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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Strabismus

December 17, 2011

Nancy asks…

Any drugs that can induce temporary blindness in one eye?

I only know of atropane but that requires a prescription and I don’t know to extract it from datura species. This is for strabismus by the way, I don’t like wearing the eye patch and I require it for when I exercise. So yea, having an eye patch in public looks…weird to say the least.

admin answers:

Any drugs that can do that are strictly controlled.

Why does a patch in public look weird ? It simply indicates an eye problem, like someone wearing a cast on one arm indicates a broken arm….nothing weird about it.

Donald asks…

How do I increase my spacial awareness for Parkour?

I have a decent amount of spacial awareness but I want to work on it as much as I can.
Clinically speaking I have a slight strabismus. I have had it since birth so I have no issues with walking into things or having trouble with hand eye co-ordination of any kind.
However, I would like to know if there are any exercises I can practice to increase my spacial awareness.

admin answers:

Wear a hat w/ side mirrors

Mark asks…

sudden drooping eyelid – help!?

yesterday i noticed that my left eyelid had suddenly began to feel heavy and droop, there is an extra crease in the lid and it is noticeable. i also suffer with strabismus but i keep that under control with exercise and contact lenses and have had that all my life and have never had this drooping. i do wear waterproof mascara and do rub my eyes a lot also during make-up removal, but i have been wearing this for years. could it be damage? i’m really really worried it’s permanent!

your thoughts?
thanks :-)

admin answers:

A sudden onset of ptosis could be a few different things. Beings that you have strabisums this could have something to do with. Believe it or not contacts also could cause this. But most of all there could be an underlying condtion like a nerve palsy or paresis. I would see and ophthamologist of and Oculoplastics Doctor they specialize in these sorts of issues.

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