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Your Questions About Ways To Naturally Improve Eyesight

December 24, 2011

James asks…

How to improve eyesight?

I have poor eyesight and I would like to improve it. It was fine when I got my license 2 years ago but now I see blury. I once almost ran over a kid in his bike as I was driving home from work but I just slammed on the break and clutch and I would have hit him by a couple of inches.. I don’t wanna go to the eye doctor to have to pay for glasses. Is there a way to improve it naturally? Otherwise I could soon get into an accident. I am poor and can barely pay the bills and food so I can’t afford glasses.

admin answers:

No – all the “natural” methods have been shown to be failures in objective tests – even when the subjects insist they see better.
If you can’t afford to pay for an eye exam (about $35) look for a place that offers free eye exams (often deducting the cost from the glasses) and buy small lens (big ones cost more) and plain frames. If you can’t afford that, then call your county health office (or equivalent) and ask about programs to provide free glasses.
The cost of killing someone is a lot higher than glasses If you can’t afford them, stop driving.

Steven asks…

Improving Eyesight?

My eyes are really quite bad. I haven’t been to the opticians for quite a while but I am quite sure myself that they are certainly not as good as they should be. People see things that I can’t.
I can read books no problem – it’s long distance I can’t read.

So I was wondering. There is of course ways of stopping your eyesight getting worse. Not watching as much TV/Computer etc but are there actually ways of improving your eyesight?
I really do not fancy glasses. (If anyone watches Lost, I’m a bit like John Locke and wheelchairs).
So other than glasses/contact lenses/laser treatment can I actually improve my eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

There are of course no ways to keep your eyesight from getting worse. Computers and TV can cause eyestrain and fatigue, but they don’t change your cornea, and therefore don’t change your eyesight. Nothing natural (other than your genes) changes your eyesight either. Get some new glasses or contacts, so you can see clearly.

Lisa asks…

how to improve eye power naturally ?

hi im 18 i have eye power of -1.5 at both eyes . is there any natural ways to improve my eyesight. nowadays i have stopped working long hours in front of system i want to get rid of my goggles without lazik surgery and all is there any natural way or ayurvedic treatment ?? please help

admin answers:

Diet for improving eyesight: The diet should include vegetables and fruits that are green, yellow and red. Increasing the consumption of Vitamin A is important for improving eyesight. Also foods such as spinach, milk cream, fresh milk, butter, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, dates, soya beans, blueberries and oranges are the best source of vitamin A.

Exercise for improving your vision:
1.Rub your palms together and lay them lightly on the eyes. The warmth from the palms will sooth the nerves and increase blood circulation.
2.Eye stretching exercise – Close both eyes shut and then open them suddenly.
3.Close your eyes and circulate them in all directions. Do this slowly but steadily. Concentrate on one eye at a time.
4.Sun bathing is good for your eyes. Don’t try to look at the sun directly. Exercise your eyes by looking both sides, up and down trying to allow as maximum sunlight.

You should also visit the following websites.

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Your Questions About Ways To Naturally Improve Eyesight

December 8, 2011

Mary asks…

Improving Eyesight Question?

I was looking at ways to improve eyesight naturally and i came across a lot of websites restricting myself to wearing glasses, or wear them as little as possible. The thing is though, i have to wear my glasses. My eyesight is so poor that i do have to wear them at all times. Is this theory true that wearing glasses makes your eyesight worse and any advice? :)

admin answers:

Do a search for eyesight improving vitamins and supplements. Cant remember exactly which they are, but google should suffice. They do exist, though probably wont get rid of the glasses. Poor sight is physical like the eyes being too oval or something.

Thomas asks…

can we improve my eyesight naturally?

I have bad eye sight (far sight) and its in my genes…n i can no longer bear wearing these glasses…they make me look like a nerd!! is there any way to change it naturally…like diet or exersising…and yeah…i’m in 7th grade…wearing glasses since kindergarten

admin answers:

Unfortunately, there is nothing “natural” that can make your eyesight better. If there was, everyone would be doing it. Some things are indicated to help prevent eye disease like lutein and beta carotene but at your age, taking these supplements is counter-indicated. Try contacts then you won’t have to wear glasses. Just remember to take care of them and wear them as directed otherwise something like this – could happen.

Good luck to you

Ken asks…

Eyesight Questions?

Okay, two question:

1.) Is there any way to naturally improve eyesight?


2.) What is the strongest pescription available for contacts or glasses? (What’s the blind point?)

admin answers:

1) Exercising your eyes won’t improve your vision. Eye exercises are often prescribed by eye doctors for other eye problems, such as strengthening the ability of the two eyes to work together. “Exercising your focus” will not do anything but take up your time and tire you out.

2) There may or may not be an actual blind point. Prescriptions have been known to go up to -40.00 or greater. You probably wouldn’t be able to get that into a contact lens, but glasses could be designed.

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Your Questions About Ways To Naturally Improve Eyesight

November 5, 2011

Joseph asks…

How to improve vision?

My vision is getting worse as I age and I’m only 15. It’s gotten to the point where, without glasses on, words this size get blurry at closer than an arms length. I hate wearing glasses, and even though I’m getting contacts very soon I would like to know some ways to naturally improve eyesight.

admin answers:

Eat lots of carrots! They really help your eyes.

Sharon asks…

How can I improve my eyesight?

Hi i can carely not pass my permit test for a day liscence i have a nystagmus and 20-70 in the left eye and 20-200 in my right with corrected glasses i have an eye appointment in a few days but are there any ways to improve vision naturally?
I know carrots improving your eyes is a myth but they do help preserve good eyesight or something
Any help? thanks.

admin answers:


Here is good guide which you can read on how to improve your eyesight its called “How to Improve Eyesight Without Surgery”

Thomas asks…

Is there anyway to improve your eyesight to 20/20 without glasses?

Over the past few years my eyesight has gone from 20/20 to 20/40 probably from being on the computer too much, and I’ve read that there are ways to improve you vision naturally and was wondering if anyone had any experience with or knew anything about this.

admin answers:

Beta carotene rich vegetables. Carrot juice. Any red or purple fruits. Etc

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3 Ways to Improve Eyesight – Which One You Choose?,

September 19, 2011

When people experience abnormalities on their eyesight such as myopia or presbyopia, most of them think that they only have 2 options to regain their normal eyesight: wear glasses or surgery. Actually they have more ways to improve eyesight. One of the easiest, affordable and yet very effective is the Natural method, with proper eye exercises. This method have been around for years and also it have been proved to help many people to regain their eyesight.

As I mentioned above, most likely professionals will recommend you to wear glasses or to have surgery. The natural method, more often than not, will never be mentioned at all.

Let’s dig a bit further about the 3 ways to improve eyesight:

Glasses or Contact Lenses:

This is the most popular option and the result is instant. You will have better eyesight immediately. Is this option really can cure your eyesight? Actually it is not. What it does is only shifting the focal point of the object that you are focusing at, to the abnormal focal point of your eyes thus the problem is actually remain, without glasses you still have the eyesight problem and in the long run your problem usually will become worst and you will need thicker glasses.


Lasik Surgery can cure your eyesight but this option is expensive and there is no guarantee. We all know as well that risk is always a significant part in every surgery.

Natural Way To Improve Eyesight:

This is the least popular among the three options but ironically, this is the easiest and the most affordable way to cure your eyesight permanently. This method have been developed since early of this century.

The natural ways to improve eyesight was extensively developed by prominent ophthalmologist Dr. W.H. Bates. The method is using eye exercises to strengthen ocular muscles and it combine with relaxation techniques and also developing proper habit on utilizing the eyes. Dr. Bates developed an integrated method to cure your eyesight problems.

The Bates method is very easy and pleasant to do but it’s not an overnight or instant solutions. If you practiced them around 20 minutes regularly everyday you will have great chance to cure your eyesight in relatively short time.

Out of 3 ways to improve eyesight above, the natural method is the easiest and most affordable option. It give you greater chance to get permanent result therefore you can have better eyesight without glasses.

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Improve Your Eyesight – Easy Ways to Naturally Sharpen Your Vision

August 9, 2011

Improve Your Eyesight – Easy Ways to Naturally Sharpen Your Vision

You can consider your eyesight perfect when you see everything around you clearly. This is particularly true if you see things much better if your eyes are centered on an object straight on. This is known as Center Fixation, and you needn’t have to shift your eyes left or right to obtain a clear focus. However, if you are having trouble with Center Fixation and want to improve your eyesight, there are a couple of things you can do to achieve this.

When you see things most clearly, this is called perfect eyesight. However, when you need to look to the side just to obtain a perfect perspective, then your vision is faulty. Finding ways of clearing your vision naturally can be done using several methods.

One is to eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, which can help you in the care of your eyes. Food rich in the proper nutrients can help you retina’s light sensing rods to work better and give you a better line of vision, no matter where you turn your head.

Practicing proper viewing habits can also help you improve your eyesight naturally. If you learn how your eyes work, it can help you how to train them to focus on things properly to prevent from straining them. When using the computer, for instance, it would be a good idea to look away from the screen and focus on a point far in the distance to relax your eyes.

Eye exercises will also help you relax the strain on tense eye muscles that keep you from having clear 20-20 vision. Exercises like palming – covering your eyes with your palms for a couple of minutes while breathing deeply, can help sharpen your vision in the long-term.

With better eye habits, you’ll be able to improve your eyesight and get your Center Fixation right on the bulls-eye.

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