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Your Questions About Carnitine

January 2, 2013

Donald asks…

What are the consequences of one week vacations without gym?

Hi everyone. I have a bit of an obsession with my weight. I’m about 5″9 and I weight 147 pounds with a fat percentage of 8.5 percent. I go to the gym everyday for about 3 hours, doing cardio and weight training (except on Wednesdays, when I do Yoga). I’m also taking L-Carnitine and CLA pills.

I’m going for vacations for a week. My question is, without taking the pills and without exercise, will I put too much weight in one week? I mean, everyone knows we eat more on holidays, so take that in consideration!


admin answers:

I think that as a person who works out 6 days a week, you scare the hell out of me. If there is such thing as over-doing it, that would qualify. I think that not only will you survive for that brutal one week vacation, it might be the best thing for you.

Maria asks…

What’s the safe maximum amount I can take for CHROMIUM PICCOLINATE ?

I used to take 200mg/day and now I take 400mg but want to take two separate doses of 400mg to speed up my weightloss or even make it more effective. Also, is it safe to combine this with L-carnitine? I have 25 lbs to lose post-pregnancy and have moderate to high levels of activity.

To those who would respond check with your Dr., you don’t have to as I already predicted some people would suggest that.

Thanks for your reasonable response.

admin answers:

Generally, it’s recommended that a person not take more than 600 mcg of chromium picolinate per day. That amount is more than sufficient for the bodily needs; any more than that can cause toxicity after a while.

George asks…

Bodybuilding – Which of these supplements would work best to help reduce belly fat?

OK, so I already diet pretty healthy. High protein, low fat, and moderate carbs. I lift weights a couple times a week, and get my cardio from playing sports a couple times a week. However I still have a little bit of excess fat, maybe about 5 pounds, covering my abs. And its been there for years, so I’m looking for a supplement that will help give me a boost in loosing it. I’ve been trying fat burners recently such as lipo 6 and hot rox, but haven’t noticed any difference.

These are the ones I’m considering right now.
1) Taking Omega-3 supplement pills (I doubt I get much omega 3 daily, and I heard it helps burn fat)
2) Taking cortizone blockers (don’t know much about them)
3) Taking estrogen blockers (know nothing about them, or any possible side effects, or if they are worth it).

I’m planning on using Animal PAK vitamins as soon as they come in the mail, they contain omega 3′s and l-carnitine, and other stuff. Know if they help with fat loss? Or have any other ideas for me?
When I said cortizone blockers, I meant cortisol blockers.

I also heard of 2 other types….Topical creams (have searched and searched for scientific proof these work, but find nothing). And also thyroid boosters (which I don’t know anything about, but perhaps they might help considering my belly fat might be a fight against genetics, since my parents are fat)

admin answers:

Forget about the supplements … You’re not going to get the results you are seeking from these things. Losing weight comes down to this equation: Calories In verus Calories Out. If you are burning more calories than you are taking in, you will lose weight, other wise you’ll remain the same or gain. I would recommend taking abetter look at what you are eating, and when you are eating it. Diet is a big part of burning the last bit of fat. Or you might want to add cardio outside of your sports, particularly if the sports are stop and go like football or basketball. Also maybe consider eating more frequently as well, like every 3 hours, to increase your metabolism.

As far as rating the supplements, just in case you don’t believe what I told you above …

Omega 3′s are good for you in general, but the fat burning component of them will be very minimal. Cortisol is a stress hormone, you’re body producing when under stress, like excessive exercise. Cortisol blockers are good if you are worried about losing muscle when your exercise longer than an hour. There’s no evidence that cortisol blockers can help you burn fat. Finally, estrogen blockers are only good if you are doing anabolic steroids.

So save some money, forget the supplements, change your diet and exercise program and you should see those final five pounds gone in no time! Good luck!

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept This Mission

December 19, 2012

Jenny asks…

can you edit my essay please? if u want….?

What is Denial? Why do people choose do deny? Denial can be refusing at accept reality and people choose to deny because it provides them with a false comfort that everything is okay. Denial is a very present theme in the book Night by Elie Wiesel’s . The literary techniques parallel structure and rhetorical questions are used to emphasize the feelings of denial throughout the story.

Moshe the Beadle’s emotions were showed through parallel structure when he felt the Jews denied his message. The drastic difference was shown in Moshe the Beadle ” Moshe had changed . There was no longer any joy in his eyes . He no longer sang. He no longer talked to of God or of the cabbala but only of what he had seen. People refused not only to believe his stories, but even to listen to them.” Parallel structure emphasizes to the reader the change that took in Moshe the Beadle. The change was not only because of what he went through in the camps, but the fact that he felt his mission had been denied . The Jews had denied the news Moshe had brought to them, simply to keep themselves in a comfort zone. This is how parallel structure makes evident the theme of denial.

Denial’s theme was also shown through the literary technique of rhetorical The Jews asked questions to make light of the situation” Was he going to wipe out a whole people? Could he exterminate a population scattered throughout so many countries? So many millions ! What methods could he use? And in the middle of the twentieth century! ” By the Jews asking themselves these rhetorical questions they were denying that Hitler would actually exterminate all them . The Jews were providing themselves with a sense of security by making the answers to these questions seem unreasonable. This was a form of denial .

Denial was a very apparent theme in Night. The author made denial very clear through the techniques of parallel structure and rhetorical questions. the parallel structure showed Moshe the beadle’s change because of the denial. rhetorical questions shows how the Jew’s denied reality by making light of the situation. The literary techniques also showed how the Jew’s used denial as away to make themselves feel comfortable instead of accepting reality.

admin answers:


Daniel asks…

Why don’t the Jews accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah(lord and saviour) but merely a prophet? Part 2?

Thank you for all your responses some food for thought. I am glad everyone so far is being open minded and really providing help with out being critical. Now i want to expound a little more to get more info. I would say all of turmoil in this world can be traced back to some sort of religious belief or someone’s interpretation of their holy book etc… I also think there is a lot of Blind leading the Blind. Do all three religions believe in the 10 commandments or just the Christians and the Jews? is there a commonality of the three religions? I do know that religions do like to do a lot of converting of people to their faith. Do we agree that in general in the African country of Egypt there was pharaoh who thought he was a Demi-God (some pharaohs) and the slaves (the Hebrews) were freed by Moses? And those people are Gods chosen people and those people are the Jews. Do all three religions believe in this Exodus story? Now on to the converting. To my understanding of Islam is that Islam

is the culmination of all the religions. There is only one religion which is Islam. I never picked up a Quaran but i did after 911 to find out why this is happening. Did not take me long to find early in the book 3 steps to convert. 1. Convince them if that doe snot work 2. tax them if that does not work. 3. Destroy them. and Also look for the people preaching peace and there you will find your enemy. Ok Christianities’ mission is convert the Jews to Christianity 1. You can only to get to God through Christ word and the only way in to heaven is by Gods grace. 2. Convince the jews that God has sacrificed his only son for their sins and he forgives you but please obey me. 3. The two greatest Christain commandments is to Love God with all your heart and to love thy neighbor. 4. teach the jews the Spirit (deadly sins) not just live by the law(10 commandments) it is my understanding that if the Jews are Gods chosen people and it says in Bible that faith has evolved why don’t they believe

that Christ words are divine. I am Christian(still learning of course) and I am pretty sure one of my purposes in life is to convince the Jews that God has chosen you to be his favorite so please listen to HIS son to get into heaven and once they are all converted then essentially Revelation end of the world etc… Will be upon us. However I don’t see this happening anytime soon. So please don’t hate the Jews but educate them. I wish that all of these monuments over in the East could be dismantled seems that it could misinterpreted by God as breaking the idolatry commandment. Worship God not land and buildings. Seems that people are putting to much faith in these materials. Deos this sound right? Please don’t criticize me this forum is for discussion and insight that’s all. If anyone has something negative to say keep it. Educate me. Or tell me your opinion. Thanks
OK Aravah Your obviously Jewish. I am trying to be humble. For Clarity I wil stop saying YOUR Messiah. How ABOUT THE Messiah! GODS SON . THE GOD YOU WORSHIPS SON . GOD OF ABRAHAM. THE CHRISTAIN GOD.

admin answers:

We do NOT believe Jesus is the messiah, we do NOT believe Jesus is divine, we do NOT believe Jesus was aprophet, we do NOT believe Jesus was a Rabbi, we do NOT believe Jesus was a teacher- and, from the way the Christian scriptures portray him, Jesus was not even a particularly good Jew!

Heh, and it is clear you are completely ignorant about Jewish beliefs. Really, do you think that showing off your ignorance about Judaism will make Jews convert rather than just laugh at your ignorance?

Edit: As per usual we see the clown giving out complete nonsense as if it was truth. His diatribe has nothing to do with Judaism, acuracy or real Jewish beliefs, just with an attempt to undermine authentic Judaism to promote his Christian missionary cult that utilises lies and deceit (as does his his answer) to try and convert Jews. The easiest element (and one he utilises to try and claim Jews accept beliefs other than Cjristianity mixed into Judaism and thus to create hatred of Judaism amongst Christians) is his lies about the Donmeh. Lets see what that the official answer from “Ask the rabbi” at, a website representing multiple Orthodox, Harieid Yeshivahs, had to say:

edot: As can be seen by the clown’s answer. “messianic jews” are desperate to spread msinifprmation about Jews and he continuously repeats the same lies trying to make out that the “messianic jews” are singled out. ALLL mixing of other religions with Judaism are forbidden in Judaism- anyone mixing in elements of other religions with Judaism is NOT part fo the Jewish people, is an apostate and outside of the Jewish community uness they repent. His lies about the Donmeh have also repeatedly been exposed, here is a direct answer for the question of the status fo the Donmeh in Judaism:

What is the status of the Donmeh?
Rabbi Ari Shvat

Are the Donmeh, the followers of Sabbatai Zvi that took on Islam but practised some Jewish laws in secret, considered Jewish at att or would they require a full conversio to be considered Jewish?

Shalom Marc,
The Donmeh have been removed from the Jewish community for many generations, and have often intermarried and assimilated with non-Jews (including many who’s spouses underwent non-kosher conversion). This need for them to undergo a full conversion is also clearly in their interest as well, especially those followed their custom of taking each other’s wife, where if they were Jewish, their offspring would be considered mamzerim (bastards) and wouldn’t be allowed to marry Jews. But as gentiles, requiring full conversion, they are allowed to marry Jews.
With Love of Israel,
Rav Ari Shvat


Where do we see the typical kind ofmisrepresentation the “messianic jewish” cult indulges in? Here people should go the link to the Jewish encyclopedia the clown posted to see how he misrepresents it. Lets see what they say about the Doenmeh and Judaism:

“The community is outwardly Mohammedan (following the example set by Shabbethai); but in secret observes certain Jewish rites, though IN NO WAY making common cause with the Jews, whom they call “koferim” (infidels).”

“They work for the Turks when a religious observance PREVENTS other Jews from doing so, and for the Christians on Sunday. ”

Hmm, doesn’t look lik,e the article claims the Doenmeh are Jewish or recognised by Jews as Jewish. And as the link I posted, from a website representing multiple Orthodox Yeshivahs and Judaism as it is practised today makes it very clear, the Doenmeh are NOT considered Jewish!

Similarly, the rest of his claimsabout Judaism and Jewish practoces are lies and misrepresentations of what Jews believe, sadly, the Clown actually thinks if he repeats these lies often enough he will get people to believe them

Nancy asks…

How can the belief that God created everything, then make the Jews his ‘chosen’ ones make sense?

Isn’t that really unfair and insensitive to the rest of us? How would you feel if your earthly father did that? “Sorry Billy, but Johnny is the chosen one in THIS household!”
Why would God create everything and then chose a tiny tribe of people (who make up less than .000001% of all humans who have lived and died on this earth) to be his ‘favorites’. And then for some reason, only God know why, decided to change the ‘rules’ halfway thru the game and send his son to inform the Jews that the laws He had given them were no longer applicable.
Doesn’t the mere belief in Jesus as the son of God, and understanding his ‘mission‘ on earth, mean that you are accepting that God made a mistake and was trying to rewrite the rules? Ooops.
And may I respectfully ask that no one answer using Bible verses. Just common logic will do. Thanks

admin answers:

Read the bible. Know the bible to understand things on your doubt.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

December 13, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Supervisor very unprofessional RE sickness?


The days I work are : Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Last Sunday I was in work (Im a care worker) and I wasnt feeling great when I left but went in anyway. When I got to one of clients I actually vomited so I phoned in and went home. Booked a drs appointment for the earliest possible (wed). I was violently ill all the Sunday and Monday, could barely keep water down. Was ok with liquids on Tuesday but still couldnt eat. Wed morning and afternoon I was fine, managed to eat it and keep it down but I was sick again after dinner.

Anyway the Dr examined me and said I had gastroentritis and said I should leave 48 hours between the last instance of vomiting and returning to work as its quite contagious and can seem to clear then just come on all of a sudden. She also gave me a note to confirm this.

I was sick the early hours of this morning despite being fineish on Thur so I phoned in. He was quite rude to me and was short of calling me a liar “do you have a note?”. Yes. I do. Seemed to imply he was going to “get me back” or somthing. Im not being funny but his main concern should be the health of our clients, many of which have impaired immune systems due to old age so what does he expect me to do, ignore the doctors advice and put them at risk and even risk vomiting in a clients house again?

Im quite angry but Im not well enough to argue the toss with him right now. But Im right arent I?

admin answers:

Main problem you have is — not the professional conduct of your Supervisor– simply your clear lack of common sense. For after bringing up the food you ate, you need to take water until digestion is settled. You say you ate solid food soon after being sick. Then what else could you expect? Try not to be so “angry with your self”.

Jenny asks…

Are You Aware Tha Elevated Blood Sugar And Severe Stress Are The Real Enemies NOT Cholesterol In Coronary?

Are you aware that elevated blood sugar and severe stress are the REAL enemies, NOT cholesterol in coronary heart disease?

“High blood sugar promotes CHD in numerous ways; it stimulates free radical activity, reduces vitamin C uptake by our cells, impairs the immune system, decreases levels of nitric oxide in our arteries, inhibits the breakdown of blood clots, and dramatically increases glycation, a process in which glucose molecules irreversibly attach themselves to protein and lipid molecules inside the body.. Amoung other things glycation stimulates further free radical production and results in the formation of advanced glycosylation end-products (AGEs), also known as glycoxidation products.

It’s a pity so few of us would even have a clue what out fasting blood glucose is because monitoring one’s blood glucose levels is a far more useful and widely applicable predictor of one’s future mortality risk than one’s cholesterol levels. “

admin answers:

As I always answer to these questions, there’s a lot of junk “theories” from pseudo-experts that I don’t know or care about.

The last part of the question is apparently a quotation from one of the pseudo-experts.

Sandra asks…

testicle cancer causing urinary symptoms?

Can cancer of the testicle impair the immune system? Thus causing an overgrowth of yeast and urinary symptoms?

admin answers:

Testicular cancer and infection as you asked are usually not related. Cancer usually causes local mass effect and problems associated with its spread or metastasis. However, cancer can result in lack of blood supply or necrosis complicated by potential inflammation and infection. Cancer can certainly overwhelm or interfere with the immune system.
In addition, it is known that the symptoms of testicular cancer and inflammation of the testis and/or epididymis can be similar. That’s why when ones have the pain, discomfort, lump or problem with testis, they should seek medical help. The early diagnosis is the key to long-term survival.
Good luck.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Lyrics

December 12, 2012

William asks…

Rate these rock lyrics i wrote please?

this is a hard rock song
its called Swallowing the bomb
its about being overwhelmed
with some of the problems that come
with getting older

Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
please, if you hear me
recite a silent prayer

wilted spine, from on-going time
niche of the servant
the profession somewhat crosses the line
imma pity-f**ker
stacked ten-high with more dilemmas
subjective pleaser
clutching onto my over-booked agenda

Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
force you troubles on me
seriously doubt you care

syphon from me, give to the weak
completely drained
my defiance has a very severe leak
hand down spoils, commence song & dance
insufficient funds
im not at all allowed even a second-glance

Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
please, if you hear me
recite a silent prayer

thanks for reading

admin answers:

Reminds me of Albatross by Fleetwood Mac; and Albatross by Wild Beasts. This song reminds me of Albatrosses, my favourite bird.

David asks…

Rate my rock lyrics I wrote please?

This song is called Dawn Circle
It’s a hard rock song

Verse 1:
Dawn circle
Means nothing to anyone
But me
Dawn circle
The story arc
Of my little life
Some say short
I swallow my retort
On such the weak-minded
A one track trainwreck
About to tumble over the rail
At any time
So watch out

I’ve come so far
To only take one step back
And fall straight on
To my Ian faith
Now I’ll only be
Forced to contemplate
If it was ever too late

Verse 2:
My unauthorized biography
That wasn’t written by me
Tattooed to my forehead
A word in can never see
Unless it’s read to me
I’m reminded at every mirror
A reflection
That steadly grows grimmer
In the weakest light
During the strongest night
It remains unseen
Except by anyone
That surrounds me


Verse 3:
Dawn circle
The street with an unknown name
My personal disability
The street sign rustin in the rain
My trust-worthy crutch
Has lost it’s remaining reliability
My own past
Has become my own worst enemy
Gotta face the disaster
As I set out on my Odessesy
For the correct remedy

Thanks for reading
I’m 15 btw

admin answers:

It has alot of potential. As an avid music listener and a song writer myself i can really see the talent in these lyrics and i really believe you have a talent and have great potential. You seem to relize that lyrics don’t always have to rhyme which is great. Obviously you have some kinks to work out but keep writing and improveing your old work practice makes perfect and you will evolve more as a song writer that way.
Good Luck!

Betty asks…

rate my punk rock lyrics please?

this is a punk/hard rock song
its called shell-shocked
its about how people feel that they need to be better
than who they are because of celebrities

ive had enough
of these f*cking cretins
breathing down my neck
making me question my meaning
there hypocrites
the very worst
they are the absolute
scum of this earth
feeding off the weak
reckless and irresponsible
and they are quickly forgiven
with just a quick flash of their perfect teeth

following in their footsteps i wouldn’t advise
say what you will im just being wise
self-loathed im told
if that’s what you believe
i will not
deny anything
i don’t care if im hated
maybe im the one who is just really jaded


i watch them feasting
off of my self-esteem
and i deem
that their the ones destroying our prosperity
but im not a charity
i don’t give more than i own
i show no shame
i don’t care if they forget my name
i don’t care what they do or say
i plan on staying this way

thanks for reading
i know…
i find that its easier to rate if you can think of the music that goes along with it…
did you even read what i said this song is about..
i bet you dont even know what a “cretin” is..
and you think that punk rock lyrics only have to be about throwing off control?
i dont think the song blitzgrip bop or dancing with myself are about throwng off the goverment…
punk rock is about expressing the way you feel and if you dont know that then your really closed minded on what music has to be…it doesnt have to be subjected to just one topic…
and im being whinny?
im just expressing my opinion your saying that the song i want to be sedated or longview arent whinny?
they are both about expressing how you feel and how much you hate something…
im not joey ramone?
look i love the ramones as much as the next guy but…
the ramones werent exactly a diversely complex lyrical band…
the KKK took my baby away?
i wanna be your boyfriend?

and how is this pop?
do you see kesha or lady gag or katy perry singing this?
thats what i said at the beginng in the desprciption and at the end of this song
i want to stay the way i am i dont plan on changing anytime soon

admin answers:

Theyre really cheesy try switching up some of the words, ssuch as “cretins”, they dont seem to have much depth either, sorry they arent good

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Your Questions About Google Voice

December 11, 2012

Susan asks…

Why is google voice using my cell minutes?

I have an android phone on virgin mobile, and have the google voice app. It is using my minutes. I thought that google voice would use either the data (which is unlimited) or wi-fi since it makes calls over the internet.

admin answers:

If you’re using the Google Voice app, it makes calls by calling you first, then connecting you to the person. It would be free if your carrier had free incoming calls, but Virgin Mobile doesn’t. That’s why it’s using your minutes.

If you download the app called GrooVe IP for $4.99, it directs calls through Gmail’s free voice calling through the internet, which means it’d be free if you have unlimited data.

Richard asks…

Do you need anything to use google voice on a macbook pro? bluetooth headset?

I am planning on using google voice on a macbook pro, but I do I need a headset to do this? If so, would a bluetooth one work, and any recommendations on a good and clear quality one that would also work for a phone? Thank you!
Is the voice/audio quality good when on macbook pro? I am going to be using google voice for business phone calls. Thank you!

admin answers:

Macbook have all the things you want.No need to install anything.

Daniel asks…

How can I stop google voice on my phone?

So i bought a google nexus as a replacement phone and I was told I had to install this google voice nonsense to get to my voicemail. So i signup and it has taken over my texts and whenever I get a call I have to press a number to approve it. Is there a way to turn off this approve a call feature from hell? OR do i have to hard reset my phone to get rid of it?

admin answers:

Login to google voice
Removing call screening

If you’d like to answer calls to your Google number without pressing any numbers, simply disable call screening in your Google Voice settings. Here’s how:

Click the gear icon at the top right of any Google Voice page, click the Voice settings link, and select the Calls tab.
Select the ‘Off’ radio button option in the Call Screening section.
Click Save Changes.

With call screening turned off, the first phone that picks up will get the call if you have several forwarding phones.

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