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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

February 12, 2012

Daniel asks…

Anyone read this book? amazon readers gave it 5 stars? is it any good?

admin answers:

I’ve not read it but from the reviews perhaps i should – my eyesight is failing, if that book works it could save me a fortune in glasses!

Joseph asks…

Improve eye sight to 20/20 from doing eye excercises?

ive read an article about this, and i want to see if anyone has tried it, and has succeeded in getting better eyesight naturally by doing eye exercises , i am tired of my glasses

admin answers:

These “eye exercise” schemes do NOT work!

Think about it logically; say there really was a way for people to fix their vision themselves at home by doing some kind of “eye exercises”, taking special “eye vitamins” etc. You would be hearing about it on all the talk shows, it would be in the news, etc and you wouldn’t have all these people pending hundreds/thousands for contacts, glasses and laser surgery!

Sandy asks…

eyesight techniques?

techniques to help my vision improve naturally and as quick as possible

admin answers:

If your reduced vision is due to myopic refractive error there is almost nothing you can do to improve your visual acuity. See an optometrist interested in these things.

Do not waste time on methods you may find in books or on the internet.

If there is pathology involved see your Ophthalmologist.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

February 10, 2012

Helen asks…

How can I improve my vision?

My eyesight has become -4.. I don’t want any glasses.. How can I improve it naturally?

admin answers:

There are many methods for naturally fixing your vision. Eye exercises, diet, vitamins, carrots, Bates method, etc.

They don’t work.

You get to use corrective lenses for now. Once your vision stabilizes, you can then consider laser surgery.

Thomas asks…

Eye sight improvement?

Does any one know how to improve eyesight naturally (without medicine, no lazer eye surgery).ALSO please give me the website where you found it!

admin answers:

Perhaps the most effective way to help your vision is by reducing eyestrain. Long uninterrupted hours spent staring at a computer monitor, television, or book lock your eye muscles in position, causing them to tire.

You may want to consider re-arranging your workstation to position your monitor correctly, reduce poor lighting and glare, and make sure your posture is squared away ergonomically. It’s also very important to take “vision breaks” — glancing across the room or out the window every 15 minutes or so. Other suggestions include closing your eyes periodically, blinking a lot, and using artificial tears.

David asks…

Hey! I have a question….?

has anyone bought a book about how to improve eyesight naturally?? If u did tell me about your results and stories. TAnks!!!

admin answers:

Eat a lot of squash or any vegetable that’s rich in vitamin A for good eyesight.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

February 8, 2012

Lisa asks…

Is there a cure for myopia?

Is it possible to improve eyesight naturally? If not, does lasik surgery cure myopia forever? Is it very expensive? I have myopia -2 and I hate using conatcts evcery day!

admin answers:

There is no natural cure. There might be only natural prevention, before myopia develops. Some studies have shown that children who spend more time outside in natural light are much less likely to develop myopia than children who spend a lot of time inside.

Once myopia develops, then Lasik surgery is the only cure. And information about the costs and the risks of it you can find here:

Donna asks…

eye question that desperatly needs answering?

okk so i wear glasses and im starting to get annoyed about having to constantly push it upward and it gets fogged up a lot and so many problems. i need a quick was to improve eyesight naturally without contacts or laser surgery. things to eat? things to do??

admin answers:

Glasses, contacts, refractive surgery…those are your options. Don’t you think if there was a miracle sight-fixing food the whole world would know about it. Get your glasses re-fit for your face by bending the temples down more behind your ears or get the nose pads adjusted if you have them.

George asks…

what’s the worst number you could get for your eyes in vision?

and is there anyway to naturally improve your eyesight? because… i have reallly bad eyesight and i’m only 14…. and i’m really thinking about getting laser eye surgery next year if possible to improve my eyesight….

admin answers:

Typically, you can’t get laser surgery until your vision stabilizes, usually in your early 20′s. I don’t think there is any special diet or eye exercises that are going to reverse refractive error. The strongest glasses run about -20 or -25, this isn’t seen very often.

Added: if you want the worst 20/xx number ever recorded, when you get to needing like -20 or -25 glasses, that scale doesn’t make much sense any more. If your vision is that bad, when the eye doctor says “Take off your glasses and read as far down on the chart as you can” and you reply, “um…what chart” and he says, “the one on the wall” and you say, “um…what wall!”

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

February 5, 2012

Richard asks…

Can lazy eye exercises correct amblyopia ?

I’ve read somewhere that special eye exercises can correct lazy eye. Is that true ?. What kind of exercises are they ?

admin answers:

Amblyopia can be dramatically improved by performing lazy eye exercises. A study shows that with a continuous treatment, some people can recover from lazy eye, or amblyopia in just about two weeks. No matter what form of treatment the doctor recommends, eye exercises will help to strengthen your eye muscles as part of your therapy program. Below are three basic methods to improve your vision.

1. Eye Patch
Eye patch is probably the most recommended form of treatment because it is safe, effective and inexpensive. The very act of wearing an eye patch itself can be considered as part of the exercise. By covering the dominant eye with an eye patch, the weaker eye is forced to work harder and can communicate with the brain.

2. Training the eyes
After the good eye is covered with an eye patch, you can begin treating the amblyopic eye with lazy eye exercises. Three exercises specially developed to train lazy eyes are : focusing, rolling and tracking.

Focusing Skills
This exercise should be performed by quick shifting focus from near to far distance. For example, read printouts numbers on a sheet of paper then quickly shift your eye to look to a wall calendar.

Cover the stronger eye with a patch, then roll the eyes with circular motion.

Another lazy eye exercise is tracking. Tracking can help people to integrate the central and peripheral vision. The central vision inform us about the object we are looking at and the peripheral vision tells us to locate the objects. Good vision should have good integration of both these visions.
Here is how to do : use your eye to track the outline of a circle or any other shape. Track the image continuously without any interruption.

3. Focusing on small objects
Train the weaker eye to look small objects or read letters in a book or newspaper. Remember to cover the stronger eye with eye patch and do this exercise at least one hour each day. If you like you can also do crossword puzzles or any other print games on magazines.

Some researchers have developed therapy computer game to help improving the neurons in the brain controlling eye function. It is said that this special therapeutic game can boost the result of lazy eye treatments.

Many people have experienced significant result by following lazy eye exercises without the help of eye surgery and artificial lenses. The exercises can effectively help you treat amblyopia at any age, even if your parents have poor eyesight condition.

William asks…

can i get rid of glasses by doing eye exercises?

I have an eye power of -1.0 on my right eye and -0.75 on my left… Can doing eye exercise improve my vision?

admin answers:

The short but honest answer would be no

Charles asks…

Does anyone know of any eye exercises to help my eyes focus?

I wear glasses, but sometimes if I close my eyes hard and open them to focus on the screen, for example the lectures in a classroom, it becomes clear and it’s almost perfect vision. However, I am only able to maintain it for about 5-10seconds and it becomes blurry again. Does anyone know of any exercises that could help my eyes train and maintain that good vision?

admin answers:

There are no such things as eye exercises to improve vision. That’s basically just nonsense spewed by people who have nothing better to sell.

The reason your eyes change their focus is due to your blink. That’s not something you can correct.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

February 4, 2012

Mark asks…

How do I improve my eyesight?

But I know a lot of people whose eyesight actually improved naturally. I don’t know why/how that happened. How come it’s not happening for me? It even happened to my sister, who’s supposed to be genetically similar to me
Seriously I tried everything to improve my eyesight but nothing worked. My eyesight is about -6 for both eyes. How can I improve my eyesight and is there any way that I can have perfect eyesight again? P.S. I tried neck rolling, which eliminated my neck tension a lot, but I’m not too sure about eyesight.
Actually I did have 20/20 vision up to grade 3, but then I got a contagious eye disease that infected half of my classmates, and afterwards I started wearing glasses and then my eyesight deteriorated rapidly until they became extremely myopic. I saw the photos of my eyeballs and my eyeballs were very elongated and not round the way normal eyeballs would look.

admin answers:

I am a massage therapist and we did learn a little about massaging for eye site as well as exercises for eye site. There are many factors for restoring eye site naturally and for most people the amount of work put into restoring your eye site compared to the amount of benefit is considered not worth it. Things that may help are finding ways to rest your optical muscles. There are also exercises. The basis for the exercises is to think about how we used our site in nature. I would recommend purchasing something like yoga for the eyes.

I do have 20/20 vision and I am the only person in my family including my extended family that has 20/20 vision. I have always had it and I am at the age that most people do not have it. All my family even had problems as children with glasses so I know this stuff does work.

Steven asks…

Has anyone improved their eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

See the Bates method

Carol asks…

Eye exercises can improve eyesight ?

My daughter wants to get rid of myopia. She insists on improving this problem naturally. Can myopia be fought by doing eye exercises? If so, how to do them ?

admin answers:

Yes the eyes can be trained, and vision can be improved through exercising them. It is best to avoid things like TV screens and monitors to ensure that the natural healing works most efficiently.

Strokes in the eye have been cured through Indian yoga.

You don’t need to pay for yoga, it can be done at home..

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