sat essay tips!

Prompt: I spent some part of every year at the farm until I was twelve or thirteen years old. The life that I led there was full of charm and so is the memory of it yet. I can call back the faint odors of wildflowers, the sheen of rain-washed foliage, the clatter of raindrops when the wind shook the trees, and the far-off hammering of woodpeckers. I can call back the prairie—and its loneliness and peace.

Adapted from Mark Twain, My Autobiography

Assignment: Is it important for people to spend time outdoors and to learn to appreciate the natural environment? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

My essay(score of 8): Modern technology has made life completely spent indoors possible. computers can now perform the tasks that once could be only be accomplished by human travel and outdoor labor. Computers have also made it possible to communicate with people globally. Television allows to see the world while still staying put in our homes. however, such leisures that have allow us to stay indoor come with many negative consequences.
I was born with perfect vision, but now I am suffering from severe myopia. My condition is completely caused by spending countless hours in front of my computer, TV, and homework. Impaired vision significantly reduces the quality of life. It is recommended by experts to take breaks from near work, and ideally with nature, to prevent myopia, or its progression. Spending time outdoors can provide opportunities for our eyes and bodies to relax from the tension and stress modern life gives us.
In the ninth grade, I was persuaded to join the “outdoors” club” in my school. We went camping at the end of the year. i was initially very reluctant to go , as I had so adapted to my indoor life and its leisures. On the trip, walking was our only source of transportation, providing an opportunity for exercise. We had to think of ways to cook our food, which gave us a chance to exercise our brains in ways we usually don’t in modern life. I was very grumpy at first on the trip because I was forced by the leader to do “chores” and wake early At the end of the trip, I figured that I had lots of fun and I made lots of new friends. Also, my eyesight drastically improved! I had a chance to breathe fresh air, and I felt healthier than ever before.
Today, many problems arise from lack of exercise. An epidemic of obesity not only affects immobile adults required to sit at their office jobs, but also young children as well. Spending time outdoors can reduce the growing rates o f these problems. mankind was intended to spend time outdoors- modern technology cannot change that.

admin answers:

Yeah I had this question as well, I got a 10, but I didn’t have time to write a conclusion.

From one read through, you only included examples from your own life, and you usually need at least 3 examples to recieve a 10-12, from a multitude of subjects such as literature, movies, personal experiences, etc. It is good to switch it up, taking both of your examples from your own life is probably why they did not grade it very high, also on a second read through your last paragraph seems to be a last example, but it is too general and is not specific. You forgot a conclusion, should be at least 3-4 sentences.

Chris asks…

can anyone give me some websites that talks about eye exercise and alternative treatment for myopia?

I used to have a few eye exercises and alternative myopia treatment site on my bookmark but now I lost them, so I was wondering anyone can give me some links? not like infomercial sites.

admin answers:

Glasses, contacts and laser surgery are the only treatments which work.

George asks…

Help, question about shortsightedness (myopia) exercises!?

I’m 13 and I’m shortsighted.

I only got shortsighted a few months ago and my degrees is currently – left eye -1.25, right eye -2.00. I used to have pretty good vision until I got normal flu in February. I went to the eye doctor and they said because of my sickness, my eyesight deteriorated. I now have glasses but only wear them when I need to see something like on the whiteboard ect. I try to use them as less as possible.

I really want my eyesight back, I was wondering if there are any exercises I could do to get it back. I mean some exercises that could really help. Even if you think eye exercises don’t work, i would still like to do them, because I know I am at least trying to do something about it.

Please help, I really would like my eyesight back, I am only 13.

Thanks for helping!!
Thats just like squinting.

admin answers:

You are a very young but you understood everything. Keep using the glasses only when necessary, it’s the right thing to do. As for the exercises you are asking about, keep in mind that there are many methods that are just scams. You’ll recognize them because they promise wonders and cost a lot. Getting your eyesight back is definitely possible but it’s neither easy nor fast.
Last year I happened to found a book that described a visual training method and I decided to give it a try. I was intrigued by the detailed explanations about the eyes ,nearsightedness and its causes. It did not promise anything but hard work and I liked that because i don’t believe in those who promise miracles.
My initial condition was -3.75 (both eyes) and now I’m -1.75. I’m sure I’ll be able to throw my glasses away before the end of the year.

It’s sad that almost no eye-doctor knows about those things, it seems that they are only interested in giving you glasses.
It’s true that one of the most “famous” methods, the one by W.H. Bates, is not very effective but you can’t blame a man who was born in 1860. Many things have changed since Bates and recent methods are a huge improvement over Bates.
Even with more recent techniques, you have to be patient and you can’t expect to get your eyesight back in a few weeks.
I haven’t been particularly quick but I’m aware that I’ve been quite lazy and didn’t practice the method as often as I should have.
If you are more diligent than I have been, you’ll have better results and in less time.

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