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Your Questions About Google Translate

November 17, 2012

Sandra asks…

Has anyone taught themselves a different language using google translate?

I’m talking a highschool french class (french 1&2) But I feel like were going to slow. We’ve spent the past 5 weeks going over grammar and proper use of you and I and us and we. I know how to pronounce most of the words. DO you think I could learn quicker learning french words off of google translate? And do you know of anyone whos learned a whole language using only / mostly Google Translate?

admin answers:

Hello. I have your answer. Go to this website. Its
The website is awesome and has tons of languages to learn!
ALSO you have to fill out quizzed and THEN your quizzes get sent out to people in France for THEM to grade your homework so youll know right then and there if your answers are correct.
CHeck out the website. Its free and I love it. Also you can record what you see in a sentence and the french people will correct you if you did not pronounce the words correctly. Its recommended you use a microphone while going on the website though to use the website like its supposed to be used.

Linda asks…

How to remove google translate toolbar banner?

The google translate banner at the top of certain webpages means I cannot click on links and view other pages on the site, it keeps taking me back to the home page. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this function for good as I have tried pressing tools then un-selecting translate but it still appears?

admin answers:

There is a cross button in the right of the toolbar

Thomas asks…

Google Translate redirect to standard interface instead of the iPhone optimised version?

When I access Google Translate using Safari browser on iPhone it takes me to the standard interface that is just meant for PCs, rather than the iPhone optimised interface, and this is annoying. It was working before but not anymore.

admin answers:


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Your Questions About Google

October 30, 2012

Linda asks…

How can Google get profits with providing a free researching system for us?

I was just wondering how can Google get profits by providing us a free researching system. We pay nothing and the google allows us to search free. How does it work??
Thank you

admin answers:

Google gets its revenue from the advertising market – providing ads above and beside searches, and using tracking cookies to know what you search for and the sites you go on to serve you targeted ads that you are more likely to click on and buy through.

Jenny asks…

How can I stop Google from showing a location under the search bar?

Google has started displaying a location under the search bar to the left. There’s an option to change the location, or to let Google auto-detect, but I don’t want a location displayed at all. How do I stop Google from showing what it thinks is my location under the search bar on the left?

admin answers:

You need to add something.

USE this:

It won’t redirect and it will go to
You can save this URL on your default homepage in your browser.

Mandy asks…

How long does it take for google to recognize backlinks?


I have recently launched a new website. I just want to know how long does it take for Google to recognize backlinks to my site. I am currently generating backlinks by posting on different forums, blog commenting and directory submission. It has been a week now but still there are 0 backlinks to my site according to Google.

Yahoo is relatively quicker than Google in recognizing backlinks. Does anyone have any idea how long does it take for Google to recognize backlinks to my website?

admin answers:

If your backlinks come from good quality (good according to Google) sites then only Google lists them and better quality links take very less time to appear I have seen Google pick up links for my site in less the 4 days. Normally, it will take about 1-2 weeks to get the effect of your backlinks. However, if you can get backlinks from high traffic pages or sites, Google normally used to visit those sites very frequently.

Google doesn’t list every backlinks to your website, but yahoo does. That’s why you think yahoo is quicker. But I believe that Google is faster than Yahoo in indexing websites, so happened to me. If you links are listed in Yahoo, sure Google knows about them, but it may not list them. Use Social Bookmarking which all are high quality site according to Google also when you bookmark your website with Social Bookmarking site you will find most of them are authority site also so you will get very quick back link.

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Your Questions About Google Images

October 21, 2012

Carol asks…

How can I make my captured images appear on google image search?

I’ve uploaded a few images to photobucket. How do i make them appear on google or yahoo image search?
Some say that I’ll have to tag them. How do I do that?

admin answers:

You must use your keyword on alt tag like

Your Keyword

Laura asks…

How to view google images on tablet like the iPad photo app?

The other day I was looking on google images with my iPad, and I turned it into portrait mode, and I was able to swipe through the images like the iPad photo app. I can’t do that now. Please help!

admin answers:

Occationally, a website update or a glitch in the iPad may prevent the page or images from loading properly. Don’t panic. It’s a simple fix.

If it’s the iPad:
– Just hold down the black power off button and shut the iPad down for a few minutes. We to often forget that these devices are computers too and need the occational reboot. After a while, turn it back on and go back to the site. It should be back to normal. If not, go down to the next step listed below.

If it’s the website:
– Just give it a day. Some things just have glitches and it takes a while to get them all out. It should work. If it doesn’t resolve within a day, contact your local consultant at an Apple store for further help.

Ken asks…

How do you report offensive images in Google’s new image search results?

I have my settings on Strict Safesearch, and offensive images are still coming up. Though, I’m not seeing the “Report Offensive Images” button anymore – not with this newly revamped Google Images design. Anybody got any ideas?

admin answers:

Click the ‘Safe Search’ link, a drop down will appear with ‘report offensive images’ in it.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept It

October 18, 2012

William asks…

Why is Yahoo such a homophobic website?

This answer of mine was deleted…

Question Details: The nature vs. nurture debate, and if it IS a learned sexual identity, can it be unlearnt? Can gays become straight and straights become gay? To Rene O…Being gay is not a practice…do you practice being straight?

Deleted Answer: well i think that your surroundings impact whether you are able to identify your feelings as “gay” feelings and choose accept yourself and be gay. i know that ive always been attracted to girls my whole life, even when i was 12 i wanted to kiss the prettiest girl haha. after being with boys ive always felt violated and wrong. i think it is a preference that you are born with but your surroundings impact how you translate those emotions. and to the last two people who commented. honestly, you are morons. people once thought being left handed was a disease. almost every species has reports of homosexual bahaviour. besides whether it is natural or not, does it hurt you? are we impacting the population by having same-sex partners? well not anymore, thanks to the abolition of laws made by ignorant pricks like you which made us unable to have children via IVF. and by the way… homosexual is not a disease or condition, homophobia however is. you do the maths

Now i don’t think that was too harsh, considering i was merely standing up for my own rights… however i constantly see homophobic answers and just disgusting perverted answers which never get deleted. including 2 on the answer i retaliated to which got my answer deleted.

fuck you yahoo
it was deleted because yahoo said it breached the rules !!!

so f u c k i n g laaame

admin answers:

A question can be deleted for two reasons. 1) If a “trusted reporter” reports it as abuse, it’s deleted without Yahoo even looking at it. 2) If someone from the YA moderation team sees it and doesn’t like it, they’ll delete it. (1) happens rather more often than (2). If I were to guess, I’d say yours is a case of #1. You can appeal it, but I’d be it will be denied.

“and to the last two people who commented. Honestly, you are morons.”

This is why. YA is very sensitive to comments that even mention other posters. I’ve had answers deleted because I said “I agree with the first answer”, even though I went on to comment further. YA also makes it a point that you may not call other posters names, even if those names fit. Your use of the word “moron” here would be sufficient grounds for them to delete it.

Please note that I am not judging you for this. I’ve had answers deleted for exactly the same reason, so this is the Voice of Experience talking. I’ve learned to couch the same sentiments in words that don’t trip alarms. I’d recommend that path to you.

For what it’s worth, technically this question could be deleted as well, because you quoted the “offending” passage. I suspect it won’t be, as generally the people who post on LGBT aren’t quite that anal-retentive, but we do get others trolling through here from time to time. Lame? Yeah. But it’s their ball and their yard, so they make the rules. Sorry.

Michael asks…

Does God choose who will become “Fishers of Men”?

or is it men who choose for themselves?
vocation to priesthood
how will you know if you have that call?
or is it more like
God gives the call
men choose to accept or reject it
but what about “God’s plan for everyone?”

admin answers:

Yes – man does not choose. If you are called to the ministry as a vocation you will be guided to talk to your church about this and they will lead you down the path of discernment to confirm your calling to the church. Go ahead and talk to them and see where it leads. We are told to seek not only the guidance of the Holy Spirit but the guidance of mature Christians in the church to talk to about what our thoughts are and to discern if our thoughts are God’s calling to the church. You have a beautiful journey ahead of you my friend.

James asks…

“We’ve shown you the proof for God’s existance, you just choose not to accept it.”?

“We’ve shown you the proof for God’s existance, you just choose not to accept it.”

Raise your hand if you have read that phrase before.
So theists, can you please explain what this ‘proof’ is? I’m not sure about you but I’m really excited to FINALLY know what your evidance is.

admin answers:

Personally.. Proof to me has to be physical / visual.

Otherwise its a no!

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Your Questions About Google Scholar

August 17, 2012

Paul asks…

How do you embed a “Google Scholar” search into a website.?

I need the code to embed a Google Scholar search. I’m guessing it’s similar to the normal Google search code but I can’t find it. Help?

admin answers:

Give your site the power of Google Scholar (from

The full instruction is explained in three simple steps.

Good Luck

Linda asks…

Besides google scholar, what other web sights are good for finding reliable and scholastically sound articals?

I want to know if there are other good search engines on the internet that help find scholastic articles that college professors would accept as reliable sources?
Is it

admin answers:


Helen asks…

Is there anyway to get google scholar to do a case sensitive search?

I’d like to find all instances of the word “GROW” in all capital letters.

admin answers:

No, all Google searches are case-insensitive.

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