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Ways to Improve Eyesight Vision

June 22, 2012
By You should start to implement these strategies immediately. The biggest hindrance, of hindered vision is putting off until tomorrow what should have been done a year ago. Of course you should get perfect information on step-by-step exactly what to do. You can get that here . I apologize if video 2 isn’t up I am just working on the technical part of the website which I don’t fully understand as of yet In video two we discuss how different routines are better depending on which type of eyesight problems you have. Equipped with the right information many have solved the problem. I hope you can be next on that list. Clunky glasses and obnoxious contacts are overrated. Being able to hear and see are advantageous in both and health and career and stress reduction. How will it feel to finally be able to see perfectly? Now imagine where you were 30 days ago and think about how your vision would be if you started then. You have nothing to risk by checking this out . I hope to see you on the other side and we’ll talk 20 a little bit further

Your Questions About Ways To Naturally Improve Eyesight

November 11, 2011

Donald asks…

How to improve eye sight?

Are there any ways to improve eyesight naturally? i mean by eating certain food or doing certain stuff if so please let me know asap. thanks…

admin answers:

I dont really believe there is people say carrots just help you see in the dark i do not believe this ! As your just adjust to the dark any way . The only way would be to wear a pair of glasses or contacts once you have been for an eye test.

Chris asks…

Can eyesight improve naturally?

Ok, so i’m getting mixed signals about this area of discussion. Some people refer to the natural ageing process when they state that eyesight can’t improve. Seeing as i’m 18, i’m clearly not in this situation (hopefully! :D ) . Others have recommended the same old things such as eating carrots/almonds/honey etc, but i’m a little sceptical that eating these alone will improve eyesight. I’m currently a glasses/lens wearer and would like to find a way to restore my vision. From my understanding, glasses and lenses will never fix the problem, it only stops the eyesight from deteriorating any further. So, if I want to restore it then i’ll probably have to remove them…but then what? My vision will only get worse if i do this, so I’m really confused :S

p.s: I don’t want to ask my opticians about this as I reckon that they wouldn’t have been taught about how to restore vision naturally ( seeing as it wouldn’t be good for business!)

admin answers:

Fact: wearing your glasses or lenses makes no difference to your vision (Good or bad), they just mean you can see properly.

Fact: your eyesight may get better or worse over time as the shape of your eyeball alters.

Fact: there is no way to restore vision ‘naturally’ – that’s why the opticians don’t tell you about it, they are qualified science professionals and don’t tell fairy stories. Unlike the one someone has been telling you.

Fiction; there are exercises, foods, pills or quack remedies that can improve your eyesight.

Fact: Laser eye surgery can improve your eyesight but carries risks.


George asks…

Improve eyesight naturally?

I don’t mind wearing glasses so much but I feel bad when I take them off and I can’t see so well.

Do I have to start eating a lot of carrots, are there other food? I know I have to stop going on the computer so much but are there more ways?

admin answers:

Blurry vision comes from using our eyes incorrectly. Eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) do not change the way we use our eyes, mind, and body togther. People feel different when they do them and after a week they get used to the different feeling but clarity does not change.

Computers and TV can encourage us to use our eyes incorrectly but they do not harm our eyes. We harm our eyes when we stare and diffuse and squint while we are using them. People who have perfect vision or know how to use their eyes correctly can use the computer or tv all they like with out any harm to their visual system.

Carrots will not help vision. Nutrition is important but it will not change the way we useour eyes.

Not wearing glasses is not useful unless you know how to use your eyes, mind, and body together correctly while not wearing them. If people don’t know the incorrect vision habits to avoid and the correct vision habits to relearn and how do this with dynamic relaxation, they’re just seeing blurry, which isn’t fun. It can also lead to squinting and strain trying to see clearly.

People who want to improve their eyesight naturally can start out by getting the best books. I have a link to the best book on Amazon on my website. Finding a good teacher near you can speed things up significantly. I also have a link to several Natural Eyesight Teachers around the world on my website. Successful Natural Eyesight Improvement Teachers don’t teach eye exercises because they don’t improve eyesight.

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3 Ways to Improve Eyesight – Which One You Choose?,

September 19, 2011

When people experience abnormalities on their eyesight such as myopia or presbyopia, most of them think that they only have 2 options to regain their normal eyesight: wear glasses or surgery. Actually they have more ways to improve eyesight. One of the easiest, affordable and yet very effective is the Natural method, with proper eye exercises. This method have been around for years and also it have been proved to help many people to regain their eyesight.

As I mentioned above, most likely professionals will recommend you to wear glasses or to have surgery. The natural method, more often than not, will never be mentioned at all.

Let’s dig a bit further about the 3 ways to improve eyesight:

Glasses or Contact Lenses:

This is the most popular option and the result is instant. You will have better eyesight immediately. Is this option really can cure your eyesight? Actually it is not. What it does is only shifting the focal point of the object that you are focusing at, to the abnormal focal point of your eyes thus the problem is actually remain, without glasses you still have the eyesight problem and in the long run your problem usually will become worst and you will need thicker glasses.


Lasik Surgery can cure your eyesight but this option is expensive and there is no guarantee. We all know as well that risk is always a significant part in every surgery.

Natural Way To Improve Eyesight:

This is the least popular among the three options but ironically, this is the easiest and the most affordable way to cure your eyesight permanently. This method have been developed since early of this century.

The natural ways to improve eyesight was extensively developed by prominent ophthalmologist Dr. W.H. Bates. The method is using eye exercises to strengthen ocular muscles and it combine with relaxation techniques and also developing proper habit on utilizing the eyes. Dr. Bates developed an integrated method to cure your eyesight problems.

The Bates method is very easy and pleasant to do but it’s not an overnight or instant solutions. If you practiced them around 20 minutes regularly everyday you will have great chance to cure your eyesight in relatively short time.

Out of 3 ways to improve eyesight above, the natural method is the easiest and most affordable option. It give you greater chance to get permanent result therefore you can have better eyesight without glasses.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive and complete plan on How to Improve Your EyeSight Naturally visit Living Without Glasses site

Ways To Improve Eyesight – Simple but Effective

September 16, 2011

Ways To Improve Eyesight – Simple but Effective

Article by Adam de Graaff

Good eyesight is arguably one of the most important things in life. It lets us accomplish day to day tasks with ease, such as driving to the shops, watching a movie or reading a book. Most of us take these simple things for granted… but what if we couldn’t do them anymore?

Every year over one million people suffer from some sort of severe loss of vision. In America alone 1 in 6 people over the age of 55yrs will develop macular degeneration. However, there are ways to improve eyesight, which will not only protect our eyes and keep them in good condition now, but will also help avoid eye related problems in the future.

Although many people don’t realise this, our diet can have a huge impact on maintaining good vision and is an extremely beneficial way to improve our eyesight. Vision can be greatly improved by eating certain foods. For example, Spinach contains a large amount of antioxidants and is loaded with Lutien, both of which help protect the retina from macular degeneration. Many natural foods such as corn, carrots bilberries and eggs have moderate amounts of antioxidants in them which again, help shield the retina, but importantly also promotes blood flow to nerves in the eye. Foods containing Vitamin E, such as dry roasted hazelnuts and almonds help to reduce the risk of getting cataracts by up to 50%. Vitamin E supplements can be just as effective.

Other ways to improve eyesight involve simple but highly effective eye relaxation exercises. These exercises are beneficial for anyone who suffers from eye strain, particularly people who sit in front of a computer screen for extended periods of time. Symptoms of eye strain may include headaches, fatigue and blurred vision.


For this to be most effective, try to find somewhere you can be alone and comfortably seated for about 10 minutes. Once seated close your eyes and clear your mind of any stressful or negative thoughts. Become conscious of any tension in the muscles of your face, neck and shoulders. Imagine in your mind these muscles slowly melting and all the tension draining away. Make sure to take deep breaths in and out while doing this. Once you feel fully relaxed, rub your palms together quickly until they feel comfortably warm. With your eyes closed, cover them with your now warm palms, so that virtually all light is blocked out, but there is no pressure on your eyeball. The heels of your hands should rest lightly on your cheekbones and your fingers on your forehead. Try to support your elbows on a desk or one or two cushions on your lap. Remain seated with your eyes closed like this for a least 4 – 5 mins.

Eye Acupressure

With your fingertips, gently apply pressure along your eyebrows and the bones around the eye socket while keeping your eyes closed. If you feel discomfort at any point slowly rub the particular point with your fingertips in a circular motion. Within a few minutes this motion will relax the muscles and the discomfort will slowly ease. These exercises and diet modifications will soon become a normal part of everyday life. If done properly and consistently, they will soon be improving your vision.

For more information on ways to improve eyesight I recommend you visit “Vision Without Glasses” at

“Vision Without Glasses” is a highly acclaimed organisation and is widely regarded as an authority in vision improvement due to it’s high rate of success.

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Adam de Graaff lives on the Gold Coast, Australia with his wife and two children.

Ways to Improve Eyesight Naturaly

September 12, 2011

Ways to Improve Eyesight Naturaly

Article by Adamben2011

It’s a shame that people today are looking to more invasive measures to improve eyesight. They are not only risky but also very expensive with no guarantee that your vision is restored permanently. If you are considering surgery or just want to learn how to improve eyesight naturally, then this article is for you.

There is no reason why they are forced to constantly upgrade the strength of our glasses and contact lenses is due to extra use allows our eyes to become lazy. Although it will help us overcome and function in our daily lives as we age the only problems that increase with the help of Mother Nature.

If you are trying to figure out how to improve eyesight naturally, say goodbye to poor vision and throwing glasses and contact lenses forever keep reading.

Vitamin C or water-soluble vitamin is the least stable of vitamins and very sensitive to oxygen. Vitamin C is generally known as the master antioxidant. It is essential for the maintenance of collagen in the body that joins the sclera

The most common ailments experienced by many is myopia. This is the inability to focus on things that are far away and requires that objects should be about one to appreciate clearly. In modern times, doctors have come up with corrective lenses to address the issue.

The lens may come in the form of eyeglasses and contact lenses. These two general categories have generated a large commercial market for eye correction to the point that a pair of glasses can bring a hefty sum.

The first thing people do is run to the optometrist just to say you need corrective lenses. This is not the only option. There is good reason why I do not want you to know how to improve eyesight without shelling a fortune on our stylish glasses and contacts

There is no reason why they are forced to constantly upgrade the strength of our glasses and contact lenses is due to extra use allows our eyes to become lazy. Although it will help us overcome and function in our daily lives as we age the only problems that increase with the help of Mother Nature.

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