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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

November 12, 2011

Maria asks…

lazy eye/eyelid. Anything I can do for this?

I’ve noticed in the last few months that my right upper eyelid has started sagging. It’s not that noticeable, or at least no one else has noticed it, but it is bothering me! Plus, it feels like the muscles around the eye and the eye itself have gotten weaker, which makes it sort of hard to focus and it’s almost like my eyes are always wanting to sag/look down.

I was at the eye doctor 3 months ago, had my contact lense prescription checked (hasn’t changed in 5 years) and according to the doctor, my eyes themselves are very healthy (he dilated them).

Are there any facial/eye exercises I can do that will help with my drooping/lazy eye?. Help! I’m 24…I don’t want to start looking old yet.

admin answers:

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Jenny asks…

help me with my lazy eye?

my parents can not take me to an eye docter for a few months to help fix my lazy eye!! is there any eye exercises or anything i could do at home without going to an eye docter to get rid of it? please help!!

admin answers:

Wear a patch on your stronger eye, It’ll make your weak eye work harder.

Mark asks…

Strabismus (lazy eye but not really)?

I’ve been saying that I’ve had a lazy eye for years, but apparently that term only applies when one has Amblyopia, where the brain suppresses the vision in one eye.

I have strabismus, my vision is fine in both eyes, but my left eye (sometimes my right, but mostly my left) turns outwards a lot. It’s something that I’m quite self-conscious about. I vaguely remember being told to do eye exercises as a child, but at some stage I stopped them. I’m twenty-seven now, is there any chance of being able to improve my condition at my age? Or is surgery my only option? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

admin answers:

It sounds like you have alternating strabismus. I have this.
Strabismus is a vaugue term for when the eyes dont alighn together and so they dont work together. The alternating part comes from you using one eye and it getting fatigued and so the other takes over. You are always only using one eye because the eyes are not alighned so the brain does in fact surpress the images from the other. (The brain can not decifer 2 different focus points at the same time)
As far as the eye exercises I personally and professionally think its a load of crap. Most of these high dollar programs consist of doing things on a computer screen. Vision is a learned skill that starts developing in a 3-D sense and as we learn to perfect that we progress to a 2-D field such as reading, tv, and computer screens. 3-D vision deals more with our ability to track things in moving space (around us) ability to judge depth (like with stairs and curbs) and things like that. To jump directly to the 2-D field when we havent mastered 3-D is just retarded in my opinion.
Our district spent thousands of dollars on a program called PAVE and it has taken me 7 years but I have finally convinced them its a waste of time and money.
There are some vision programs that are good however. They go back and take a more developmental approach to vision and prescribe excersises that try to retrain the vision to be used in a 3-d field. But the thing is UNLESS the eyes are in alighment this does no good…so surgery has to be done first.
I work in Occupational Therapy in the schools and cant tell you how many times my supervisor would write OT goals for eye excersises yet the kid had jacked up alighment just like me or you. Finally after alot more research I flat out started refusing to do this. My arguement was it was useless and often painful. I am an OT not a surgeon!! Also these type of execises can actually cause more damage such as double vision. Stepping off my soap box
On another note sometimes glasses help pull the eye in alighnment and also taking the strain off the eyes, reducing pain a fatigue. I have 20/20 vision in both eyes but have glasses for this.

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